The Mod's Guide to Wearing It Well In The Winter

The Mod's Guide to Wearing It Well In The Winter

Winter weather can be difficult to manage, but with the right knowledge and attitude, you can look stylish and stay warm in the cold months. This guide is here to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to dress fashionably while also staying warm during the winter. From layering to choosing the right accessories, this guide will help you look great even when the temperatures drop. So, read on to learn the secrets of wearing it well in the winter!

"Being a mod is more of a sensibility than a style" - Martin Freeman

While Mr Freeman is totally right, if you're a mod, it doesn't hurt to share your ideals and beliefs with the world, as proud as a peacock, by wearing the kind of clothes that represent you and your commitment to this most iconic and enduring of subcultures.

That said, winter is coming - yes, it's coming thick and fast - and if you want to look as sharp as nails during the cooler, crisper months, and if you're a person of the mod persuasion, there's plenty to play with. So, to help you in your quest for winter mod fashion perfection here is a quickfire guide to wearing it well in the winter.

The Head

Image result for steve marriott in a hat


Naturally, there is no substitute for a good mod haircut, but when the temperature drops and the frost emerges from its slumber, dressing your head in the slick embrace of a hat is a solid option.

As you can see, Steve Marriott is wearing a wicker a hat which most would say is more geared towards the summer, but you'd be amazed at the superior insulation a number like this can provide. Plus, if you opt for a thicker, woollen pork pie hat, fedora or Dekker trilby, warmth will be yours for the taking.

A classic train conductor-style mod hat will also work wonders too - functional and fashionable and alternative in equal measures:

Image result for paul weller in hat

Paul Weller Media Gallery

The Middle

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Vintage Mod Style

Without a doubt, one of the best things about winter is the opportunity to wear an epic coat or jacket (deviating away from the typically overworn but still noteworthy green parka) whenever you leave the house - and if you're a mod, the peacoat is as timeless as it is cool and classic - as sported by Mr Robert Redford above. And if you're going for a striking winter mod revivalist look, an iconic donkey jacket will look incredible in the cooler months:

Image result for mods in donkey jackets

XM blog

To ooze winter mod style and personalize your winter look, you can also add pin badges or patches to your jacket showcasing your favourite mod bands or symbols while framing your neck with a scarf complete with a paisley, polka dot or geometric print.

The bottom

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  • A contemporary take on the classic mod aesthetic, to wear it well in the winter, you should opt for black or blue tapered Levis-style jeans that fit with the contours of your leg - but not too tightly - man or woman - jegging-type trousers will only serve to detract from your modernist style.
  • As featured above, the revivalists wore drainpipe trousers, rolled up and the bottom and worn with a pair of braces - and while you may not see the braces underneath your coat, but they will make your outfit feel more authentic.
  • During the haze of the Britpop era, bands like Oasis and Blur brought back mod fashion but with a scruffier, slightly more 70s influenced slant. That said, if you're looking for a 90s spin on your winter mod look, you should opt for a pair of flared denim jeans or cord trousers

The Feet

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The Forty-Something Man

The shoe is one of the most quintessential parts of the mod outfit, and if you're looking for maximum winter mod style, opting for either a classic yet flamboyant pair of bowling shoes, a pair of loafers with gripped soles, some dark or sandy desert boots, or if you're a bit of a mod revivalist, a sturdy pair of Dr Martens (or similar) are your three best options - by a country mile.

Oh, and if you're a true mod all year round, regardless of the footwear you choose, you will always sport a pair of socks in a paisley, polka dot, bright or equally 'out there' print.

Image result for mods wearing cool socks

The Trashness Blog

"The first thing I bought that was really stylish was in 1969 when I was eleven. I saved up for a black, grey and white tie-dye grandad vest. It was too big - they weren't catering for kids my age - and hung off me, but I loved it. " - Paul Weller, longstanding mod style icon

Mod culture is infectious, uncompromising, meaningful and representative of generations of youngsters dedicated to living clean under difficult circumstances. Being a mod is a wonderful thing and we hope that our guide will help you maintain your style throughout the winter months. And to get you in the mood for shopping, here are five essential mod tunes for your listening pleasure.

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