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Metal Bracelets

Add attitude and rebellious statement to your wardrobe today with metal bracelets from RebelsMarket. Enjoy impressive pieces of art in the form of heavy metal jewelry. Anything from this genre is bound to arouse interest and attention when worn, and our pieces do not disappoint in this regard. Our affordable pieces make it even easier to wear our rock band bracelets and add spices to your outfits.

Heavy metal fashion is a style enjoyed for its aggressive music and rock and roll subgenre. From its origins in the 1970s to the 2010s, the style has gone through changes but has retained vital elements inherent to it. The style features simple attires, primarily black clothes, long hair, and leather jackets. Over time, these looks have been incorporated into body modification, hairstyle, and even makeup. Undoubtedly, the fashion itself is outstanding, but its jewelry is equally impressive, with heavy metal bracelets being no exception to this. 

The most notable feature of the style behind these metal band bracelets is the dark aesthetics. From scorpions to skulls, these dark elements are captivating and controversial in equal measure. There are deep meanings associated with the skulls in today’s society and the past. These elements are often associated with death and mortality. Our rock and roll wristbands embrace these elements to bring out some of the most visually stunning embellishments that you may ever come across. Some of these dark elements are featured in other styles, including goth fashion, known for its exotic nature and mysticism. You wouldn’t need to think twice when wearing these pieces with gothic attire. Neither would you be out of place if you wore it with punk rock fashion. So feel free to combine different styles to make a look that suits you. 

Our collection boasts of pieces that would suit him, her, and everyone else who wants to put them on. For the guys, these metal bracelets for men go with a host of various outfits. Metal band hoodies  are some of the comfiest yet visually pleasing items out there. One of the sleekest pieces you should add to your outfit is the men’s wide wristband that comes in silver, so don’t hesitate to get them today. 

Ladies are not left out as there are metal bracelets for women just waiting to be worn. What makes these pieces worth having is the quality of the craftsmanship and wide array of options. Should you want something subtle, you should wear the rock wristband that comes in various beads and colors featuring skulls in pink and white. Use them to complement these women’s heavy metal outfits for iconic looks. 

We showcase metal cuffs that come embellished in various dark shapes for various creative enterprises, including skulls. In popular culture, skulls often feature; Halloween, Día de Muertos (the day of the dead), and movies such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Alexander Mcqueen also loved to wear items with skulls on them. RebelsMarket takes all these aspects and curates wonderfully designed pieces that are the real deal. Enjoy our metal bracelet cuff studded with skeletons and pirates. 

Regardless of their meaning, skulls and scorpions have a place among rebels and renegades. Our curation of unique and creative designs is made from quality material to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. There are heavy metal leather wristbands that are sturdy yet captivating. The leather in these pieces comes in various patterns and lengths, wide enough to cover the arm. The badass nature of the style is demonstrated by the nifty embellishments, such as studs, rivets, and creatures such as beetles. Get our metal armband in different colors, from brown to black, and pair them with rock boots for men

Our collection incorporates elements of industrial fashion, which is based on an aesthetic referred to as industrial chic. This aesthetic gains inspiration from old factories and manufacturing places and converts them to designs used in everyday living, like in your home or clothing. There are edgy chain bracelets, and some look just like a piece of a bike chain. The thickness with which these pieces come in varies, with some as thin as a guitar string while others form thick metallic wristbands. 

Create your look today with hard rock heals wristbands that go well with a range of various outfits. Some of our pieces are set with inexpensive stones to make them look unique. Have fun adding a spooky and eye-catching style with beaded armbands. Confidence is like the salt of the fashion world; it is almost essential in every look you put on. Luckily, our pieces look good enough to boost your confidence. 

At RebelsMarket, we have a vast collection of metal bracelets that will meet your alternative needs. Browse through our intricate pieces and get a wristband to boost your look. Whether you are looking for studs, chains, or straps, our collection has something for you. Shop from RebelsMarket today and get 10% Off your first purchase! We ship worldwide.