Punk Rock Girl Fashion For Summer Concerts And Festivals

Punk Rock Girl Fashion For Summer Concerts And Festivals

Calling all of our punk rock girls! Are you heading to a rock concert or festival this summer? Not sure what to wear? Just follow our guide to achieve the perfect punk rock look so you can look great while dancing the night away!


Go Graphic: Tees and Totes

Wear graphic tees and totes for a great punk rock look

Our first essentials include all of the graphics you can find, from tees to totes. Graphic tees are a great way to express your personality through text and designs, and graphic totes are a cute and practical way to carry all of your concert essentials! 

Styling tip: wear a leather bracelet to add some interest to your look and avoid going overboard with accessories! 

Concert tip: Don't bring too much stuff, even if your tote is telling you that there's more room. If you have to carry your bag all night, you don't want it to weigh you down! Keep it light with just your wallet, a water bottle, and a light jacket if you need one.


Layer on Leather


Layer a leather jacket over your punk rock look

If you're going to a concert or festival at night, you're bound to get a little bit chilly. Wear or bring a black leather jacket to stay warm and keep your edgy style on point. Make your look bold by wearing a dark shade of lipstick and accessorize with skull earrings.


Keep it Colorful

Keep your outfit colorful by wearing a colorful wig or dyeing your hair

Woah, woah, woah. Colorful? At a punk rock show? Don't worry, we totally support wearing all black everything, but when it comes to your hair it's always fun to switch it up! After all, it grows back... right? If you're not into dyeing your hair, colorful wigs are another great option to add temporary color and keep your look lively. 


The Final Look

For a final look, pair your graphic tee with a plaid punk skirt. Dark wash jeans or leather pants are another great option to wear with your graphic tee for an awesome rocker look. Now all you need are a great pair of shoes to complete your outfit! Our favorites are combat boots, hologram platform, loafers, or studded sandals. 


Which bands or artists are you going to see in concert this summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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