10 Tips On How To Be An Urban Fashion Trendsetter

10 Tips On How To Be An Urban Fashion Trendsetter

Are you looking to become an urban fashion trendsetter? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring 10 tips to help you set the trends and stand out from the crowd. From investing in key pieces to honing in on your personal style, we’ll discuss the essential elements of becoming a trendsetter. So, let’s get started!

The streets are the place to be when the sun goes down, filled with buzzing music and nightlife, but no urban dream is complete without the style. Urban clothes are cool, fun and expressive, a great style for partying. From cool caps and converses, it can be both fashionable and subversive, so whether you’re rebellious or simply love to be stylish, the urban look is a great way to go. 

This article will show you how to get an awesome urban look for a day/night out on the town. 

1) Leggings

These bright colored leggings are awesome with a large, baggy top, or a tight black dress. Guaranteed to light up the dance floor, these tight, shiny leggings will make you stand out from the crowd as a stylish urban beauty. These amazing leggings will light your way wherever you go.



2. T-shirts

Suitable for all warm weather climates, everyone ought to have a little variety of these graphic men t-shirts. One in light-weight color like white, the other in an exceedingly solid dark color like, and one with fun and cool patterns would be a good begin to the assortment.

3. Hoodies

Hoodies are amazing for urban style. There are new and awesome designs coming up of cool hoodies for both men and women


4. Caps

These awesome urban caps are both subversive and cool. The studded look is in and so when you wear these caps with some leggings and a baggy top, or distressed jeans and hooded jacket., you will be the uber urban guy/girl.



5. Jewelry

 There are plenty of choices out there so you can choose jewelry that suit your style and personality, and are guaranteed to add the stylish finishing touch to your look. You cold try gold hoop earrings, along with chains or chokers

6. Bags

 Find bags that have cool designs, From skulls handbags, to flowers to studs, street fashion allows one to have fun with dressing. You can have the bags in different designs, either backpacks or handbags, pair them with long tops and have a fresh and hip look.


7. Sneakers

Sneaker style shoes are a must have for the urban freak, and these studded converse style shoes are just the ticket. Brilliant with denim, and wonderfully comfortable, these shoes can be worn with a casual outfit or more glamorous, stylish nightwear. These stylish sneakers are trendy, rebellious and gorgeous, just perfect for a street look. Try them with skinny jeans or a mini dress, patterned top to stand out when your partying or just going our for a movie.

8. Cardigans

With the mordenization of urban fashion, clothing is getting more fitting. Depending on your body type you want to wear something that compliments your body. Men's cardigans are stylish and the perfect way to keep warm. They give off a sleek look without trying too hard. Own a cardigan and stay fresh!

9. Sunglasses

These clothing urban  accessories are fun and hip. Sunglases have had a change of shapes and sizes sincs the 19th century. Whether you like them big, round, dark, light, whatever your preference, the urban look can take any. Make sure to stock up your street/urban sunglasses this summer!



10. Jeans

Skinny jeans are a common urban clothing neccessity. Although they have the word 'skinny' never wear stuff too small or too big as this isn’t a good look for anyone, men or women. These jeans are great as they can go with anything and can come in any from. From jeans jackets, and pair them with sneakers or high heels, skinny jeans are the ultimate urban clothing. Jeans are the ultra cool look and will always be a cool clothing neccessity. Make sure you have some jeans in your closet.

The urban look is rebellious and casual, AND it can be made utterly glamorous with glistening studs and dark high heels. This adaptability makes it great for showing off all types of personality. whether your casual and laid back, or stylish and rebellious, the urban look is both easy to achieve and bang on trend. 

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