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Heavy Metal Rings

If you're looking for an edgy fashion accessory to wear on your finger, then heavy metal rings are perfect. The dark color and sleek design make these pieces stand out on anyone's fingers. Heavy metal rings are one of the most popular trends in jewelry and, they're not just for men anymore! Get metals rings for men and women from our collection because both men and women deserve to rock accessories they love. Find tons of styles and designs that will match your personal style or express what matters to you.

Heavy metal fashion is a subculture that combines aspects of eastern culture with western trends. The subculture is focused on establishing an identity through dress. The style identified with guitars, drums kits, women dressed in leather or PVC, mascaraed eyes, and aggressive hairstyles that were all embraced by young people around the 60s. The style has since evolved but its features remain true to the subculture and that is why RebelsMarket is offering alternative metal rings that still capture the elements of the heavy metal style.

If this is your first experience shopping online for the jewelry of this kind, you’re probably asking yourself, “how do I choose the right ring?” Well, let’s help you with that. What's your favorite color? Do you like sparkly or plain rings the best, and how much can I afford to spend? These questions should help when shopping online. A good rule of thumb when shopping online is to do some research and know what you like and your preferences. Do you have color specifications for your next metal band? If you like all that glitters and is shinny, shop for silver, antique gold, or gold metal rings. They come in many designs like bucktooth skull,  gas mask shape, gothic crackhead, and many more options available in our catalog. If you want darker metal bands, consider shopping for a black metal ring. Imagine a black circlet in your hand with a wolf ring design, amazing right? You can shop for it from our collection. 

Now that you have figured out whether you like shinny or darker circlets, next, you need to know what is the size of your finger or the one you are shopping for as well as what material you’d like your ring to be made of. You can measure the size of your finger at home, there are many DIYs to rely on. When it comes to materials, gold is a popular choice for making rings because it has been used since ancient times to symbolize wealth and power. Other materials like silver, platinum, and titanium are also gems worthy to invest on for a dapper style statement.

If you are still in doubt, allow us to put your doubts to rest, find high-quality heavy metal rings for sale at affordable prices on RebelsMarket. We are your plug for all things alternative and that also includes jewelry like statement necklaces, pendants, earrings badass heavy metal bracelets, and more. You’ll have so much fun when shopping because we have brought everything you like and put it together for you to choose from. You don’t have to search far and wide for what you want, get it in our collection. Do you want a unique wedding band for your special day? Get a gold circlet with encrusted skull patterns. The details in this ring are to die for!

Like any piece of jewelry, the importance is not just in its beauty. You should take care and invest time into caring for your ring so it lasts a lifetime! Try out different wardrobe styles and finish it off with your metal band. Read our blog on 10 ways to accessorize with rings for some inspiration. We’re waiting on the other side to deliver your order to your doorstep. Shop at RebelsMarket and get 10% OFF your first order.