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3 Essentials To Look For In A Steampunk Corset

3 Essentials To Look For In A Steampunk Corset

Are you looking for the perfect steampunk corset? If you're a fan of steampunk fashion, you know that the perfect corset is essential for completing your look. But with so many different styles and designs available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. To help you make the right choice, here are three essential things to look for in a steampunk corset.

Corsets can be a fun, exciting part of an everyday wardrobe, but maybe you need something a bit more... unusual? Sure, you’ve got the basics down, but how do you figure out what to look for next? Fret not; this can be a daunting proposition, but RebelsMarket is here to help!

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For this style guide, let’s jump to a new fashion style that crosses subcultures from Gamers to Goths to High Fashion...the darling and adventurous Steampunk! It’s important to plan out your looks in terms of outfits in the same way you would your everyday clothing. Before you get started, take the time to flip through galleries featuring Steampunk clothing such as corsets, hats, long dresses and models- get an idea of the type of character you want to portray, and the shopping experience becomes a visual story for you to tell.

Steampunk Corset Essentials


Color is very important when selecting a corset for your Steampunk look. Plain old black just won’t do the trick here- while not exactly ‘colorful’ in the usual sense, it does depart from the typical subculture-dominating stark monochromatics by venturing into neutrals and earthtones. Think old sepia-colored photographs and faded old maps, and you’re on the right page.

The Steampunk look has a heavy base built on cream and tan colors, and accent pieces are usually burnt sienna, bronze, copper, and chocolate. These tones are rich and indulgent, but still practical for the post-Edwardian adventurer to wear on a balloon flight over the Great Desert!

Finding the Perfect Steampunk Corset


Material, too, is very helpful when it comes to expressing the Steampunk genre through clothing. Broad vertical stripes in brocade are popular, as is jacquard- both are especially stunning when they are offset with details like pockets, straps, or piping in leather! Complex patterns found in damask are perfect for accenting the richness of a garment, and looks lovely with the color palette found in Steampunk styles. Fabrics with sheen, gloss, and metallic textures are often favored as well. However, just about any kind of material can yield a beautiful corset for this look, as long as it has the right colors and decoration.

Styling Steampunk Corsets


Ah, the fun stuff- design! This is where it can really get personal, in the very best of ways. The first consideration is going to be the cut- do you have an intricate top with a frilled cravat to wear underneath? An overbust corset may hide that gorgeous detail, so it would be best to look for an underbust cincher.

Perhaps your focus is a bustle skirt, with a simpler top- in this case, an overbust may be just the thing, as it will cover you from chest to waist and really streamline the look. Many Steampunk corsets with have  intricate, sturdy details such as chains, belts, leather straps, or heavy clasps at the front instead of a  standard busk.

In most cases, the metals used will be brass, stainless steel, copper, or bronze, again going right along with that earthtonecolor palette. What you pick can affect the overall appearance of your new character- if you have a pocket on the corset, perhaps there’s a pocketwatch with a chain destined to live therein.  

If your cincher has straps or a belt, are you the kind of adventurer to add a piston powered gun to it? Or are you more the type to carry a pouch there with tools to unearth a long-lost treasure. Pay attention to those kind of details and you won't go wrong.

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