Style And Gifts For The June Baby!

Style And Gifts For The June Baby!

June babies are special! If you know someone who was born in June, show them some love and appreciation with a thoughtful gift or style. We’ve put together a list of stylish gifts and fashion items that are perfect for the June baby in your life. From bold jewelry to summer fashion trends, there’s something for everyone! Read on to find the perfect gift for your June baby.

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The month of June is an awesome time to explore your style – especially if you’re a June Baby! Transitioning us from spring to summer, the month of June allows for more fun in the sun and skin-baring fashion. So let’s look toward your zodiac sign’s birthstone and birth flower for extra style inspiration! The imaginative  Gemini (May 21 – June 20) and the creative Cancer (June 21 – July 22) can both celebrate their unique personalities with cool horoscope inspired styles that rock!


Famous June Babies

Some of these famous June babies may spark your interest when it comes to developing your personal style and finding what works for you. As you can see, each of these celebs has a distinct taste in style and high sense of self-confidence to match. While Solange Knowles embraces her natural hair as well as architecturally structured chic fashion, Khloe Kardashian continues to flaunt blonde tresses with skintight fashion and edgy swimwear. If you’re ready to brave the heat this June, items like floral mini dresses, and sleeveless graphic tees paired with distressed jean shorts make for easy choices. These simple go-to looks are bound to help you survive this summer in style! 



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You can go ultra-classic like Audrey Hepburn or super dramatic and edgy with tons of necklace layers à la Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” vibe in the ‘80s. The extent to how much you accessorize your outfit with pearls is an indicators of what you’re about. Do you like to stand out? Or, do you prefer to make subtle fashion statements? Whether you choose to wear pearl jewelry or pearl-colored clothing (or both!), the Gemini birthstone allows for versatile outfits and works with nearly any color combo and print. Naturally, the little black dress is included. 

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Take your feminine side to a new level with shades of ruby – the Cancer birthstone! Although some find wearing this bright shade to be a challenge, due its bold “look at me!” quality, it’s a great pop of color that can be worked into monotone outfits  -- like white, black, and grey – with ease. You can go minimalist and wear a small pair of ruby earrings with a black jumper or turn heads with a bright red dress or pair of pants! Whether your choose to incorporate the stone or color in your outfits just during the month of June or throughout the year, the beauty lies in the fact that this shade has a traditional, classic vibe as well as a sensual, romantic side. How you choose to express yourself with ruby is up to you!



Birth Flowers

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Lavender, the Gemini birth flower, is a peaceful color with a serene quality that many fashionistas embrace here and there. The color lavender can be worn in numerous ways, be it with pastel hair color, jewelry, handbags, dresses, or blouses, and it can soften an edgy look and carry over to swimwear. Both the color lavender and the lavender flower are lovely choices for warm weather, which can be worn by both boho beauties as well as goth girls.

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The Cancer birth flower is the fascinating acanthus, which has white petals and purple-ish leaves. Yes – the transition from Spring to Summer is the perfect time to show off your Cancer pride and flaunt flower prints and shades of white. While you may choose to  stick to the beautiful color combo of the acanthus flower – purple and white – you can also work in other colors to create exciting style. Need fresh ideas for floral fashion? Exploring elements of your Cancer sign, such as the acanthus flower, may spark the creativity you need for styling your festival outfits this summer. Black leggings, a white tank, and a pair of purple floral earrings is just one way to work in the acanthus flower to your life, June Baby!


Do you love dressing according to your birth month? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!


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