5 Holiday Party Themes That Haven't Been Played Out

5 Holiday Party Themes That Haven't Been Played Out

Are you planning a holiday party this season but don’t want to go with the same-old boring themes? Don’t worry – there are plenty of creative and unique holiday party themes that are sure to make your party the talk of the town. From a 1920s speakeasy to a cookie decorating contest, here are five holiday party themes that haven’t been played out.

Who knows how you ended up planning a holiday party - Maybe you had too much to drink at Thanksgiving and volunteered. Maybe you are the grunt at the office and were recruited for the project. Either way, you are now in charge of making sure the celebration is actually festive.

No pressure! Just pick a theme and roll with it, right? Wrong. Some themes have been over played. Everyone has heard of the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. Nobody wants to attend another boring White Elephant Gift Exchange.


Nobody wants to attend a boring holiday party.


Don't stress, though. We have 5 ideas for Holiday parties that won't suck for everyone attending.


DIY With Winter Whites

No white after Labor Day? Tell that to the snow. This rule is old fashioned and BORING. Break with tradition and host an all white party.

The dress code is simple - wear white. You can get crafty and make paper snowflakes, mist wine glasses with white spray paint to resemble a layer of frost, and cover flat surfaces with blanket filling (available at craft stores). Spray all of these projects with a thin coating of glitter spraypaint to make your party look like a winter wonderland.

When it comes to refreshments, you decide if you want to be naughty or nice. You can stick with the white theme and protect your guests' attire, or you can serve the sloppiest BBQ and red drinks you can think of!


Make your next holiday party a Winter Wonderland with a DIY Winter White theme.


Tim Burton - The King of Christmas

Tim Burton has had a serious influence on alternative fashion. Many outsiders know Burton is a Go To for Halloween inspiration, but true fans know he has a huge presence beyond October.

Hold a screening of Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Batman Returns. Encourage your guests to break out their most Burton-esque attire, serve popcorn colored with red and green food dye, and let the movies set the festive mood. 



Krampus - Party For The Naughty List

We have a great suggestion for all of the Rebels who are tired of playing nice during the holidays.

Krampus has gained a lot of attention since the movie was announced to release in 2015, but the legend of the Christmas devil goes back much farther. This year, embrace your status on the Naughty list and have a Krampus-themed celebration! 

Host your own White Elephant gift exchange but encourage outrageous gift ideas like those found in our gift guide for the profanity-prone here. Decorations can be found on discount from Halloween or by choosing basic black accents. Mix up a few devilish cocktails like vampire inspired drinks and finish the evening with a horror movie fest.

Krampus inspired holiday fashion is a fun twist on holiday attire. Great for those on the Naughty list.


The Ghost Of Christmas Parties Past 

The more people you have, the more fun this party will be. Send out invitations assigning each guest a decade for their dress code and instruct them to bring a retro gift reflective of their decade. (Include sample ideas for those who may not be familiar with past generations.)

Throughout the party, call out a decade before playing a song from that generation. Anyone sitting the song out loses points for their team. At the end of the night, guests from the decade with the most spirit gets to split the gifts to take home.   

Throw a decades party and enjoy the Ghosts of Christmas Past!

Punk Rock Around The Christmas Tree

Stockings and skirts in plaid, primary colors of green and red... Clearly, Christmas is a holiday drowning in punk rock style!

This could be the laziest theme party you can throw. Encourage guests to wear their holiday colors with a punk rock flair. Pair a pair of plaid pants with a thermal top and suspenders. Wear kilt-style skirts with a leather motorcycle jacket, red combat boots, and green liberty spike hair... whatever your favorite punk style is, just wear it with holiday touches!

Throw on some punk rock holiday music and enjoy the party!

Punk Rock Around The Christmas Tree with a punk inspired holiday party!


Do you have any creative holiday party theme ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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