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Men's Punk Boots

There's nothing more timeless and stylish than a pair of punk boots for men. But it can be challenging to find the perfect pair, especially if you're searching through stores that seem to stock the same items. From combat boots and ankle boots to men's leather boots, it can be hard to navigate the fashion landscape with so much choice when it comes to cool pairs.

Instead of hitting the same old stores, check out the vast selection of unique boots for men that we have at RebelsMarket. We have cool pairs to complement any style; men's combat boots to give your streetwear a military edge, sturdy leather boots for when you want to add an industrial element to your street style or heavy metal look and badass options for men to complement all other aspects of your festival or concert outfits. Select from brands like Demonia, hades footwear, and many more.

We bring you some of the freshest designs in men's boots because we curate our collections from indie fashion designers worldwide. This means that we can bring you designs that you won't see in regular high-street stores, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you're browsing men's sleek boots that are totally unique.

We also offer men's boots of all styles and sizes, at various price points. So whether you want some cool affordable men's gothic boots to go with cool shirts and everyday outfits, awesome buckle boots to add a little grit to your tattoo clothing style, or you need a pair of comfortable pair that are a bit different – we have designs that will suit your needs, no matter your budget.

Take a look around the vast collection of cool punk rock boots for men and see how RebelsMarket can help make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd during the colder months!


The Ultimate Guide To Men's Punk Boots 

Something about the comfort and durability in design in men's boots might lead you to think that they're a fairly modern foot accessory, but you would be dead wrong! They have been first used by Russians and Mongols around 1200 AD, where maintaining proper footing was a problem without a foot accessory that didn't support and protect the leg areas like the ankle and shin. 

Common men's boot can be traced back to 1000 BC in Asia. Originally boots were a threefold affair with separate soles, leggings, and uppers being worn separately, but later on, all three were melded into one to the men's knee-high boots that we see today by the Chinese. When the Europeans first encountered them, they added the features of thick soles. Heels and ankles that have become standard design today except men's ankle-length boots are made to resemble shoes more.

Boots entered mainstream American fashion, starting from the 50s era when every young man's preferred fashion style was the 'greaser' style. It was incorporated when men's lace-up and worker boots became part and parcel of the iconic streetwear style statement. 

Since then, men's boot fashion has significantly evolved, leading to the development of men's biker, punk, lace-up, ankle-length boots, and more. If you have decided to try something different with your footwear, then go through our extensive men's boot collection. Instead of a random bunch of pairs thrown in together at your local store or niche social media page, we offer you a categorized and versatile collection. Whether it be punk, goth, or any other alternative style, you're sure to find an excellent pair of boots that match your taste. You can nab an exclusive pair that looks just as good, if not better, than more prominent brands like Woodland or Gucci. Here's our in-depth styling guide on how you can craft your fashion statement from many iconic styles of the modern era without being a fashion aficionado.    


How to style men's boots

Styling with men's boots is a tricky affair because they often accord to different lengths off upper and lower body garments. For example, men's military boots don't go too well with baggy pants and jeans because they hide the knee-length exterior of the boots they look all weird tucked in. Keeping these aesthetics in mind, here are a couple of our style recommendations from to suit your styling needs according to men's boot categories!


combat boots

A well-fitted pair of blue punk jeans tucked in a sleek pair of black men's combat boots is a timeless look paired with a cool men's graphic t-shirt. They look equally cool with a pair of biker jeans and men's biker jackets as well, giving you a stylish retro vibe. Men's military boots also pair well with nifty men's vest and punk jeans. If you're brave enough to sport a Mohawk, the signature punk haircut, then go for it. Check out the Dolph Lundgren movie posters of the 90s, and you'll have the perfect example of how to get the vest, jeans, and combat boot style right. They also work well with biker jackets.


Knee-length boots

These perform multiple functions, starting from workwear to winter wear. As a result, you can combine them with a wide range of clothing combinations, whether it be a rocker, goth, or greaser style. In the cold months of winter, knee-length men's military boots combined with a pair of faded workers jeans and turtleneck sweater can give you the chilled and laidback look that will make you fit right in any environment. They also compliment nicely with cool sweaters and stylish flannel shirts for a chic hipster look.


Men's Lace-up boots

Men's lace-up boots complement all types of fashion types for men, whether formal, semi-formal, or casual. You can pair them up with a variety of jeans and a cool hoodie to go for a casual look or wear one with a crisp shirt tucked in a pair of biker jeans. Men's lace-up boots also go well with a complete suit as long as you choose the right shirt to strike the perfect combination as ankle-length boots are the perfect hybrid between a shoe and a boot that can get away with most types of styles. Men's gothic boots also fall into this category. If you're a gothic fashion aficionado, you will find a lot of pairs to choose from.


Styling Options

If you're curious about how to style a pair or what sorts to wear to complement your fall and winter wardrobe, read on.

When it comes to styling a pair of men's winter boots, the outfit that you wear needs to complement the functionality of the shoes on your feet. So in terms of styling, opt for outdoor clothing in robust fabrics, like distressed denim, thick flannel shirts, and cool sweaters. If what you're going for is something with dual-use, you might choose a pair of faux leather platform boots, as this is a very versatile pair. Chelsea boots go well with the 'smart casual' look suitable for a daytime office job and go just as well with a pair of skinny jeans and a biker jacket for a gig.

And if you want to stay with a style of boot that can be worn as part of a smart-casual outfit and transition just as easily through a night-time outfit, it might be a good idea to get your hands on a pair of men's black ankle boots. Team men's ankle boots with flat fronted trousers for a perfect dark look topped off with a coat. Or if you want to create some contrast, wear them with slim biker jeans turned up at the hems, and an edgy hoodie or oversized sweatshirt.

If men's combat boots are your go-to style, don't be afraid to construct some military-style outfits by pairing them with combat trousers and heavy military-style jackets. You can also add an industrial edge heavy metal clothing by wearing combat boots with biker jeans, paired with a graphic tee. Or if military and biker styles aren't your thing, try something a little different by pairing some patent combat boots with a rockabilly outfit.

The key thing to remember is to take a look at the types of clothing currently in your wardrobe, then pick the perfect pair to complement your look. Shop around for style and inspiration, and you're sure to land on a pair of cool and unique punk rock boots that fit the bill. Dark aesthetic is still a timeless classic, after all.


These are just a few examples of pairing different types of cool and alternative boots with a fashion statement that fits yours. At RebelsMarket, you will find a wide range of options with varying designs and prices that are cheap compared to other stores. Working with some of the best alternative clothing brands in the market, RebelsMarket strives to bring you the coolest and hip men's footwear collection at your doorstep with a few simple clicks from our website. You will also find other stylish alternative clothing in different men's and women's categories such as tees, jackets, hoodies, vests, skirts, and much more. Just visit our website to find the right fashion item and inspiration.



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