Witchy Wonderland: How to Add A Pagan Touch To Your Winter Wardrobe

Witchy Wonderland: How to Add A Pagan Touch To Your Winter Wardrobe

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe and how you can add a unique and pagan touch to it. From celtic-inspired accessories to witchy-chic clothing, there are plenty of ways to make your winter wardrobe a witchy wonderland. Here are some ideas to get you started.

As the cold winds blow and the snow begins to fall, people across the country are digging their winter coats, hats, and gloves out of the back of the closet. Cold, icy weather definitely means there need to be some changes in your wardrobe, but you don't need to hide your pagan pride just because you have to bundle up.

Spring and summer make it easy to keep paganism close. The warm weather lets you show off your pentacle and triple goddess moon tattoos while wearing a boho skirt and a tank top with fun witchy phrases on it, but with the right clothes and accessories you can wear your faith in the winter time too.

Whether you are looking for something that alludes to pagan styles or just shows the world outright what you believe, there is something fun for every witch to wear this winter.

Embrace Nature

How to Add a Pagan Touch To Your Winter Wardrobe: Pagan jewelry


Most pagans find that nature and the environment play a large part in their religious beliefs, so this is an excellent place to start when you are adding a pagan flair to your wardrobe. As well as being more eco-conscious in your fashion choices, you might choose to use nature as a theme when updating your look. 

This might be as simple as choosing nature-based colors such as various hues of green or brown. If you feel especially drawn to the water you might choose a shade of blue or green that reminds you of the ocean, while others might choose the bright red of a winter cardinal. You can't go wrong when you are letting nature be your palette!

You might also choose designs and symbols based on nature. A holiday sweater with snowflakes or reindeer could have a double meaning for pagans this year, while a full moon brooch or a pair of raindrop earrings could be a lovely way to spruce up an outfit, adding a subtle nod to the natural world.

You can even choose to wear items from nature like feathers or stones in your jewelry to make a beautiful statement about your connection to the world around you. 

Wear Your Pantheon

Pagan outerwear and wiccan inspired fashion

Celtic Fusion

There are tons of ways to add a bit of your preferred pantheon to your outfit! Whether you choose a specific god or goddess or the pantheon as a whole, you can easily add them to your ensemble with a subtle pattern or an in-your-face image.

For people who follow Celtic traditions, a Celtic knot, a tree of life, or Ogham script would all be excellent ways to wear your faith. For people who choose to follow ancient Egyptian gods, an eye of Horus or an Ankh might be excellent choices. Odin's Horn or a Valknut might be the perfect symbols for people who worship ancient Norse gods.

If you want something simple that won't draw a ton of attention, a small pin on your collar or a border along the bottom of a tunic or sweater would be lovely and understated. If you want something big and flashy, a silkscreened t-shirt is an excellent way of telling the world what is important to you by having it emblazoned across your chest.

Fabric Matters

Natural Fabrics: How to Add a Pagan Touch To Your Winter Wardrobe


Choosing natural fabrics is an excellent way to stay in touch with your pagan roots. An angora sweater, a cotton t-shirt, a silk scarf, or a linen skirt would all be completely free of synthetic fabrics, helping you feel closer to nature and helping you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Wearing wool, for instance, could be a symbol of Duttur, Sumerian goddess of sheep, and Dumuzi, Sumerian lord of shepherds and flocks. In the Norse pantheon they worship Frigg and her weaving abilities while in Greek traditions you'll find Athena was the weaver, making natural fibers and hand-woven fabrics a fantastic way to honor these goddesses.

For people who want to embrace pagan styles without all the symbolism, renaissance style clothing such as layered skirts, boho style tops with wide sleeves, warm wool tunics, or an outfit with a fitted bodice would be excellent ways to hint at the fact that you're a witch without ever actually saying it.


How to Add a Pagan Touch To Your Winter Wardrobe: Pagan aCCESSORIES


In the winter many people choose to wear a nice warm coat, but there is no reason you can't choose something a little different. For instance, the right cloak could keep you nice and warm while giving your outfit a witchy touch.

You can also choose jewelry, scarves, and other accessories that highlight your pagan side. Rings, chokers, necklaces, and bracelets are available with thousands of pagan images, from subtle images like the phases of the moon to assertive images like runes or pentagrams. You can even find detailed drawings or engravings of various gods or goddesses on everything from jewelry to cloaks, which means you can embrace your faith whether you want something simple or something complex.

There are lots of fun ways to add a witchy touch to your wardrobe. What are some of your favorite pagan accessories?

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