Intro to Cyber Goth: Goth's Futuristic Side

Intro to Cyber Goth: Goth's Futuristic Side

Welcome to the world of Cyber Goth, a fusion of the traditional gothic aesthetic with futuristic technology. Cyber Goth is a unique subculture that blends the dark and edgy elements of goth with the bright, cutting-edge look of cyberpunk. In this article, we'll explore the origins of Cyber Goth, its defining features, and how it has evolved over the years. We'll also discuss how to get involved in the Cyber Goth lifestyle and how it has impacted popular culture. So join us as we take a look at Goth's futuristic side.

While traditional goths are stuck in the past, Cybergoths are the exact opposite. Filled with futuristic and progressive style, body modifications, radical, wild and bizarre clothes, they’re often referred to as “the goths of the future." Being a cybergoth requires a lot of time, effort, money and research to prevent crossing over to rave, rivethead or bubble goth. It’s a subculture that definitely needs major commitment and dedication to obtain the look. The trend is now gaining popularity for having an out of this world concept.





Cybergoth is derived from the main elements of goth crossing over to cyberpunk, countess grotesque, industrial goth, and raver. Some of its styles differ depending on countries. In Japan it mixes with Bubble Goth and Visual Kei. In Sweden and Finland, we mostly see females donning it with lesser dark colors and more neon and glow in the dark styles.

Let’s take a closer look to this futuristic approach to goth. You might want to consider these simple cybergoth looks and compilation if you’re thinking of becoming one.



Cybergoth hair is normally big and filled with neon strands. These colorful things you see are dread falls. Dread falls are sometimes made out of synthetic hair and styled into candy cane swirls or transistor dreads. Since the hair has to be big and styled, you can even find computer cables, dyer tube, garden hose, tubular crins known as Cyber lox or even a toy snake. Add some cyber goth spiked goggles and you are good to go.






Most of their make-up matches their outfit. It coordinates well and compliments their hair and style. They commonly use a foundation of any type (cream, liquid or cake) one to two shades lighter than their skin tone. Some shave their eyebrows and draw a thin dark line. Eyeshadow is bold and bright, sometimes matching the lip color. Heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes are also worn for the effect of bigger and fuller lashes. Eye make-up is accentuated with embellishments like gems, crystals or rhinestones. Lip color varies from black, red, green, blue or ombre.  Lastly, choose any unnatural or comic contact lenses.


Cyber Goth Clothing

Cyber goth fashion consists of color co-ordinated corsets in black with a pop of neon colors. Reflectorized clothes, gothic dresses and glow in the dark ones are also very popular. They also wear latex, lycra, PVC or clothes with bio-hazard and radioactive symbols. Women often wears colorful tights, black or neon fishnets, colorful faux fur leg warmers, and even tutu skirts. Platform boots we see from typical goths are the same for cybergoths. They wear cyber stack platform boots, or industrial strap buckled platform boots.





For the head and hair, they wear futuristic goggles on their cyberlox. They usually cover up their face with gas masks and respirators with studs, spiked, bio-hazard warnings and radioactive symbols. 


Body Modification

Piercings and scarification are common. Some embellish themselves with studs and crystals, others have multiple facial piercings, while others go for tattoos. There's no definite or specific body modification that's preferred by cyber goths. Do whatever floats your boat, in the end it will still be outrageous.






The music is heavily electronic in nature, covering both alternative electronic genres such as EBM, industrial music, futurepop, power noise, club-oriented dance music styles such as trance, hard dance, and other electronic genres. It is advisable not to go into this style without knowing at least some of the more popular cybergoth bands, such as VNV Nation and Icon Of Coil, otherwise you will be labelled a poser. Cyber Goth music is a range of genres; Industrial, EBM (Electronic Body Music), Futurepop, Synthpop, Techno, Noize, Aggrotech are just a few of them. Make sure you know the difference between them all, and get a preference. Some lean more towards a Rammstein-esque sound while others prefer a more rave sound.

Some people label them as freaks and weirdos. Instead of hating, try to dig deeper and know this subculture first.They’re actually artistic and deep. So let’s appreciate these walking eye candies. 


What do you think about Cybergoths? Share your opinion with us in the comments below. 


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