Steal The Goth Punk Look Of WWE's "Total Divas"

 Steal The Goth Punk Look Of WWE's "Total Divas"

Do you want to steal the edgy look of WWE's Total Divas? The Total Divas have been showing off their bold fashion style on and off the ring. From punk-rock studded leather jackets to gothic-inspired makeup looks, these divas know how to make a statement with their fashion. In this article, we'll show you how to rock the goth punk look of the Total Divas.

 Steal The Goth Punk Look of WWE's "Total Divas"

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What does it take to be a badass chick? Let us count thy ways. It’s in her purpose, the way she communicates, the circle of friends she has (or her love for riding solo), the type of music she listens to, how she dresses, and in general, how much she kicks ass!

So whether or not you’re a fan of the WWE “Total Divas” (reality television show that airs on E! Entertainment) their competitive spirit and fearlessness is pretty awesome and sorta hard to deny. I mean…body slamming someone while wearing punk rock leggings and a goth bikini top?! Exactly.

The costume styling of the Total Divas continues to wow crowds, as their edgy pieces show off their badass bodies and personalities. Keep reading for fashion tips on how to steal their looks!


Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets and Bustiers Give the WWE Diva Style


The beauty of leather corsets and a bustier lies in the fact that they can be worn casually with punk rock pants or jeans! These ultra-sexy tops are favored by tons of chicks due to the fact that corsets help tighten the mid-section and lift the bosom into higher placement on the chest. And just as a Total Diva has to make sure the material and style of the corset or bustier allows twists and turns for quick movements; you too will need to make sure your corset is a perfect fit. Both gothic corsets and corset shirts look cool under a black leather jacket, and a Steampunk choker necklace adds a gothic Victorian vibe!


Bikinis and Strappy One-Pieces

Bikinis and Strappy Swimsuits can be worn as tops for WWE Diva Style


When it comes to fashion, less is definitely more for a Total Diva! Not only do sexy outfits wow the crowds and make for exciting TV; these WWE professionals are proud to show off the results of their hard work in the gym and in the ring. A toned, fit body is an essential part of being a great fighter! That said, bikinis and strappy one-piece bathing suits are fashion items that make a major style statement, while allowing the Diva’s body and hands to be free. But how do you take a sexy seasonal item like a sexy bikini or one-piece and incorporate in your everyday life? Unless you’re by the beach or laying poolside, think practical. Try pairing your black bikini or one-piece with gothic leggings, booties, and a distressed jean jacket or black leather jacket if needed!


Sexy Leggings and Boot Warmers

Sexy Boot Warmers and Leggings for WWE Diva Style


There’s nothing like skintight, sexy black leggings to stand apart from the rest! Just as risqué fashion plays a major role for the Total Divas, which emphasizes their badass attitudes, the styles you choose to wear will do the same! Leggings and boot warmers are commonly worn by the WWE chicks, which give off vibes of both EDM style and street style. Being a super-fun piece to play with, wearing leggings as pants is totally do-able and provides versatile options! For instance, you can go casual and pair skull leggings or gothic leggings with a graphic tee or you can go racy and dramatic with corset style tops! Try pairing them with boot warmers for extra flashiness! 


Goth and Punk Rock Details

Goth Punk Accessories for WWE Diva Style


There was a time when male wrestlers dominated the ring! Now, with WWE Total Divas continuing to show their fire as they compete for the win, we can’t help but notice their sexy costume styling and how much of an influence punk rock and goth fashion have on these their looks. From studded bras and studded belts to distressed leggings and plaid prints, the Total Divas show us how good being badass really looks. And of course, you can incorporate this vibe of rebelliousness and femininity into your own outfits, such as with plaid clothing and punk rock sneakers or gothic platform boots! Want to add some extra mystery to your outfit? A black cape says it all.


HOT Hair Color and Bold Lips

Colorful Hair and Makeup is key to WWE Diva Style


In order to remain a hot commodity both in and out of the ring, the WWE Total Divas continue to up their hair and beauty game! From bold tresses to bold lips, these professionals are proud to be showstoppers in their own individual rights. Whether you want to go full-on bright red or eager to rock pastel hair, keep in mind that you can take advantage of different types of hairpieces. Colored wigs and hair extensions are ideas to play with if you’re not completely ready to permanently dye your hair. To find out how dark or how bright you should go with lipstick…play around and try different shades out! You never know – a bold, purple lip may look perfect on you!



Which WWE Total Diva do you think has the most badass sense of style? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below.


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