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Industrial Clothing

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Everyone has their own personal fashion sense, and if you’ve found that you love the gritty edge of the industrial scene, you’re going to fall for the rebellious industrial clothing styles that you’ll get to choose from. Zippers, spikes, biohazards, fishnet, military designs, and gas masks galore, everything that makes industrial fashion the edgy cousin of the standard gothic fashion can be found at RebelsMarket. You’ll see brands like Devil’s Night UK, Jawbreaker, Lip Service, and even Tripp at affordable deals, enabling anyone to afford some of the gothic world’s top brands on any budget.

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More About Industrial Clothing Styles & Fashion

The industrial clothing style is heavily inspired by military aesthetics but also ties in the gritty nature of industrial sectors in the city. It often times borrows or combines elements of punk fashion with gothic fashion. It often times includes leather, fishnets, fetish wear such as PVC tops, pants, or shorts, and also includes an accentuation on body modifications. It is a very personal style that allows a person to express themselves and their love of industrial music through fashion.

There are several different facets of the industrial style such as industrial gothic clothing, industrial punk clothing, or even industrial music clothing that embodies the very core of the subculture.

As a whole Men’s industrial fashion will be found on a darker color pallet. The typical colors will range from black, grey, or olives. Industrial band shirts, plain t-shirts, sleeveless or tattered shirts, or burst pattern shirts all capped off with leather jackets that are usually embellished with spikes or custom patches. You may even find men’s industrial clothing including trench coats or flight jackets. Their lower halves are clothed in cargo or uniform pants, vintage shorts, and tattered jeans. In some cases, you’ll even find a few woodland camouflage pants that are tucked into combat boots or steel-toed boots.

Of course, with industrial skater fashion, you’re going to wear along the same lines with footwear that has better traction for skating. However, that doesn’t mean that they lose any of the gritty looks of an industrial outfit.

Women’s industrial clothing is a whole new realm; they use sexuality as a power in this subculture. Fetish wear is common for women, but that doesn’t mean that women have to exude sexiness to dress in industrial clothing, they also pull from the imagery of an icon like Tank Girl with militant looks that are accomplished with tank tops, paratrooper pants, paired with combat boots.