Why 3D Printed Graphic Tees Are Going to Rock Your Weekend

Why 3D Printed Graphic Tees Are Going to Rock Your Weekend

If you want a crystal ball into the future of your weekend fashion, then look no further than the 3D printed graphic shirts. Unlike traditional graphic shirts, they have no limits when it comes to design. Not surprisingly, they feature images of the colorful galaxy or the starry sky in high-definition.

But, how did 3D printing ever reach this stage? How did it all begin? Where is it headed? Lucky for you, this article is here to answer all of these questions. Plus, for the 3D print newbie, we’ve offered some tips and tricks for styling the tee for your weekend look. 


How it All Began

Believe it or not, 3D Printing has been around for 30 years. Its origins can be traced back to 1981, when Hideo Kadokama from the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute, theorized in his paper that a rapid prototyping system which used photopolymers could construct solid 3D printed objects. I'll spare you most of the details. The point is, he imagined the existence of a 3D printer. Eventually, Kadokama’s vision took off, and a few years later we saw the rise of the technology in the medical field. Doctors began printing real-life organs and body parts. 


Dita Von Teese



However, it was not until 2013 when 3D printed ensembles graced the red carpet.

In 2013, Dita Von Teese turned heads when she wore a 3D printed gown by designer Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti on the red carpet. The piece was created with the help of Shapeways, a 3D printed company, that worked with prominent designers.  Besides Schmidt, the company also worked with designer Kimberly Ovitz to create 3D printed jewelry for her collection.

Thanks to Shapeways' successful collaborations, the fashion world began to embrace the possibility of 3D printed clothes. After all, the technology had its advantages. Since a printer was the only thing needed to produce an outfit, there would be a shorter lead time required for designers. Plus, once the technology became mainstream, designers would have complete control over the production process. It's a far cry from the common practice of waiting for these clothes to be manufactured by factories. With 3D printers, designers could manufacture couture from their own home.


3D Printed Fashion in 2016

One of the most notable fusions of tech and fashion happened in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibition, "Manix x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology." Here, everyone witnessed the potential future of fashion. The press marveled on crystals controlled by remotes and dresses that changed clothes. Exciting, right? Well, with technology anything is possible.


3D Fashion on the runway

Scarlet Chamberlin


While these ensembles stole the show, what was notable was the rise of 3D printed couture. From Iris Van Harpen's polyamide to Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015 Haute Couture line-- all the way down to Chanel's layered, cross-hatched suit, it seems that high fashion has also embraced a 3D printed future.

In fact, some of the most prominent design schools such as FIT, London College of Fashion, Parsons and SCAD, all make use of 3D printed technology in class instruction. For instance, the London College of Fashion makes students design with a Makerbot 3D. The printer has a 3D scanner which students may use to scan an object or themselves in order to create a digital mannequin. Once the mannequin is loaded in the virtual world, students virtually stitch garments which they would drape on these digital mannequins. One of the advantages of this unique process is that it allows designers to create clothes that have perfect fits and precise proportions. Now, how cool is that?

While 3D printed couture is open to a lot of possibilities, high fashion 3D pieces are obviously unattainable with your current budget. Lucky for you, Mr. GUGU &Ms. GO sells 3D printed graphic tees, which are both cool and affordable.


Why Will 3D Graphic Tees Rock Your Weekend?

Weekend Style - 3D Graphic Tees

Absolutely Faaabulous


The most obvious reason why you should love 3D printed graphic tees is that they have beautiful and fascinating prints. The colors are unearthly and simply beautiful. If you want to wear the galaxy on the streets, then 3D printed graphic tees offer dreamy designs that definitely stand out from the crowd. Whether they're in neon or in plain black, you can expect your graphic tees to make you shine brightly.

Another reason why you should wear them is that they can be worn for the rest of the weekend. With a futuristic tee, you don't need to worry about what you'll be wearing while shopping or doing groceries. Plus, they're extremely comfortable, and they can be worn anytime and anywhere. Other than that, expect your graphic tee to last for a very long time. After all, they are the future of fashion.

Now that you have a better idea of what graphic tees you should buy, how do you style them?

Here is a list of tips and tricks that could help you rock this future trend.


Make a Statement

Make a statement with 3D graphic tees



The graphic tee that you choose should have a personal touch. It should say something about you. What do you love? What do you like? What are you thinking about? After all, one of the greatest features of the graphic tee is that they allow the owner to express something about themselves. Whether it’s a favorite food or an inspiring quote, graphic tees should always make a statement.

So, when it comes to choosing your 3D printed graphic tees, either choose the one with a design that reflects who you are, or a quote that you live by. For instance, if you love stars and inspiration, then go with a black graphic tee that says "dreamer." Not only does it reflect your own personality, but it also reflects your personal style.


Embrace Galaxy Prints

Embrace galaxy print fashion with 3D graphic tees.

Raindrops Of Sapphire


Galaxy Leggings aren't the only key to a futuristic sci-fi look. With 3D printed graphic tees, designers can now produce high-quality printed shirts. No, we're not talking about printed quotes or classic skulls printed on a tailored T-shirt. Think of whole tees printed with the images of the stars and the galaxy. Just imagine neon colors, clashing with vibrant hues of white, black and green. With 3D printed tees, you take your love for the sci-fi to a whole new level. So, if you want to channel your inner steampunk on the weekend, then galaxy printed graphic tees are the way to go.


Match It with Tattoos

A graphic tee that could go well with incredible ink is often hard to find. How often do you find neon colors that could go well with your black arm tattoos? Or, do you just stick to the classic black shirt with skull prints? With the 3D printed graphic tee, you have more options. After all, the tattoos work to blend and enhance the prints of your graphic tee. Now, you can rock the sci-fi look while proudly showing off your tattoos.


Keep It Casual

Get great weekend style with 3D graphic tees.

The Wicked Ying


Since the 3D printed shirt is a very eye-catching piece; it should be paired with minimalist outfits. After all, the star of the show is the graphic tee and nothing else. This means that in order to rock the trend, you should pair it up with casual black pants or black leggings. Black is a neutral color, so it goes well with any kind of graphic, especially 3D printed ones. To complete the look, wear it with your sneakers or boots. If you're going to rock graphic tees on the weekend, it should be worn with something that is both practical and comfortable.


Wear it with Cute Rings and Bracelets

Dress up your 3D graphic tees with interesting jewelry choices.

Those Girlss


While it's true that you should be a bit minimalistic when it comes to 3D printed tees, there's no harm with accessorizing it with cute rings and cute bracelets. After all, these accessories add a personal touch to your weekend look. Silvery bands can either make you look or punk or refined depending on the design elements. A skull can make you look like a rebel, and gears and brass accessories add a steampunk element to your look. 

The key to accessory is to pick the one that perfectly describes you. For instance, statement rings with skulls and swirls can perfectly express your inner goth, while bracelets with mysterious spellbinding designs make you look like a badass rebel.


Play with Colors

3D Graphic Tees allow you to experiment with color schemes.

Le Happy


The fantastic thing about graphic tees is that you can play with patterns and colors. But, when it comes to color-- what are the two rules you have to follow?

Rule 1: Pair up complementary colors.

Rule 2: If you're unsure, then wear black. For instance, if the most eye-catching detail on your shirt is a blue-green, than pair it up with high-heeled boots of the same shade. You can also wear it with classic blue jeans to complement the colors of the shirt. If you're unsure what to pair up with your colorful galaxy printed shirt, then wear it with black leggings or black pants.

3D printed graphic tees are both cool and casual, so they can certainly rock your weekend.

Got any more tips and tricks for these graphic tees? Then comment them down below!


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