10 Must Haves For Punk Rock Style

10 Must Haves For Punk Rock Style

Punk rock style is one of the most popular fashion trends of the decade. It is a style that is bold, daring, and unapologetic, which makes it perfect for expressing yourself. If you're looking to create an edgy and rebellious look, these 10 must-haves for punk rock style are the perfect way to start. From statement pieces to classic staples, we'll tell you all the essential items you need to rock the punk look. So, let's get started!

Have the feeling that something is missing from your collection of punk rock clothing? Check out our list of clothing and accessory must- haves for your wardrobe.

1. Punk Leather Jacket


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Punk leather jackets: they're number one for a good reason. Leather jackets are a classic, meaning that they have been and will be in style for a long time. They're a great investment because they can take you from fall to spring, and even into cool summer nights. 


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Keep it classic by choosing a simple black motorcycle jacket or go eccentric with studs, asymmetrical zippers, distressed details, and buckles. These edgy jackets are the perfect addition to any outfit for both guys and girls, so this is a must- have staple for us!



2. Punk Boots

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We'll take these in every color, please. Punk boots are the perfect shoe choice for any outfit and every occasion. Whether you're rocking a baby doll dress with tights or distressed jeans and a tee, leather combat boots will complete your outfit seamlessly.


3. Spiked Clothing and Accessories

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All hail spiked clothing and accessories. On days when you feel particularly rebellious, spiked jackets, shirts, pants, jewelry, and other accessories are a great go- to. Pair your metal accent pieces with simple, solid colors so that your spikes stand out. Some awesome accessories to look for are headbands, purses, and studded belts.


4. Plaid Patterns

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Are you really punk if you don't wear plaid patterns? From the classic flannel button- up shirt to flared skirts, plaid can be found in every type of garment. Checkered motifs don't just stop at clothing- look for backpacks, cute scarves, and more for a complete plaid look.


5. Skull Rings

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The key to the perfect punk accessories are skull rings! Whether you like small and dainty rings or large, chunky rings, skulls add an edgy flair to your accessory game. Wear one, or one on every finger!


6. Punk Rock Dresses

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Looking for a feminine punk style? Try out punk rock dresses! From solid, rich colors to fun patterns, find the right edgy dress to suit your taste. Dress up a bodycon skull dress or plaid skater dress by wearing platform heels and a leather jacket, or dress it down by wearing combat boots and an oversized cardigan.


7. Punk Hoodies

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For those days where you just want to stay in bed, everybody needs their choice of punk hoodies for a comfortable go- to style. Complete your outfit by wearing distressed jeans, a graphic tee, an embellished or patterned hoodie, and combat boots or sneakers.



8. Leather Corsets

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Go for a sultry, hardcore look with leather corsets. A lace up corset worn as a top is perfect for a night out with the girls or when going to a punk rock concert. To transform your bodice into a versatile casual piece, wear a strappy tank top or tee shirt over it. Finish it off by pairing your corset with a cool vintage jacket or leather jacket.


9. Punk Hair Color

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You only live once, so don't be afraid to rock an awesome punk hair color. From sweet pastels to bold colors, it's easy to find a great hair color to suit your personality. 


10. Skull Purse

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Finish off your outfit with a skull purse! Choose a skeleton patterned tote bag or messenger bag that's perfect for work or school, or a small crossbody bag for everyday wear. Wearing an edgy purse (like the ones above) can add an alternative twist to a dress, or create a grunge vibe with a band tee and jeans. 



What punk rock clothing item or accessory can you not leave the house without? Let us know in the comments!


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