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How to Dress Alternative At Work, school Or When It Rains

How to Dress Alternative At Work, school Or When It Rains

Are you an alternative dresser who struggles to fit in when it comes to the conventional dress codes of work, school, or winter? Fear not! In this article, we'll offer tips and tricks on how to dress alternative at work, school, and even when the weather is cold. We'll cover everything from what to wear, to how to accessorize and put together an outfit that will be sure to turn heads. Read on to learn more about how to dress alternative and still look stylish.

Whether it's for work, school or cold and rainy days, any self-styled alt fashionista wants a look that stands out from the crowd!

But the winter month's can be hard for those of us who want to dress alternative and show off our love for curating kickass outfits based on different alternative subcultures.

It goes without saying that the best way to dress in colder weather is by taking advantage of the layering technique. Layering gives us the chance to experiment with multiple different clothing items, and give an added edge to an otherwise mainstream look. A plain cardigan and jeans can be given an injection of punk attitude when layered with a kickass bomber jacket. And that plain black dress from the back of your wardrobe can be transformed into a stunning nu goth outfit if you layer it with a gothic harness and a thick gothic coat. 

When it comes to layering - the outfit possibilities are endless! But we thought we'd pick out three safe bets for a cool alternative style that's perfect for cold weather, and diverse enough to be worn in a number of settings. 

Crop Top Outfit

This might not seem like something suitable for cold weather - but stick with me! A crop-top can totally be acceptable for winter, or for work and school. 

Crop tops are actually a versatile item of clothing and can be layered with other (warmer) items. Layer a thermal or thick material tank top with a crop top and throw a cardigan over the top - and you've just added another interesting dimension to your look. Opt for a kickass printed crop top with a plain tank, or go for an offbeat but trendy look with clashing patterns.

A pair of cute leggings will complete this outfit, or a chic pair of skinny jeans if you want the extra warmth that denim provides. Still too cold? Throw on an oversized scarf and add some cute mittens or gloves for a complete winter-proof layered outfit. 



Teenage Dream Socks Outfit

College revival anyone?

Surprisingly, the thigh-high teenage sock trend is still going strong, so we say embrace it! Adding a pair of cute socks over some thick tights is a great way to add a quirky kawaii fashion edge to an otherwise standard skirt or dress outfit.

Slip on a pair of platform shoes for a dressy look, or tone it down and opt for a more quirky, casual style by opting for a pair of sneakers. This look goes great with an oversized sweater or cardigan, so take advantage of that fact while the weather is cooler. 



Skinny Jeans And Skirt Outfit

Extreme temperatures call for extreme measures. Well, maybe that's a bit dramatic - but I'm talking about finding creative ways to style a cool alternative outfit and still beat the cold.

Have you ever tried layering a skirt over skinny jeans? I have, and I must say that is the most warm and cozy thing in the world! Yes, it's a little bit offbeat, and you don't see this look very often - but what better way to be rebellious with your fashion than by rocking a look seldom seen?

Opt for a pair of skin-tight skinny jeans, preferably with pockets that are flush (or imitation pockets to cut down on the 'bulk'). Next, select a skirt that has a little wiggle room - such as a pleated school skirt or an A-line skirt that has a bit of flair to it.

This look works best when kept casual, so slip on a snuggly hoodie and a pair of sneakers. Or, if you really must dress it up a little - opt for a warm leather jacket and some kickass knee boots. This will give the impression of a skirt worn with thick leggings rather than jeans, but it still has a pretty striking effect. 

Skinny Tops


Come Rain or Shine - You'll be Prepared

By now, you're probably drawing up alternative style outfits in your head, wondering what pieces you can combine to create a kickass layered look. Layering lets you mix and match and free your fantasy and creativity, staying true to your alternative clothing calling.

Just a quick tip: when planning an outfit this way, it's always best to do it the night before - as sometimes mixing and matching alternative styles can be a bit of trial and error. By planning your outfit this way you're allowed to go to bed with peace of mind, happy because you know you have an awesome look planned for the day ahead.

It also gives you more precious sleep time in the morning! And guess what happens if you wake up to a warm day? Just leave one layer at home. And if it's chillier than expected? Throw another layer on, I'm sure it's going to look perfect!


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