Which Goth Type Are You?

Which Goth Type Are You?

Are you a fan of all things dark and mysterious? Have you ever wondered which type of goth you are? From romantic to victorian, industrial to traditional, there are many unique goth styles to explore. Take our quiz to discover which one speaks to you the most!

The gothic subculture has exploded since its modern rebirth in the 1980s. There are different types of goths, each with their own unique style, aesthetic and different dressing styles So, which Goth type are you?

Here at RebelsMarket, we have compiled a list of some of the main groups. It looks like a lot, but really, it’s just a drop in the bucket; there are literally hundreds of genres with more and more popping up each day. We will highlight different goth clothing and accessorizing options you might consider to try out one of the goth types

Traditional Goths

These are the traditionalists of the Goth world, listening to punk and guitar-based music from the 80s. No doubt they’ll be in a deep discussion about Joy Division, the Bauhaus or the Banshees. Most think the best days are past and yearn for the days of old (the 80’s that is!). Their musical influences go back to the modern birth of the Goth scene when it emerged from Punk.


Romantic/Victorian Goths

They’re influenced heavily by Victorian art, literature and film. They’re known for their fine, elegant and often lacey outfits, think corsets, long flowing gowns and frock coats. While Romantic Goths love black, it’s not uncommon to see them in deep reds, blues, purple, green and orange. Romantic Goths love all things tragic, you’ll see them pouring over a copy of Romeo and Juliet or lost in a poem by Lord Byron. They love Victorian society and past times so they will often partake in tea parties, the theatre and masquerade balls.

What Romantic Goth would be complete without a gorgeous, sensual dress? You’ll love this full-length black velvet dress, finished with bone white corset with black detailing. The neckline has been left open, with the sleeves sitting bellowing the shoulders for a feminine feel.

Lolita Goths

The Lolita fashion subculture originally emerged from Japan, but it has become so much more. Lolita Goths have taken the Lolita style and given it a dark twist. It’s similar to Romantic/Victorian Goth but is for a much younger audience. It’s common to see Lolita Goths carrying beautiful and elaborate parasols, dolls and stuffed animals. Their hair is often done up and a fine petticoat doesn’t go amiss.


Pagan Goths/Hippie Goths

These form a religious subculture of the Goth universe. They’re immersed in the world of the occult including Wiccan, Celtic, Druidic and many other ancient religions to name but a few. They’re fascinated by sorcery and magic, myths and legends. Hippie Goths can be found perusing the New Age shop, discussing their favourite vegan recipes and listening to Cocteau Twins.



Industrial Goths

Industrial goths love all things heavy, metallic and well…industrial. You’ll see a lot of spikes, studs, chains and buckles on their attire and jewellery. They also love all things military and can often be seen in leather, denim, vinyl and canvas. In some ways they’re similar in fashion to Cyber Goths in that they reflect a futuristic appearance, however, the Industrial Goth prefers a much more monochromatic palette.

Cyber Goths

Cyber Goths mash modern trance, techno and industrial music and all of today’s modern electronic trappings with the more traditional elements of the Gothic world. While a lot of Goth genres focus on the past, Cyber Goths are all about the future.  Ultra bright, colourful hair extensions, neon makeup and dress are all part of the fun. Although loosely related to Industrial in terms of musical influences, Industrial Goths generally loathe Cyber Goths.

Attention all Cyber Goths! If you want to compliment your uber futuristic get-up then cast your eyes over this boned corset. The bright purple pvc and silver buckles stand out proud against the cotton lined black satin. Oh, did I mention it comes with a matching choker? Need I say more…?

Glam Goths

Glam Goths look the part, wear all the clothes and makeup, listen to all the right music and have the right attitude. To put it simply, they love the aesthetic that is associated with being a Goth. But behind the façade they lack the substance of a true Goth. In short, they do it to show off and are considered by true Goths to be wannabe posers.

Vampire Goths

Vampire Goths are obsessed by all things dark and vampiric. They like to look, live and love like a vampire. Being well groomed is essential, including long dark hair, beautiful nails and eyes. They take good care of their bodies as part of the aesthetic is too look like a creature of the night, gaunt and hollowed out. You won’t find them at the sunbeds, because perfect, pale skin is a must.

Perky Goths

Are super energetic and bouncy – think the Energizer Bunny on steroids. Perky Goths love life and unlike their traditional Gothic counterparts they don’t like the morbid, gloomy stereotypical attitude that many Goths have. For them, embracing the Gothic lifestyle is about having fun, they love the lighter side of the Goth world (translate = the cheesier things) such as the Halloween and all thing 80’s. They like nothing better than to party and are often found dancing up a storm.

Here’s a style hint for all you Perky Goths. Leggings will get you the biggest bang for your buck, meaning they’re just about the most eye-catching (and the cheapest) item you can own. These leggings with contrasting stripes in black and blue are scene-stealers and a must have for your wardrobe.



So which subculture do you fit into? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the Goth world, so, maybe you don’t fall into just one, but a few. Why not let us know below.