Leather Bracelets

Alternative jewelry signifies a stylish man who pays attention to details and is willing to go that extra mile to look good. Your outfits are not complete without unique studded leather bracelets. Personalize your alternative looks by incorporating leather bracelets. Bracelets can be a great addition to other accessories, such as a skull watch or other jewelry.

Although women also wear them, leather bracelets for men have indeed become a modern fashion staple. For men, studded leather bracelets bring about confidence and a masculine vibe, while for women, they show some edge and a sense of style. You have a whole variety of choices to pick from: whether you are going for charm, infinity, strap, buckle, cuff, wrap, or pandora bracelets.

The most popular types of leather bracelets are simple wide bands, design bands, adjustable, studded wristbands, and thin bracelets that are more suitable for the workplace. From tiny, more discreet, to badass heavy metal leather pieces, you'll surely find a piece to complete your outfit! 

We carry all sorts of leather bracelets, from basic brown or black to bracelets with skulls, black or silver studded, or even badass spikes suitable for both men and women.

Nothing says heavy metal fashion like a black leather wrist cuff! Even if you're not a metal fan or a biker, be sure that a leather bracelet adds that rockin' edgy touch to any look. Whether you're into punk rock style, goth fashion, or grunge style, you can incorporate the leather bracelet into any outfit and look like a badass!

If you find men's cool shirts for men are too conservative, you can always spice them up with accessories such as a leather bracelet. You can take a simple outfit like a pair of black skinny urban jeans and a black or white shirt, add a red and back leather jacket, and spice it up with a spiked studded leather bracelet for an added edge to the outfit. Bracelets are a discreet way to wear jewelry, especially with a long sleeve.

For a completely fresh new look, you can also buy a leather wrap bracelet, which can look like you are wearing lots of bracelets at once or combining them with other pieces.

For women, you can go for a cuff leather bracelet, and pair it with a black alternative graphic tee, leather leggings, and finish off with a pair of stylish alternative boots

Also, keep in mind that you're supposed to match your bracelets to your arm’s tattoos. If you are tatted-up, shop for a simple plain bracelet to keep things edgy or a chunky piece for a bold look.

So you can see now how men’s leather bracelets can get you an edgy alpha male status! You will be turning heads everywhere you go!

If you're not into real leather, we also have faux leather bracelets at affordable prices on RebelsMarket! If you are looking for great deals on leather studded bracelets, check out our collection. You will get a 10% Off on your first order and worldwide shipping!



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