The Definitive Guide to Throwing A Gorgeously Gothic Wedding

The Definitive Guide to Throwing A Gorgeously Gothic Wedding

Are you dreaming of a darkly romantic wedding? If you're looking to throw a gorgeously gothic wedding, you're in the right place! In this definitive guide, we'll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to plan the perfect gothic-inspired wedding. From picking the perfect venue to choosing the right cake and decorations, we'll cover it all. So, let's get started and make your wedding one for the books!

A wedding is one of life's most wonderful occasions, but it doesn't have to be all pearly white dresses, cutesy bridesmaids and jazz quartets.

No, a wedding can be whatever you want it to be - and if you're a goth, there's no reason you can't take a good old fashioned walk on the wild side.

So, get out your Gary Numan records, start searching for those black lacy garments and get ready for the goth wedding of all goth weddings with our definitive RebelsMarket guide.

Let's go.

The Garments

The Definitive Guide to Throwing a Gorgeously Gothic Wedding


It goes without saying, but when it comes to gothic wedding attire, a healthy dose of black will suit the occasion down to a tee.

For the bride, a black gothic gown accompanied by elements of purple or red will create a deliciously dark and sensuously striking look - perhaps topped off with a gothic style corset or dark lacy trimmings. The bridesmaids can follow a similar theme - although not quite as glamorous (or ‘anti-glamorous’), of course.

For the groom; it has to be gothic formal wear. A black suit of choice with black and white shoes, a black gothic shirt and either a purple or red buttonhole, pocket square and tie (or bow tie) will serve to craft that dark yet suave gothic wedding look. Again, the groomsmen can follow suit  - but once again, not quite as dapper as the gothic groom.

Need a little extra inspiration? We have a host of authentic gothic clothing for both men and women. Browse our digital aisles and you’re sure to find the perfect garments for your gothic wedding.

The Rings

Gothic wedding rings


The rings are two of the most integral parts of any gothic wedding ceremony as they signify the 'unholy union' of two deeply dark lovebirds.

So, rather than going with a pair of tired old traditional wedding bands, why not go for a couple of matching gothic rings to mark the occasion? With contemporary gothic jewellery becoming more and more popular these days, you can opt for something stylish, unusual - and relatively inexpensive too!

The Venue

gothic wedding venue


Now, without the right setting, your gothic wedding runs the risk of looking too light, fluffy and conventional. That said, with the right gothic decor and a little creative thinking, you can make almost anywhere into a gothic matrimonial haven.

For a little inspiration on the kind of venues you can source for your big day or ways in which you can dress your current venue of choice up, here are some places to on which to feast your eyes (and borrow ideas from).

  • Based in the rural heart of South Wales, UK, and surrounded by stately walls and moats, the castle's dazzling 14th-century grand hall bears an uncanny resemblance to the home of an aristocratic vampire with stone walls, lavish rugs and a host of relic-like decorations.

  • Yes, even the name is dark. Based in South-East London, this Grade II-listed building oozes gothic grunge and with its original stained glass windows still intact (despite the building suffering from damage during the war), this is one quirky, intimate spot in which to tie the knot.

  • The perfect example of a feasible space for a spooky subterranean wedding, the UK’s Somerset-based Wookey Hole Caves is strange, beautiful, cavernous and boasts a brilliant canvas for adding your own personal gothic touch, complete with candles and spine-chilling ornaments.

The Food and Drinks

gothic wedding cake


Whatever you do here, you want your food to be edible and your drink to be, well, drinkable, and given that you will have fussy eaters or those with special dietary requirements at your wedding, the best option will be to put a creative gothic spin on a more traditional menu. For instance, if you could serve carpaccio and call it, the ‘cold-blooded soup special’, and so on.

Also, by serving your food on skull-themed fine bone china, your drinks in goblets and hiring or sourcing medieval style cutlery for your table, you’ll create that gothic dining ambience you’re looking for.

The Music

gothic wedding music

From start to finish, music will form the backdrop of your gothic wedding, so you need to get it right. Now, if you're a goth, you'll know which tunes to play - you'll probably also know a killer gothic DJ or band too.

For the remainder of the day, you might want to create your own playlist that you can keep and enjoy for years to come. With this in mind, here are five definitive goth albums you can hand-pick songs from - you're welcome.

The Wedding Favours

gothic wedding favours




While in the grand gothic scheme of things, the wedding favours seem insignificant, people do remember them - they can also serve to spice up the day.

You can check out pinterest for more inspiration - where you'll find everything from Jack Skellington inspired cookies, to miniature coffin name tags. 

We know that there are many more finer details to iron out than these alone, but we hope our gothic wedding guide has served to get things off the ground. And remember, being a goth is about throwing the rule book out of the stained glass window and doing things your way - so don’t be afraid to follow your instincts and whatever you do, make it a day to remember.

Would you plan a gothic wedding theme? Let us know in the comments

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