Men’s Urban Hats

Why settle for less while you can get more from an unrivaled collection of urban hats for men from RebelsMarket. Achieve your style goals with cool caps that are bound to give you a look worth killing for. Get your latest all- seasoned cap that comes in different designs and styles meant to add glam to your street fashion. Our large variety consists of cycling caps and faux leather hats, among other types you can shop for in our urban accessories section.

Get your hands on these fashionable-looking hats that will give you a refined street look that you can hope for in a cap. Every street has a taste of casualness in them, and you can experience it with our garments designed with graffiti to give you an ultimate look. Invest in a high-end street look that is achievable with a flat beret peaked cap, throw in a street coat and jeans for a neat look. 

Hats have been in existence way longer than anyone one could remember, commonly worn by men in Egypt to showcase their upper-class nature worn to keep their heads cool. Hats served as a way of identity to classify people according to their classes and religion, and they have paved their way to be a fashion essential up to date. In the current world, hats are here to make a person add a stylish touch to their wardrobe and make them stand out. Our hats are meant to give you a sense of belonging to the street look, which will be worth every dollar you will spend on a fashion-oriented style. The hats not only serve as a fashion type of wear, but also they have turned out to be useful during the summer and winter seasons for protection purposes.

Men's urban hats designs you need to know about

In most men's closets, urban fashion hats and caps have become an everyday go-to wear. With fashion comes styles that you wouldn't be aware of because urban wear is all about trying new ways to come up with a fantastic look. The best thing about our headwear is that they are ageless, all you have to do is know how to twist different colors and styles such as printed and 3D baseball caps.

Panama hats

The hat's origin dates back to Ecuador, where they were first made, and now they are making headlines worldwide. You might be wondering why they are named Panama and not Equador, right? That is simple, the hats were sold to gold prospectors traveling through Panama, and when asked where they bought the hat, they would often say Panama. As a result, the hats came to be known as that. The hats come in different variations from fedora, optima, and Monte Carlo, but the most common type is a fedora that you will notice in popular movies with iconic stars wearing them. The hats have a soft brim and indented crown, perfect wear for summer paired with urban clothing for a stylish yet breathable street look.

Snapbacks hats

This 90's style cap stole the eyes of many with its stylish outcome that was hard to resist. With many ways to style the snap back hats, it has always been fun to watch musicians wearing them and inspiring their fans to invest in these specific looks. The caps have overtaken the fashion markets and are being worn by different people worldwide, meaning they are versatile for a street style. They tend to add an elegant and effortless style to your outfits, and you should get yourself one from our men's urban accessories collections. From rivet biker snapback that has a fur lining and rivet decorations to anchor snapback among many more that you can storm the streets in.

Dad Hats

It is also known as baseball caps with a slightly curved brim and is a bit oversized to the wearer, not unless you have an actual dad's head size that would perfectly fit you well. These are the types of caps that will add a laid-back vintage look to your jeans when you wear them with a vintage shirt. When rocked with the right outfits, these hats can easily give you a stunning look. Our vast collection ranges from embroidered to PU leather baseball caps that are stylish to make you stand out from the rest. Grab yours today and get to experience a variety of these caps that come in different colors, such as black and white.

Bucket hats

Commonly known as buckets, others prefer to call them fishing hats, have been in the fashion industries since 1900 and seem to be gaining more fame as years pass by. Irish farmers and fishers once wore them as protection from rain, but they have made a comeback as a fashionable essential every gender will love. They are originally made from tweed cloths, or wool felt, and resemble an inverted bucket. You can rock the bucket hat with an oversized shirt paired with streetwear pants.

Beanies hats

Have you heard of beanies? These trendy hats are among the coolest trends that you can shop for. If you are searching for a winter look that will do the trick to your long vintage cardigan and boots, then get cool beanies. They are not only perfect for winter but can also be worn all year round because that's how cool they are. Get the best out of this unique headwear at affordable prices when you shop for it at RebelsMarket. 

Are you worried about the winter fast approaching, and you feel you need more outfits to keep you from the cold? Check out our collection of fleece winter hats made of cotton, polyester, and cashmere lined with fleece to keep you warm. The cap comes with details like an additional ear flap to keep your ears warm. The hat comes in black and khaki colors, respectively, and can be styled with cool boots for men paired with leather pants.

One thing that you will notice when wearing your hats is the unique way it will make your outfit pop. Whether it's a crusher hat or a marine hat, they will always find a way to blend in well for a nice outcome.

Give yourself a chance to explore more of our hats and caps on our page, who knows, you might run into headwear that will push you through the four seasons of the year. From distressed caps, camo to marine caps, our vast collection will bring all options together for you to choose from. RebelsMarket is bringing you an extraordinary collection that will leave you looking stunning from head to toe. Get 10% OFF your first order. Worldwide shipping available for all.


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