13 Of The Best Steampunk Earrings On RebelsMarket

13 Of The Best Steampunk Earrings On RebelsMarket

Are you looking for the perfect earrings to accentuate your Victorian-inspired style? Look no further! RebelsMarket has a wide selection of Victorian-inspired earrings to complete your look. From dainty drops to statement pieces, we offer the best earrings to channel your inner Victorian. In this blog, we’ve rounded up the top 13 Victorian-inspired earrings that are sure to make a statement. Read on to find your perfect pair.

What started as a literary genre fusing Victorian settings and characters with science fiction, fantasy and horror plots, has now become a global fashion and lifestyle phenomena. Steampunk fashion design aesthetic plays with Victorian patterns, tastes and sensibilities, and combines the beautiful and sublime with the hard-edge of industrial revolution.

Part of the enjoyment of the steampunk culture is embracing the imagination of the Victorian Era. With the expansion of the empire came the influence of foreign styles, the Industrial Age bought innovation, and from the foremost universities in the world came the curiosity and science of discovery. Victorian fashions reflected all these influences, and now, steampunk designers are re-imagining Victorian fashion for themselves.

Earrings have long been a favorite Steampunk jewelry item for fashionable Victorians (both women and men) and other earpieces, such as muffs for aviators, have long been part of everyday life in the era. Have a look at some of these Steampunk inspired earrings on Rebels Market right now:

1. Steampunk Bdsm Luxury Silver Color Watch Parts Earrings

Made from watch parts with that has been hammered and textured into shape, these delightfully elegant, absolutely not heavy Steampunk Earrings with avant-garde design will perfectly compliment your Steampunk clothing. 

2. Golden Sepia Bird Skull Steampunk Earrings

Steampunk earrings

Victorians would often collect specimens of exotic and interesting animals to study, and keep them in curio cabinets to show their friends. Now you can wear your specimens to the next steampunk ball in these Victorian earrings made from resin bird skulls in sepia tone.

3. Handmade Gears Red Teardrop Vintage Lucite Earrings

These are unique Handmade earrings made with vintage watch gears and vintage deep red tear drop lucite beads. 

4. Gypsy Steampunk Golden Earrings Victorian Balanciers Swarovski

These earrings are made of two rare vintage old mechanical watch parts engraved, in golden metal. Exquiisite Czech glass beads : violet-golden cathedrale beads, and absinthe "donuts", with golden caps. 
Swaroski rhinestones on the engraved metal parts : amethyst and volcano. French golden hooks and rubber earring back. These lovely Vintage earrings will definitely capture your heart!

5. Steampunk Silver Peridot Earrings

The smallest vintage watch mechanisms that you can imagine, that still retain all the detail you would expect from Swiss workmanship, set on Trinity Brass. Wear these earrings to celebrate the Steampunk world creativity!

6. Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Earrings, from Bollywood Bazaar

The Victorians were absolutely fascinated by everything Ancient Egyptian. As new finds were dug up in the desert, Egyptian-themed clothing and jewelry appeared in the fashionable salons in London. These dainty earrings utilize a typical Egyptian stone – the stunning lapis lazuli – crafted into a design mimicking the Egyptian lotus pattern. Release your inner Cleopatra!

7. "Metal Dragon" Steampunk dragon ear wraps, from Terrible Mischief Studios

Dragons have been a part of mythology for centuries, and the Victorians would sometimes use dragon motifs if they were taking inspiration from medieval or Chinese designs. This fearsome dragon earcuff coils around your ear, and sits atop a copper gear. The tip of his tail is an ear post, to keep him fixed in place.

8. Royal Gothic Ancestors Crown, Skull Earrings

Giving a new meaning to Victorian earrings. Vintage Fusion Jewels have created these unique earrings from a pair of vintage brass door handles. Featuring classic Victorian design elements, and festooned with crown, skull and clock hands, these earrings will definitely turn heads!

9. Oak Wood Look Natural Stone Skull Earrings

These Oak wood look earrings look like something professor Snape might keep in his lair. Turning them over reveals a different natural stone design and change their look. Perfect whichever mood you may be in. 

10. Bird Skull Earrings, from Upon a Time

Many Victorian gentlemen kept aviaries on their properties, where they could enjoy studying their birds at their leisure. But when a bird passed away, it would continue to be a vital part of the gentleman's studies – skulls, bones, feathers and even the whole carcass were kept for examination, using various methods of preservation to keep the features intact. Although casts of skulls were never trendy as a fashion item in the Victorian age, these stunning resin-cast crow skull earrings will definitely add a unique twist to a steampunk outfit!

11. Iris Earrings, Human Natural / Supernatural, from Hibernacula

Eyes fascinated the Victorians, although they didn't quite understand how they worked (eye surgery was often performed by breaking the lens with a sharp nail!) These iris earrings match the other eye-themed jewelry items in Hibernacula's collection, and will definitely be a talking-point at your next steampunk event! You can even have a pair customized to match your own eyes, or those of a beloved animal.

12. 3 Pair Set Dead Skulls, Cross and Bones Earrings, from The Collectors

The Victorian period was an age of glorious sea voyages, and that meant pirates were a real problem – capturing the Queen's ships, stealing cargo and holding entire ports to ransom. However, pirates were also romanticized in Victorian literature, and pirate stories were popular with children and adults alike. Enjoy three sets of dainty pirate-themed earrings inspired by the heyday of voyages of discovery.

13. Cute Little Handmade Tea Set Stud Earrings, from Lilith Creations

Tea for two, and time for tea! Handmade from scratch out of brass, with a sterling silver ear post, these tea earrings celebrate the time-honored and quintessentially Victorian tea tradition. Someone get the kettle on!

The Victorians loved to adorn their ears with beautiful jewels and romantic imagery. Although none of these pieces existed in the real Victorian period, thanks to the imagination of creators all over the world, you can now enjoy a fusion of the old and the new.

What are your favorite Steampunk earrings and earpieces on RebelsMarket? Comment below. 

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