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Leather Bracelets

Personalize up your looks by incorporating leather bracelets. For men, leather bracelets bring in the sense of confidence while women they show a sense of style. Your outfits are not complete without unique accessories. You have a whole variety of choices to pick from - from the charm, cuff, pandora bracelets just to name a few.

Although women also wear them, leather bracelets for men have indeed become a modern fashion staple. There's a reason why all rockstars and fashion icons such as Johnny Depp wear them. There's just something so irresistible about a man who is not afraid to experiment with jewelry.

Most wear leather bracelets because they think they look cool, and they give them that edgy and masculine vibe.

From tiny more discreet to badass heavy metal ones, you'll surely find something to complete your outfit!

For a completely fresh new look, you can also buy a leather wrap bracelet, which can look like you are wearing lots of bracelets at once, or you can combine them with other pieces.

We sell all sorts of leather bracelets, from basic brown or black to bracelets with skulls, studs, or even badass spikes.

Nothing says Heavy metal like a leather wrist cuff! Even if you're not a metal fan, be sure that a leather bracelet adds that rockin' edgy touch to any look. Whether you're into punk rock, gothic or grunge style, you can incorporate it into any outfit and look like a badass!

If you're not into real leather, we also sell faux leather bracelets at RebelsMarket at even more affordable prices! If you are looking for great deals, check out our Sales section regularly. You will get 10% discount on your first order, and if you're lucky enough, you may even get free shipping!


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How to Wear Leather Bracelets

Contrary to popular opinion, leather bracelets are not only for bikers, and certainly not only for women! You've probably seen bracelets on fashionable guys and thought they look cool but are afraid to try it.

So why do all punk rockers and heavy metal fans like to wear leather bracelets so much? Probably because a leather bracelet is a strong symbol of rebellion and projects strength.

The reasons can be found back in the history of leather. Traces of leather bracelets can be found to signify tribal roles, but they became a status symbol back in ancient Egypt. Even Tutankhamun wore a leather bracelet to signify his power.

Later, gladiators in ancient Rome wore them, and it doesn't get any rebellious and hardcore than that!

So you can see now how men’s leather bracelets can get you an edgy alpha male status!

Another misconception is that you can't combine leather bracelets with watches! Those are outdated beliefs that are no longer valid -  leather bracelet can be a great addition to other accessories, may it be a watch or other jewelry.

The most popular types of leather bracelets are simple wide bands, design bands, and thin, rope bands (which are more suitable for the workplace).

Also, keep in mind that you're supposed to match your bracelets to the tattoos on your arm. If you are tatted-up (and we assume you might be) - go for a simple plain bracelet, to keep things from getting too busy.

Whether you believe this power symbol stories or not, one thing is clear. Jewelry signifies a stylish man who pays attention to details and is willing to go that extra mile to look good. The opposite sex appreciates that, and other men admire his bravery, whether they want to admit it or not!

You can take a simple outfit like a pair of black skinny jeans and a black or white shirt, add a jacket, and still the detail that will make the outfit from blah to wow will be jewelry (bracelets are the more discreet way to wear jewelry, for example under a long sleeve). You will be turning heads and breaking hearts everywhere you go!

If you find men's shirts too conservative and boring, you can always spice them up with a bracelet. We know you're a gentleman, but a rebel at heart. It also shows a creative personality and confidence, which are two very desirable traits!

There's definitely something about leather jewelry that's been giving men a sense of power and confidence throughout history, and you too should find out why!