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11 Must Have Items For An Edgy Fashion Style

11 Must Have Items For An Edgy Fashion Style

Are you ready to take your fashion style to the next level? An edgy look is sure to turn heads, but it can be difficult to achieve. To get the perfect edgy wardrobe, there are certain must-have items that you should include. From statement pieces to classic staples, here are 11 must-have items for an edgy fashion style.

Even the people with the most dynamic and edgy wardrobes have a few must-have items that are the building blocks of their alternative style. The term that mainstream stylists and fashion bloggers like to throw around is “capsule wardrobe” which conjures a dull image of a minimalist closet filled with beige and navy blue basics. 

Today we’re presenting the ideal alternative core wardrobe and the must-have items every person needs to have in order to rock an edgy style. Think of these items like the skeleton on top of which you can build a unique goth, scene, or punk wardrobe that is wholly your own.  

Before we get into all of the must-have items, it’s important that you already know which edgy style appeals to you most: are you into a more industrial or punk look with distressed hems and metal studs, or do you prefer something a little more historical and romantic like Steampunk or Victorian goth? This will influence the kind of core pieces and accessories you’ll choose. 

You will also want to have a color palette in mind. For most goths, it’s pretty easy: all black and nothing but black. However, you may also want a few accent colors, like red, purple, or army green. If you’re into raver fashion and a more cybergoth aesthetic, you may prefer your accent colors to be neon, while if you’re a pastel goth then you’ll obviously want your accents to be pastel shades. 

1. The Black Tank Top 

edgy black tank top


In a mainstream core wardrobe, a white T-shirt is pretty much obligatory since it supposedly goes with everything. Well, we don’t think white Ts are even close to being necessary for a punk or goth closet, so consider the black tank top the edgy equivalent.

The black tank top is a must because it can be styled along with any bottoms, jackets, or accessories to convey your personal style. It is important to own at least one that doesn’t have any prints on it, and you can choose from tighter and looser fits for more versatility.  

Black tank top

Source: Faiiint

2. Versatile Tops

vintage bad tees for a capsule wardrobe

IG: @Huntforstyles

It’s important to have at least 3 or 4 tops with both long sleeves and short sleeves that embody your personal fashion tastes – but that are versatile enough to be paired with multiple bottoms. The rule to follow is that each one of your tops should go with at least two or three of your bottoms, otherwise it’ll be too restrictive and you won’t wear it. 

Some safe bets are vintage band tees, or slogan tops that display your own personal style. Other options can include blouses and long sleeve tees, depending on your look. If you subscribe to a more romantic style, blouses with frilly details like a ribbon at the neck are an easy choice, while if you’re into punk-rock inspired looks then cleverly distressed tops and band Ts will look great. 

3. Basic Bottoms

Black trousers

Source: Instagram

A pair of simple black trousers are the cornerstone of nearly any alternative wardrobe, except for the ultra-feminine styles like Gothic Lolita or Romantic Goth. They’ll go with any top for any season, and may also fit into a more traditional wardrobe in case you lead a double life and would like to go under the radar sometimes. 

4. Your ‘Best’ Jeans or Leggings

Grunge style with capsule wardrobe jeans


In addition to a basic black pair of trousers, it’s also good to have a few pairs of jeans that you can call on in a pinch. You know, those jeans that just ‘fit’ and end up becoming your best pair – comfortable, versatile and go with everything. It’s easy to find a pair of jeans that fits your shape and style, if you hunt around and know your measurements. 

A pair of leggings is another option, as they can be a great denim alternative since they offer the same versatility but are considerably more comfortable to wear. For most edgy styles, ripped or distressed fabrics are the way to go, but if your look is a little more romantic, then velvet or floral-print dark jeans or leggings might be a better choice. 

5. A Statement Skirt

Statement skirt from manakahandmade


Skirts are not one-style-fits-all items, so it’s important to choose one that will fit into your look. If you’re going for a witchy style then having a few flowy skirts will complete your look, but if you’re more of a raver goth then a short skirt with neon accents will do. 

6. Day to Day Jacket

Woman in jacket

Source: Faiiint

The secret to looking truly stylish, no matter which type of style you subscribe to, is to know how to layer, and a jacket you can wear day-to-day is very important for that. Your jacket should be functional and transitional - you can plop it on as night falls and the air gets crisp in the spring, or you can bring it with you to an air-conditioned movie theatre. You don’t have to own just one - having two or three can really allow you to mix and match your style. 

7. A Statement Coat

A statement coat for an edgy glam grunge style


Your autumn or winter coat can be a real statement item! This is your chance to avoid basics and show off your twisted sense of fashion. Your coat should match your fall and winter shoes or boots, so, for example, if you have a pair of industrial looking boots with chunky tread soles then a lacey Victorian-style coat isn’t going to work. However, it’s also important that your coat is a good fit for the weather where you live because the effect of your edgy coat won’t come across if you’re shivering while wearing it. 

8. Comfortable Shoes

edgy style with comfortable shoes


Comfortable shoes are a basic any person should have. Sure, a pair of towering platforms will certainly impress those around you, but they will kill your feet if you spend all day at a festival or running errands.

If your look is more casual, like scene or emo, a pair of black canvas high tops are the way to go, and you can even opt for a pair that has a more personalized embellishment. If you choose a pair that has any color in it, make sure that color also runs through the rest of your wardrobe. For softer or more feminine goth styles, a simple pair of ballerina flats will also do the trick. 

Witchy look with canvas shoes

Source: Pinterest

9. Socks and Tights

Surprisingly, socks and hosiery are extremely important to complete an edgy look. You can upgrade an outfit by putting on a pair of knee-high striped socks, and then you can transform it into something totally new by switching those out for a pair of fishnet stockings. 

Woman in fishnets

Source: Instagram

Surprisingly, socks and hosiery are extremely important to complete an edgy look. You can upgrade an outfit by putting on a pair of knee-high striped socks, and then you can transform it into something totally new by switching those out for a pair of fishnet stockings. 

10. Belts or Corsets

Corset belt for an edgy wardrobe


A belt is an accessory that can really drive home the image you would like to convey with your look. A spiky belt will add a punk rock touch to an outfit, multiple chain belts are instantly edgy, and a corset-style belt will give a more romantic twist. If you are fully committed to a seductive, burlesque or Victorian-inspired look, then forget about belts, and pick up a real corset. 

11.  Hats, Jewelry and Accessories

Winter edgy look with hat and belt

Source: Look the Other Way

Jewelry is key for adding a bit of drama and movement to an outfit. Layered necklaces can contribute to a witchy look, while spikey cuffs are a must for punk fashions. Cultivate your jewelry wardrobe carefully, and let each item make a statement. 

Additionally, your edgy look should include a hat for every season. A black beanie is an edgy-style classic for contemporary, casual looks, but you can choose a more elaborate option if you prefer. For summer, a black, brimmed hat made of fabric or straw will be a must for protecting you from the summer sun. 

And finally, one accessory you should never ignore is the humble harness. Harnesses are having a moment right now, and they blend well into most contemporary edgy styles. You can wear them over or under dresses and tank tops, to add a sense of danger to any outfit. ​​​​

So there you have it, folks! Are there any alternative wardrobe must-haves that you can’t live without?

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