Keeping Punk In The Cold

Keeping Punk In The Cold

Do you love the energy and creativity of punk music but feel like it's been missing from your winter? Well, don't worry – there are plenty of ways to keep punk alive during the coldest months of the year. From attending live shows to listening to records at home, you can keep the spirit of punk alive all winter long. Here are some ideas on how to keep punk in the winter.

Winter was once the season for punk fashion to take centre stage, with heavy clothing and boots being a staple of the style- but recently brands like NorthFace and Ugg seem to be more common. However, winter is still a great season to rock your best punk outfits, you just have to know what styles to look out for.

Though punk might not be a main-stream style, if you know exactly where to shop then finding your winter punk pieces can be super easy. The RebelsMarket punk rock section is the perfect place for any punk to find new items, and winter is the perfect season for rocking this style.

Punks are lucky if everyday stores stock any punk-like items other than basic black shirts or skinny jeans, even in the winter. Finding punk style footwear can be the easiest task, but sweaters, jeans, socks, and hats are another matter entirely. A lot of common mall stores don't have punk items, and figuring out how to stay warm without looking like a puffy marshmallow or fluffy bird can be hard.

There are ways to keep warm without the puffer, though.

1. Chunky Sweaters

An oversized chunky sweater will keep you warm while adding a dishevelled look. Make sure that your sleeves are long, and if you can find a sweater that hangs off the shoulder it'll add an extra sexy umph to your messy look.

A woman wears a chunky knit ombre sweater, with shorts and black creepers for a messy winter punk style

Image Source: Le Happy

2. Loose Layers

If you want a layered look then try a band T-shirt with a long, heavy cardigan over top. Leave the front of the cardigan open, and try to choose something that goes past your hips in length. This is a great way to look and feel warm, but still keep that messy look the punk style requires.

A picture of a woman wearing punk- style winter clothing with an oversized wool cardigan, black t-shirt and upturned black jeans

Image Source:Phen Holy

3. Leather Jackets

A leather moto jacket can be a great accessory, but sometimes they aren't too warm. Try to find a jacket that is lined inside, that way you can keep warm while still looking hard-core.

A bleach blond punk woman wearing a black leather jacket, led-zeppelin black t-shirt and black pants

Image Source: Masha Sedgwick

4. Bomber Jackets

Cropped, cotton bomber jackets can be a great option because they keep you looking bad-ass but still keep you warm. Also, standard bomber jackets aren't super long, which is great if you want to show off your jeans or belt

A woman wearing a warm black scarf, khaki bomber jacket and leather trousers as part of a glam punk outfit

Image Source: Just The Design

5. Oversized Jackets

Oversized wool jackets can be a good option for a punk too. These jackets tend to run on the long side, but this helps with the uneven messy look that is required to rock the punk style. Wool is also one of the best materials for staying warm, and an oversized wool jacket will be a timeless piece in any wardrobe.

A woman stands in the street, wearing a long wool jacket, leather trousers and punk style platform trainers

Image Source: Fashion Tag

6. Denim Jackets

Even though denim jackets are normally associated with spring and summer fashion, lined jean jackets are an awesome option for winter. They are diverse too, meaning you can rock them with leggings, skirts or even jeans for a double-denim style. 

A red-haired woman wearing a winter punk outfit with a woolly hat, blue denim jacket and a chunky knit sweater

Image Source: Le Happy

7. Patches

Adding patches to your current winter wardrobe is a great way to add a punk edge to any warm clothes you already have. Use patches to style your outfits, customize items and bring a personal touch to your jackets, hats or scarves. You could use band patches, fun sayings, images or symbols - and for an extra punky vibe, you could opt for pinning the patches on with safety pins, rather than sewing them.

A blonde woman with dreadlocks, wearing round sunglasses and a denim jacket styled with patches

Image Source: Style Du Monde

8. Heavy Boots

Heavy boots, especially leather, are the signature of the punk wardrobe, and are the best thing to break out in the colder months. Heavy boots are also the most inviting for thick socks, or even a pair of boot toppers if you're feeling a little fancy! Opt for some sturdy combat boots or knee-high leather boots and you'll never fall on ice, never have cold toes, and be able to look totally punk while trekking through the cold.

A woman walks down the street, wearing a black sweater, white mini skirt and black over-the-knee boots

Image Source: Planetary Skin

9. Knitted Headwear

Chunky beanies with pompoms, especially in black, can work with a punk wardrobe - which may be a little bit shocking, since they are usually considered more of a mainstream item of clothing. But, heavy beanies and woolly hats, even with cute detailing, can make you look winter ready, but also keep your punk.

A red-haired punk woman wearing a black beanie hat, leather jacket and round sunglasses

Image Source: Le Happy

10. Fingerless Gloves

To keep your hands warm, grab some fingerless mittens or gloves to stay punk but keep cozy. Mittens that have fold-over tops are the perfect fit for the punk who has to brave the cold, as these have the option to give full hand coverage. 

A picture of black fingerless gloves with skeleton bone detailing

Image Source: TokyoFashion

11. Socks or Tights

A popular winter punk outfit is the combination of shorts with tights or thigh high socks underneath, which can make you look more grungey and unique than a skirt. This is also a fantastic way to wear cut-off shorts in the winter time.

A woman wears black tights with punk style cut-off shorts and a black leather jacket and a black wool hat

Image Source: Le Happy

12. Tights Under Jeans

If you want to wear ripped jeans in the winter, but don't want your legs to be cold, then layer up by wearing tights underneath. Tights will keep your legs super toasty when they're under jeans, and are a great option if you know you'll be outside for an extended period of time. They also add an extra layer of detail and texture to your punk outfit. 

A woman wears a layered punk outfit, with a striped top, tartan sleeved jacket and ripped denim jeans with lace tights underneath

Image Source: YGSF

13. Long Sleeved Crop Tops

Another good way to keep sexy while staying warm is with a long sleeved crop top. If you layer up with a chunky cardigan overtop of the crop top, you'll be the perfect punk snow bunny.

A blonde woman wears a wool style long-sleeved crop top, white jeans and platform shoes as part of a warm punk outfit

Image Source: FashionGum

14. Leggings

Another great way to stay cozy in winter is with leggings, and unusual cuts or patterned varieties are great if you want to stay in-keeping with your punk style. Whether it's ripped leggings, patterned leggings, or just cool colored leggings you'll be able to stay cozy while keeping punk.

A woman wearing a glamorous punk outfirt, with a red velvet skirt, black leggings, and a black leather jacket

Image Source: Glam Radar

How do you stay warm while keeping punk in the winter? Let us know in the comments.

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