Glam Goth Fashion tips

Glam Goth Fashion tips

Are you looking for ways to express yourself through fashion with a unique, glamorous goth look? Look no further! In this article, you'll find great tips on how to create a fashionable goth look that will turn heads. From statement pieces to subtle touches, we'll show you how to make your goth look stand out. Read on to find out more!

Do you want to combine the femininity and beauty of glamour with the intrigue and darkness of Goth? Then look no further. This article has been written to guide you on how to dress like a Glam Goth.

The key to this look is a mystery, dark colors and a beautiful array of laced fabrics and accessories. The Glam Goth look is a wonderfully expressive look that is easy to customize and personalize, which is probably why it has become so popular in recent years. Unlike the classic gothic look, Glam Goth allows girls to express not only an alternative personality but their femininity. This makes the intriguing world of the gothic instantly accessible even for girls who would not associate themselves with the Goth culture.

To achieve this look there are a few necessary items you should get.

1. Makeup

You will need, dark eyeshadow, pale foundations and dark red and black lipstick. These can be easily found on RebelsMarket

2. Clothing 

The clothing you should include a lot of dark colors and black fabrics. You can use black miniskirts, black vest tops as under layers and, if you want to add a touch of something special, patterned tops and studded black high heels. You can find some beautiful classic and modern designs, from laced corsets to fashionable hoodies at the RebelMarket, a great online site for buying and selling alternative clothing. The key to the Glam Goth look is all about elegance, it is important to remember to keep it classy. This can be achieved through the use of simplistic clothing without patterns or too much color or sparkle. This allows you to add your own personality through added accessories without overdoing the look.

A great outfit could include a short, tight black dress, overlapped by a black crop top or vest top and black silver studded shoes. Top this outfit off with a silver or black studded belt, studded purse, black and silver metal bangles with a matching skull necklace and rings. This outfit would be great for going out to a party or club, the black and lace is a sophisticated combination.

3. Hair

No look would be complete without the hair and don’t fear there are some great ways to achieve an effective hairstyle. If you have long hair there is a lot you can do, use a thin comb to backcomb the bottom layers of your hair to create volume, and of course, spray to keep in place. If you have short hair then you can easily achieve a punk-like look that will fit in easily with a Goth Glam style. Spike your hair using gel and a good comb, before styling it into place with hairspray. The short spiked hair look is a classic look for any Goth girl, and can also be used to create a rock look or any alternative style as it is versatile and fashionable.

4. Accessories

The use of skull or spike patterned hairbands is a great addition, but remember not to overdo the accessories.

So always use your tools wisely, from your dark clothing to clattering accessories.

5. Attitude

Additionally, do not forget that the most important addition to your Glam Goth look is the attitude. You need to have confidence and mystery in order to pull this off, and as long as you feel confident and stylish, you will project the style as well as beauty.              

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