Men’s Handmade Boots

Looking for men’s handmade leather boots? RebelsMarket offers you an array to choose from. With versatile footwear fit for different personalities, seasons, occasions, and budgets, you are sure to find a pair. 

Handcrafted Leather Boot Styles

(1). Two-Tone

 Get yourself a pair, dress them in fitting pants, and throw on a stylish men’s cardigan. You can also wear a collared shirt, either a polo or a dress shirt.

(2). Jodhpurs

Handmade Jodhpurs for men are made of patent leather that is characterized by a non-slip sole with ridges. They can be worn in different ways. Try pairing with solid-colored jackets and button-down cotton shirts.

(3). Leather Cap Toe

As a more formal shoe staple, cap-toe ankle boots made from genuine leather can be dressed with a good pair of striped pants, slim-fit jeans, or even a navy blazer. You can also wear them with your winter suit and throw on an overcoat.

(4). Biker Boots

These are associated with riders. Their height mostly ranges from above the ankle to slightly below the knee. Some may also have a waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex. They not only protect the feet when riding but also serve as a fashion statement. They come in several types and styles.

  •  Pair with dark wash denim and a vintage style t-shirt. You can also throw on a black leather jacket or an oversized hoodie, and you'll be ready for the weekend.

  • Partner with a plaid button-up and comfy trousers-This is a perfect go-to outfit for special events. A dressier top can quickly transform this look from weekend to the workplace. For a semi-formal occasion, dress them up with a pair of plain black biker jeans, a patterned vest, and a solid button-up. If you are an actual motorist, you can bring out your men’s leather riding pants.

(5). Lace-up Ankle Boots

Stylish with any outfit, the shoe features almond toes, an adjustable lacing system, and a padded insole that is a guarantee of comfort. They can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, from formal events to an everyday look. For a more casual look, pair with-relaxed fitting jeans.

(6). Chukkas

These are a simple style of men's footwear initially worn by British soldiers in World War II. The term was copied from a game known as polo, where "chukka" is used in a period of play. The style was first adopted in the late 1940s through the 1960s as casual footwear.

  • For a streetwear outfit, wear a pair of light denim jeans. For a streetwear look, opt for a darker shade of slim fit jeans.

  •  For a rugged look, pair with cargo shorts and a tailored shirt. Go ahead and throw on a jacket or a light cardigan. The coat will shield you from the cold and make it easier for you to transition from day to night.


(7). Military Style Leather Boots

Military life is not all about having speed and confidence but tactical advantages too. Badass military crack boots are a staple that comes in handy in any Operational Camouflage Pattern(OCP). They keep your feet dry when crossing terrains and support your ankles and feet while on duty on rugged environments.

  •  To take your style from casual to dressier, pair your handmade leather combat boots with skinny jeans of your favorite color. This outfit makes your legs look slimmer and draws a lot of attention to your handcrafted footwear.

  • Another option is to bring out your boyfriend jeans. This style not only creates a laidback look but also makes you look ultra-cool.

  •  If you love ripped pants, then throwing on a coat or leather jacket would work just fine. You also get to play around with different colors, from brown, to red and even green. If you are more into gothic styles, go all black; black pants, and a black leather vest.

(8). Brogue Ankle Boots

This is a low-heeled pair with decorative perforations along the shoes’ visible edges. They come in an array of styles, colors, and materials like suede or patent leather. Your choice depends on your preference. The shoes can be dressed down with closet regulars like vintage style t-shirts and ripped skinny pants. Additionally, you can also wear them with a two-piece suit or any other business attire. 


(9). Chelsea Boots

These are close-fitting ankle-high shoes that feature an elastic panel on either side. They are ideal for both formal and informal occasions. They can either be dressed up or down depending on one’s preference.

  •  To create a more casual look, go for dark brown suede and dress them up with a charcoal suit of your choice.

  •  Pair your wingtip handmade Chelsea boots with a genuine leather jacket to look more stylish.

  •   I wouldn't recommend dressing up your black pair with a tuxedo. Instead, opt for staples like dress shirts, pleated pants, or suits of darker shades like navy.

(10). Wingtip Brogues

Just like the regular wingtips, the pair features a pointed toe cap. This toe cap spreads to the sides, forming a shape that resembles wings, hence the name "wingtips." With them reaching above the ankle, the shoes are more casual wear than formal wear. They can be worn with pieces like split suits or casual pants like simple blue jeans.


We store a variety of shoes like dress ankle boots, platforms and more. Men’s handmade boots come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, all aimed at providing all-day comfort. RebelsMarket stocks an excellent collection handcrafted for you on order. Browse through our extensive selection of men’s footwear for just the perfect pair at an affordable price. We also offer fast worldwide delivery for all products purchased. Shop now to enjoy free shipping.


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