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Cool leather pants are a staple item for many gothic clothing styles because they are versatile and at RebelsMarket they are affordable for every budget. RebelsMarket handpicks the absolute best leather pants from shops all over the world to make shopping easy and convenient for you.

History Leather Pants Fashion

Leather pants have been a staple to style for centuries. Leather is one of the first materials that humans learned to use to cloth and protect themselves from the elements including the cold, and the sun. European settlers in the Americas adopted the trend of wearing leather pants from native Americans, and leather pants for men became common in society in the late 19th century. Leather chaps were popular to wear over trousers to protect horseback riders traveling long distances. Leather trousers became known as the clothing of peasants because of the rugged look and little need for washing. Since the 1950s however black leather pants have exploded onto the high fashion scene and the culture around leather pants has changed. Now, leather outfits are iconic with musicians, bondage, and a hedonistic lifestyle that rebels against the mainstream popular culture; as well as celebrity royalty and fashionistas from around the world.

Some people throughout history who have made leather pants for men popular include Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Marlon Brando. Eddie Cochran, Jim Morrison, and other rockers of the 1960s made leather prominent across the music industry and in the 1970’s women like Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde was proving that leather pants were for women too. When the ’80s rolled around punk fashion brought leather into the mainstream and fetish, and bondage wear became popular and romanticized. This trend takes us to the 1990s when leather pants for women became glamorized and seen on the red carpet and on Hollywood’s elite. No matter what your preferred leather pants inspiration comes from, you can be sure that RebelsMarket has leather pants for men and leather pants for women that will be perfect for the statement you want to make.

Leather pants can also be made from many different animals including cow, goat, lamb, deer, and pig. Kangaroo leather can also be found in some parts of the world as well as reptile skin leathers such as alligator or snake. Leather pants can be smooth leather, suede, or nubuck and RebelsMarket carries many variations of leather clothing to fit any style or personality.

Styling Leather Pants

Leather pants are versatile because they can be glamorous, goth, punk, and even feminine and fun. There are a lot of different ways you can style leather pants for women including leather leggings, skinny leather pants, studded leather pants, high waisted leather shorts, miniskirts, lace-up leather pants and more. RebelsMarket has every kind of leather pant you can imagine. Leather shorts are very popular and a great choice for gothic girls who want to rock the leather without being too hot and sweaty in the summertime. Pleated leather shorts are a great way for a pastel goth girl to add a feminine and soft edge to the black leather when paired with a pastel or floral print top.

Leather pants for women can be paired with crops tops, tunics, sweaters, standard gothic blouses, and more. You can work out in leather jogging trousers and wear your leather pants with sneakers, or you can go for a more elegant look and pair a leather mini skirt with heels or ballet flats. Leather pants are the perfect staple for your goth clothing wardrobe because they are all black and iconic to a rock n roll lifestyle that gothic clothing also represents. Leather pants can also come in colors though such as blue, pink, yellow, orange, silver, gold, red, and prints. Printed leather pants or brightly colored leather pants are a great staple for a punk rock wardrobe for men or women.

Leather pants for men can be skinny leather pants or wide leg leather pants. Some popular styles for men include studded leather pants and trousers with chains, belts, and zippers. Gothic pants for men can also be denim or cotton with leather elements rather than full leather. Leather jogger pants have also become popular and add a hip-hop vibe to your outfit. When giving the leather jogger pants a try, don't go for head to toe athletic wear. Pair the slouched leather pants with a crop top, blouse, or high heels or platform wedges to create an effortless elegance look that tells everyone you don't have to try too hard to look amazing! RebelsMarket has all the women's accessories you need to change up your leather pants style anytime you want.

RebelsMarket also carries a lot of clothing that is faux leather. Vegan leather pants are a cheaper alternative to leather that also doesn’t harm an animal to make the clothing. Faux leather or vegan leather looks and feels just like animal leather, especially now that textile technologies have become so advanced. You can purchase faux leather pants from RebelsMarket, and no one will know that your leather pants aren’t made from real leather. Wearing vegan/faux/pleather leather pants is also a more affordable option for full leather pants.

Leather pants can go with any counterculture style including bohemian, punk, goth, fetish fashion, tattoo life, skater style, steampunk, punk rock, urban and streetwear, vintage and retro, burlesque outfits, Gothic Lolita, and even leather lingerie, gothic lingeriehigh fashion dresses, and workout gear. The perfect footwear to go with leather pants include gothic boots, booties, heels, platforms, wedges, and sneakers. Leather pants for men can be worn with boots for men, casual, or formal shoes, military combat style shoes, and even loafers.

Don’t be afraid to mix other leather accessories with your leather pants including leather purses, leather jackets, and leather jewelry like chokers and wrist cuffs. Don’t forget to make your leather outfits look hardcore by accessorizing with bats, spiders, skulls, and chains. A vintage band T-shirt and mesh tops go perfectly with leather pants. Leather hats, leather leggings, and leather corsets; as well as leather belts and buckles, are all great accessories for leather pants. You should also consider sunglasses, studded leather purses, gold and silver jewelry, and dramatic makeup when wearing leather pants. When you are dressing in leather you can mix up the fabrics, or go leather from head to toe; it’s all up to you. RebelsMarket has everything you need to complete your perfect leather outfit.

Mixing different fabrics with your leather pants can soften up your look if you aren't going for a biker club look. Try different types of outwear that aren't leather including a denim jacket. Contrasting fabrics can make your outfit stand out and give you a hip, cool, casual vibe. A blazer can dress your leather pants up and turn your office look into a glamorous chic outfit that is perfect for day or night. Pair your leather pants and blazer with bright red high heels for a power look for the corporate world but throw your flats in your bag if your heading to the dance floor after work!

Leather pants are perfect for any age group because of their versatility and longevity. The same pair of leather pants you wear for a night out with friends in high school can easily be the skinny leather pants you pair with a silk blouse and platforms wedges when you decide to try pastel goth in college. You'll be rocking those same leather trousers when you're entering an executive board room in your thirties. Kids even love leather pants especially suede and other soft leathers that come in fun prints and colors.

Where to Shop Leather Pants

RebelsMarket is your number one place to shop leather pants. RebelsMarket offers a variety of leather clothing that will help you stand out, be yourself, and embrace your personal style. Being a fashion rebel is easier than ever when you shop RebelsMarket where you can find leather pants that fit within any counterculture genre. RebelsMarket has plenty of leather pants for men and leather pants for women that you can dress up or down depending on your mood. Leather pants can be elegant or hardcore, red-carpet-worthy or a statement piece for your next punk rock show.

RebelsMarket offers cute, trendy, and bold leather pants that you can’t find in the mall or department stores in your hometown. Our hand curated clothing lines offer the best designs available in alternative fashion for everyone and every budget. We stock all sizes for every shape and body type, so regardless of whether you are petite or tall, plus size or juniors, RebelsMarket will have the perfect leather pants for you. Browse our leather pants selection below to find the perfect pair of leather pants for your style from studded and belted leather pants to leather shorts, skinny leather pants, and even leather joggers. RebelsMarket is your number one source for affordable leather pants online.


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