Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas For An Edgy But Warm Style

Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas For An Edgy But Warm Style

Winter date nights can be a challenge when it comes to styling – you want to look chic and edgy, but also keep warm. Luckily, there are plenty of options for creating an outfit that is both stylish and practical. From warm layers to statement accessories, here are some great winter date night outfit ideas to help you look fabulous and stay snug.

It's the middle of the winter, which means the creativity to come up with date ideas is just as low as your motivation to put on real clothes. From outdoor winter dates to Valentine's Day dinner dates, we've got you covered for some outfit inspiration to keep your style edgy and warm. And hey, if the date totally fails, at least you can say you looked good.

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Ice Skating and Sledding Dates

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You don't have to be good at ice skating to look good while doing it, am I right? When it comes to cold outdoor activities like ice skating or even sledding, comfort comes first. The first priority is to be sure that you're able to actually move around, so you don't look like a robot on ice. 

Layers are your best friend for outdoor winter sports. Wear a thin pair of leggings underneath a thicker pair of workout pants or any other pants that have stretch. Do not, I repeat, do not try to do skating tricks in skinny jeans!

To keep the rest of your body warm, wear a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt layered with a cozy cardigan and an edgy winter coat. This way, you can take off any extra layers as you get warmer. If you live in an extra cold climate, a fuzzy blanket scarf is always a great accessory to throw on! Remember not to go overboard with shoes- you'll probably wind up changing into skates or ski boots when you arrive.


Valentine's Day Dinner

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Whether you're going to dinner with your significant other or your best friends on Valentine's Day, it's the perfect excuse to dress up. A classic red party dress or backless dress with tights is always a good go-to, but my favorite pieces to wear on a dinner date are a bodysuit paired with a leather jacket. Wearing high- waisted jeans over a bodysuit will accentuate your shape, and a light leather jacket will give your outfit an edge. 

Take on Valentine's Day with a twist by mixing deeper shades of red and black together, instead of the typical candy apple red. Complete your look with a pair of booties and customize your style with a studded clutch, a choker, or layered rings. 


Day On The Town

A model wears a cute winter outfit, with a brown pencil skirt and a rollneck top layered with a grey cardigan
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Some of the best dates just involve picking a place to go and simply exploring! If you're headed out for a day on the town or a visit to your favorite city, mix up some chic pieces with edgy ones. Try the asymmetrical skirt trend with a cute top like fitted turtleneck and a cardigan for a cozy and (very) Instagram-worthy outfit. 

When it comes to accessories, keep it simple with a tote bag or backpack big enough to carry all of your necessities (and by necessities we mean 3 different colored lipsticks, 4 flavors of granola bars, and any other miscellaneous snacks). Let the interesting silhouette of your outfit shine and keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum, like dainty rings, thin necklaces, or a watch.


Movie Night

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Ah, there's nothing like a date that includes 4 large buckets of popcorn in a warm movie theater. For a cozy movie night (out or in), pull on your favorite joggers and pair them with a slouchy cropped sweater. To keep things a little more stylish, you can add a utility or leather jacket and dress up your outfit with heels. Or, you know, you can just put on sneakers and call it a day. Your choice.


Do you have any fun winter dates planned? Let us know what you're wearing for it in the comments below!

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