The Modern Punk's Guide to 'Wearing It Well' This Season

The Modern Punk's Guide to 'Wearing It Well' This Season

Are you looking to stay on trend in the punk scene this season? Whether you've been a punk for years or you're just getting started, you'll want to make sure you're rocking the look in style. From the must-have clothing pieces to the perfect accessories, this guide will help you create an edgy punk look that will turn heads. Keep reading to learn how to wear it well this season.

"To me, punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are. It's freedom." - Patti Smith


Take it from one of the pioneers of punk, Patti Smith: punk is one of the most potent forms of self-expression on the planet. And like any subculture worth its salt, punk encompasses a strong sense of art, music, political ideology and of course, fashion style.

From Iggy, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols right through to Green Day, Bad Religion and Rise Against, punk's attitude and aesthetic are iconic, striking and unmistakable. The only issue - as you will probably already know - is that the punk look often lends itself to a more revealing, spring or summer-centric wardrobe. And as you will also most likely be aware, we're deep in the heart of the Fall - and winter is fast approaching.

Yes, the time to wrap up warm and stomp around in sturdy shoes or boots (no problem there, DMs are a pivotal part of the punk wardrobe, after all) - and help you maintain your punk edge without freezing your bits off is upon us. And here is a handy cold-weather-punk wardrobe guide for your reading pleasure.

The Head

female punk wearing a beanie


While a strong, head-turning hairdo is usually synonymous with punk rock style, in the colder months, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a hat to, well, keep your head warm.

For a more contemporary punk rock look, sporting a plain rolled up beanie hat in either black, or if you're looking to make a real statement, a far more outlandish luminous color, will work wonders. And if you want to communicate your specific love for the art form with the general public, you can go one step further and sew on a patch of your favorite band (or a punk-based statement) onto your hat - a cool, cost-effective and easy means of customization.

Another head-based option that will help your head remain warm and dry while staying true to your rebellious punk roots comes in the form of either a military captain's hat or Biggles-style headgear - like this:

kurt cobain biggles hat

Nirvana's punk-spirited frontman, Kurt Cobain sporting a more contemporary incarnation of a Biggles-style hat. (Ali Express)

This will make a particularly effective addition to a functional and furious fall punk rock wardrobe.

The Middle

Punk Style inspo from Sex Postols


Now we reach the torso. We're not going to talk about T-shirts here as when you're out and about in the fall and winter, people will seldom see your tee - that's kind of the point of this article. But, concerning, 'under the jacket' wear, a chunky grunge-style knit will do the trick. Not only do the two subcultures crossover, sharing striking similarities, but with the remainder of your autumnal punk ensemble, a big old knit will really pop (in a cool, edgy, punk-infused way, of course). Plus, if you wear a warm, chunky knit, you'll be able to sport an iconic leather jacket without getting cold.

Now, if you'd like to sport a more classic, heritage-inspired punk look this season - like Mr John Lydon (or Johnny Rotten as his friends know him!), or a certain Patti Smith, a long, thick, padded tartan trenchcoat or peacoat will provide you with plenty of warmth, functional pockets and a punk rock look that will go down a storm with fellow punks, friends and admirers alike - a real winner when it comes preventing getting frosty while keeping it real.

The Bottom Half

Punk Trousers for men


The great thing about leather or pleather is that it's watertight and insulated which means that you can rock it during any season. Yes, leather pants will keep you warm in the fall - and there are so many styles out there from which to choose. That said, if you're a punk with a lust for leather, you're in luck.

If you're into wearing leather pants, you can always go for a robust, quality pair of denim drainpipe jeans with a decent pair of thermals underneath. And if you want to maximize your functional punk style, a classic contemporary pair of cargo-style buckle chain trousers are not only comfy and great for phone or wallet storage, but they are warm too! Pants like these will also work perfectly with a tartan coat or leather jacket. 

There's little virtue going into a great deal of detail about footwear as a solid pair of Doctor Martens or similar shoes or boots are warm, comfy, protective leaf-kicking creations that ooze iconic punk rock style. But, if you'd like to personalize your seasonal punk rock look down to the finest detail, a creative use of accessories can really take an outfit into a new, exciting and expressive dimension - whammy.

I don't think punk ever really dies, because punk rock attitude can never die. - Billy Idol

We hope that our 'wearing it well' guide helps you to keep your long and enduring love for punk rock going during these cooler fall months, giving you plenty of inspiration to create a warm, practical and look that expresses your personality, sticking your fingers up to the man as you conduct your daily business.

Oh, and if you'd like to infuse a little glam punk style into your fall outfit, here are five simple ways you can do so.

Happy shopping and if you'd like to share your seasonal punk rock creations with the rest of the ever-growing RebelsMarket, please feel free to share your snaps with us on Instagram.

Long live punk rock!

What are your favorite punk rock style tips for cold weather?

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