Which Shoe Will Complete Your Outfit? (Shopping And Styling Tips 101)

Which Shoe Will Complete Your Outfit? (Shopping And Styling Tips 101)

Whether you’re dressing for the office, a night out, or a special event, the right shoes can make or break your outfit. But with so many different styles and designs to choose from, finding the perfect pair of shoes to complete your look can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect shoes to match your outfit. Read on to discover our top shopping and styling tips to help you make the right choice every time.

Rocker boots or simple sneakers? Learn how to choose the best shoes for your outfit
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Summertime is a fun season to explore shoe trends! This is ‘cause the skin-baring few months upon us allow for a variety of outfits, naturally calling for a variety of shoes. Right? We think so.

But with so many cool styles of shoes available, how do you know which pair will best fit your particular outfit? Whether you’re planning for a “stay-cation” or taking a summer road trip, keep in mind that what you wear on your feet will greatly affect your overall style as well as your overall comfort. Here are some styles that you may want to explore: 


Strappy Sandals

Gladiator sandals are a summer style Must Have
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Whether you’re all about gladiators or live for the next-best pair of cute wedges, strappy sandals in the summer are a must. They let your toes breathe, show peeps of skin, and look great with a diverse range of edgy outfits. While tall gladiator sandals are a practical as well as stylish choice for outdoor events, such as BBQs and summer music concerts, strappy wedges make for a nice shoe during a more formal event, such as a wedding or casual date night. So when it comes to shopping for the right sandal, consider several factors: the terrain of your environment (will you be able to walk comfortably?), the weather (will your toes be chilly?), and the attention-getting quality of the shoe (are you feet pedicure-ready if people check out your sandals?) 


Platform Shoes

Cute creepers are a comfortable and stylish alternative to classic sneakers.
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From suede creepers to wedge booties, platform shoes are a cool alternative to sneakers and boots. You get a little more height combined with a lot more edge to your outfit. Whether you’re all about wearing creepers with hosiery and denim shorts or love wearing wedge booties with cute dresses, you can look forward to making a killer street style statement. Many chicks dig the security and balance that comes with wearing a platform shoe, which helps to make it a great shoe for dressing up or dressing down. So keep your wardrobe in mind as you decide which style shoe will complement your outfits in the most authentic – as well as the most practical – way possible. 


Rocker Boots

Get rock star chic with a pair of awesome boots!
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Searching for an awesome new pair of rugged combat boots? Still deciding if lace-up gothic boots are your thing or not? You can make a rocker statement with footwear that’s right for you, even among all of the incredible styles of boots available. As you search for the best pair to fit your unique look, be sure to consider various factors. This includes: versatility (will they go with more than one outfit?), practicality (is lace-up the best choice if you’re planning to take them on and off throughout he day?), and color (do you want your boots to blend in with your outfit or stand out?). 


Statement Heels

Walk with confidence in a pair of sexy retro heels.
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You can go super modern and sexy with a stiletto heel or super sophisticated and vintage with a retro heel! All girls – even those who live in their creepers and skull shoes – have that one pair of heels they know they can turn to for an extra, sassy statement. If you’re at that point where you realize it’s time to update that special shoe, or you’re ready to bulk up on statement heels for the summer, be careful not to make rash shopping decisions. Overspending on statement heels could hurt both your wallet and your feet if you’re not sensible. Finding a pair of heels that are both “pretty” and practical with nearly any outfit is your best bet! But should you have that one pair of heels that make you feel ultra-hot, even while your toes are burning up, stay prepared with an extra pair of back-up flats in your gothic handbag. Seriously.


Cool Sneakers

Nothing says comfort like your favorite pair of tennis shoes.
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From slip-on spiked canvas sneakers to high-top Converse, a sporty shoe is a wardrobe necessity for even the most hardcore rebel. After all, sometimes your feet just need a rest from your rocker boots and sexy heels! This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it gives you the chance to vary up your vibe a bit. Fortunately, you can still go all in with your edgy style while wearing a pair of sneakers – thanks to the cool punk rock and grunge styles on the scene. Ready for a cool, new sneaker? Don’t forget to load up on fun socks and patterned hosiery for an additional edge. 


What type of shoe do you rely on the most when it comes to both style and comfort? Do share in a comment below!


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