Your Summer Reading List: 10 Thrillers to Keep You On the Edge Of Your Seat

Your Summer Reading List: 10 Thrillers to Keep You On the Edge Of Your Seat

It's always great to sit down with a good book - but nothing really beats getting buried deep in the pages of a new read while you're on vacation, or simply outside enjoying the sunshine. That's why we've compiled some of the best books we know and love into our very own RebelsMarket summer reading series.

Last week was 'Banned' Books - but this week it's all about the thrills. Check out the following Thrillers that should totally make your summer reading list:

The thing about summer is there can be a lot of downtime. Days are long, and time spent relaxing and resting can be maximized by a good book that you just can't seem to put down. Enter the psychological thriller,  the epitome of the page-turner, the books you read from cover to cover in one sitting. Here are ten of our fave thrillers to add to your list this summer.


The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Your Summer Reading List: The Girl on The Train


If you haven’t read this bestseller, you might be the only literate person who hasn’t. This wildly popular British thriller took hold of bestseller lists around the globe in 2015 and hasn’t let go yet. Adapted for the bigscreen in 2016, it’s the story of a lonely woman with a penchant for drinking until she blacks out who becomes a little (a lot) obsessed with the picture-perfect couple she sees from her commuter train every day. Add her ex-husband to the mix and twists abound. You won’t want to put it down!


Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

Your Summer Reading List: Into the Darkest Corner

Elizabeth Haynes

A tale of domestic abuse, mental illness, and isolation, Elizabeth Haynes' debut novel is an uncompromising and realistic look into the face of abuse. Following the story of main character Catherine, through days spent clubbing with friends, to meeting and falling for her eventual abuser, to attempting to start a new life, Into The Darkest Corner is a page-turner that will make you a little uncomfortable and a lot engrossed.


Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Your Summer Reading List: Shutter Island


Even if you saw the Leo DiCaprio adaptation of this one, you need to check out the book. From the creepy setting (island fortress psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. I know, right?!) to the hints and twists, the reader is never really on sure footing, and the ending will leave you wondering what the hell just happened like a suckerpunch to your brain.


Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier

Your Summer Reading List: Rebecca

The Bookseller

Originally published in 1938, Rebecca follows the titular heroine, who was orphaned and works as a lady’s maid, through a whirlwind romance with the perfect man...who also still happens to be way too into his dead wife. Twists and turns and all manner of crazy happen once the newly married pair arrives at his super luxe country estate.


Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

Your Summer Reading List: Before I Go To Sleep


Another to leave you questioning reality, Before I Go To Sleep follows the heroine who wakes each morning with amnesia, unable to remember anything that happened the day before. Christine Lucas is unable to retain new memories and so must read through her journals every day, piecing together her life.However, the more she pieces together, the more sinister things become. Before I go To Sleep is a page turner that will reel you in and leave your head spinning.


Damage by Josephine Hart

Your Summer Reading List: Damage


Digging into the dark heart of obsession and betrayal, Damage has enjoyed a cult following over the years since it's publication and has been adapted into both a film and an opera (!). Cracking the thin veneer of the perfect life, the main character, an unnamed government official, goes off the rails and falls into deep lust with his son's fiancee. Drama ensues.


In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Your Summer Reading List: In a Dark, Dark Wood


Points for best cover aside, In A Dark, Dark Wood, is creepy, suspenseful perfection. Utilizing flashbacks to hint at secrets and ratchet up the tension, this debut novel is intense. Waking in a hospital bed, the protagonist flashes back over a "hen party" weekend that ended badly for someone, as evidenced by the blood on her hands, but who? And who did it?


You by Caroline Kepnes

Your Summer Reading List: You


A cautionary tale of the social media age, after reading this book, you will definitely want to go tweak your privacy settings to Fort Knox level security. You tells the story of how a man stalked and manipulated New York writer Guinevere Beck using her social media accounts to learn everything he needed to know to become her perfect match. He goes to great lengths, criminal lengths, to ensure she only has eyes for him.

The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison

Your Summer Reading List: The Silent Wife


After a more than 20 year relationship, there is little doubt that the couple in this book, Todd and Jodi, really don't like one another very much. Todd is a committed and prolific cheater. Jodi is aware, but indifferent, and is just grateful he's not sleeping with any of her friends. Their lavishly comfortable lifestyle takes a turn for the murdery though, when, in the second paragraph of the book, we find out that Jodi has been pushed to her tipping point. The buildup and suspense are great and the climax leaves you turning pages as fast as you can read them.


The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson

Your Summer Reading List: The Killer Inside Me


This oldy but goody was published in 1952 and tells the story of the friendly small-town sheriff's deputy who also happens to be a sociopathic serial killer with a side of sadistic sexual proclivities. You know, as one does. It's been described as "one of the most blistering and uncompromising crime novels ever written." Don't let the Ozzy and Harriet nature of the 1950s fool you, this book is as intense as they come.

What else are you reading this summer? Tell us in the comments!



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