Top 20 Steampunk Fashion Essentials

Top 20 Steampunk Fashion Essentials

Are you ready to make a statement with your fashion? Steampunk fashion is a great way to stand out from the crowd and express your individual style. From steampunk corsets and vests to goggles and accessories, here are the top 20 steampunk fashion essentials to help you create the perfect look.

Steampunk fashion is  a mash up of Victorian style and futuristic elements with some steam-inspired reinvention. We have compiled top 20 essentials that you need to get that steampunk look. Feel free to add to your own spin on it.

  • Corsets Whether the corset is full, underbust, faux leather, brocade, or velvet it adds an instant Victorian touch to any outfit. Synch a few strings in the back to remove inches from your waste line instantly. 

  • Dark colors: Dark colors reign in the Steampunk world, replicating the steam and coal of an industrial world. Copper browns and metallic grey are popular in the fashion. 

  • Leather/Metal Bracers: Bracers provide a more intimidating Steampunk fashion statement. The more metal and leather in the item, the more intriguing and surreal the accessory becomes.

  • Top hats: Top hats were a fashion must have for men in the Victorian times. They offer a classic, stylish Steampunk look. Today top hats are common with both men and women. Compliment your industrial Victorian look by adding gizmos and gears to the brim. 

  • Gears: Add gears, sprockets, screws, nuts, bolts, and other techno features to any accessory or clothing piece, and instantly elevate your Steampunk attire. 

  • Duster Coats: The Steampunk duster coat makes for a great addition to a variety of Steampunk looks, adding both style and additional layering. Create mystery and intrigue by wearing a dark colored coat with full pockets and silver buttons. 

  • Pocket watches: Pocket watches were once a staple of fashion for all men. With their Victorian, old-world style and influence, the pocket watch has become a standard for men who share the Steampunk fashion style. However, Steampunk pocket watches tend to be a little more stylish.

  • Spectacles and Monocles: These round framed glasses, with their antique and classic design emmulate the ones worn in the Victorian era. Spectacles and Monocles serve to add a subtle look of class and engineering difficult to achieve with other accessories. 

  • Walking sticks: Walking sticks are for anyone young and old in the Steampunk world, and can sometimes be a key part of your attire.  Many walking sticks are designed with Steampunk technology and gadgets in mind including gun handles, but only for the most discerning, debonair, and intrepid gentlemen of action.

  • Leather masks: Leather masks, with a touch of gadgetry, give you all the Steampunk style you will need. Bring old and new world together by merging the flare of the opera with sleek metal gears. 

  • Lace:  Adding lace to any piece of clothing or accessory offers an instant Victorian-era appeal. Create a one of a kind piece by adding lace to the edge of any shirt, skirt, pair of gloves, or even wear it as a necklace. 

  • Medallions: Even in a Steampunk setting, nothing speaks of personal accomplishment and status like a medal pinned on your chest. Medallions are worn with pride as signs of service, valor, or a fallen Steampunk brethren. Crosses and Steampunk stars are perfect for celebrating personal achievements.

  • Pin Stripes: A popular Steampunk fashion trend showing up more and more at steampunk convention shows is modern pin stripped business attire. 


  • Leather Belts: In Steampunk fashion, belts are for men and women.  They also act as waist synchers. Adding antiqued brass will give a nice authentic period look. 

  • Goggles: Goggles are really the key feature of Steampunk fashion and lore. They are a must-have accessory when working around steam, technology, coal, and industrial engineering.  Goggles can be both simple and extravagant.

  • Tool Belts: In the Steampunk fashion, tool belts are warn by both men and women. Recreate a modern day tool belt by adding Victorian items such as lace or old leather pouches to carry your Steampunk survival gadgets. 

  • Spinal Heels: Nothing quite sends the same message as a stylish pair of spinal heels. What's a spinal heel? They are heeled women's shoes that feature a spinal cord instead of the standard block, stilleto or cone heel. 

  • Duster Coats: The Steampunk duster coat makes for a great addition to a variety of Steampunk looks, adding both style and additional layering. Create mystery and intrigue by wearing a dark colored coat with full pockets and silver buttons. 

  • Tall Riding Boots: Knee high Steampunk boots merge military and Victorian style especially when they are adorned with metal and brass.  Men’s boots usually come in a combat boot style and can be adorned with steel toes, zippers, and gear buckles. 

  • High collars: High collars speak to the Victorian-era influence of Steampunk fashion. You can achieve this look with any modern collar by folding it upwards and pinning together in the middle with a Victorian-style brooch. 

  • Bustle skirts: Bustle skirts are a staple of women’s steampunk fashion. Bustle skirts are designed short in the front and long in the back with ruffles and layers of fabric. They give just the right amount of functionality and sex appeal. 

So now you know all the essentials you need for your Steampunk look. What do you think? Any suggestions? Comments


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