5 Types Of Jackets & How to Style Them This Season

5 Types Of Jackets & How to Style Them This Season

Winter is the perfect season to cozy up in a warm jacket and stay stylish. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which style of jacket is right for you. From classic parkas to trendy anoraks, this article will explore the five most popular types of jackets and how to style them this season. Read on to discover the perfect jacket for your winter wardrobe!

When the cold weather hits, you’ll need a jacket to keep you warm. But you don’t have to settle for a big, puffy coat to ward off the chilly winds. There are a variety of jackets available on the market today that are both warm and stylish.

With one - or all - of these in your closet, you’ll be outfitted to take on the cold temperatures without sacrificing style to stave off frostbite. Just pair your chosen jacket with complementary clothes and accessories to make today’s trendy fashion work to keep your bones warm and your style sizzling.

Below are a few of today’s most popular, fashionable jackets with tips on how to style them.

Leather Jacket

A man wearing a leather jacket with badges pinned to the front, a red neckerchief and sunglasses

From modern Greaser to millennial clubber, a leather jacket is just the thing to top off any look—classic or contemporary. Not only are these jackets timeless, they’re constantly evolving to fit new trends and fashions. Leather jackets come in countless cuts, styles, and colors, so you won’t have to look for long to find your next go-to jacket.

A leather jacket can be styled to go with practically every outfit. A pair of biker jeans and a plain white t-shirt, while simple in design, can instantly become a classic look to adopt any day of the week. But don’t skimp on footwear. With a strong, edgy vibe, your leather jacket should be paired with a shoe or boot that can keep up with your advancing style—in most cases, your choice of footwear will define the tone of your outfit. A pair of white sneakers will make your outfit look sleek and casual, while a pair of black Doc Martins or a similar leather boot will keep you looking tough and cool. Don’t be afraid to try on a few different styles to find footwear that you love.

Bomber Jacket

A man wearing a green bomber jacket with cropped trousers and a headband for a warm winter outfit
Source: iSTYLEUP

Both practical and stylish, a bomber jacket takes a vintage look and breathes new life into it. Cut for both the metropolitan and the adventurous alike, these jackets often boast a plethora of pockets and, sometimes, a fur collar for added warmth—and extra style. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow your choices down to just one. There are a variety of color options out there—from a basic black and a neutral brown to an understated burgundy and a deep green—as well as a wide selection of available fabrics like satin, leather, and suede. Look for one that will best suit your common stylistic choices, but also consider how a pop of color may enhance your everyday outfits.

If you’re in love with your latest bomber jacket purchase, you’re going to need a wardrobe to pair with it. For a sophisticated outfit, you should pair a rustic-looking bomber jacket with neutral-colored slacks, a button-down, and a brown or black oxford shoe. If you lean toward a trendier look, wear a satin bomber jacket in a deep shade with skinny jeans, a plain shirt, and desert boots. Don’t forget to add a beanie and a pair of sunglasses for an extra boost of cool.

Varsity Jacket

A man covers his eyes, wearing a black and white varsity jacket and dark wash jeans
Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to run the bases to rock one of these trendy jackets. Varsity jackets, and, by extension, baseball jackets and letterman jackets, are everywhere this season. Typically made of leather, suede, and/or wool, a varsity jacket comes in a variety of colors, is usually two-toned, and adds the perfect athletic accent to any outfit.

Don a varsity jacket with a pair of black joggers, a long, loose-fitting white tee, and sleek new sneakers for a sporty, casual look. If you prefer an edgier style, try matching dark wash jeans, a black T-shirt, and high-top boots with a varsity jacket of your favorite color. Prefer a more urban approach to fashion? Pair a letterman jacket with a cool hoodie, straight-leg jeans, and work boots.

Denim Jacket

A bearded man wears shades and a denim jacket with cool badges
Source: coffee to court

Big in the ‘90s, denim jackets have made a comeback. Both oversized and fitted styles are popular—it all depends on your physical frame and personal tastes. While it’s hard to go wrong with a denim jacket, avoid a deep navy or white color, as well as those of an acid-wash design. Make sure that its sleeves are long enough and that its length reaches the hip for the best fit. Don’t forget to consider those with wool collars for a woodsier vibe.

Wear a gingham button-down or a striped tee underneath a fitted denim jacket with a pair of khakis to achieve a trendy, preppy look. Rather present a cool guy vibe? Match a pair of brown or black ankle-high boots, straight leg jeans, and a Henley or a plaid flannel shirt for a comfortable, enviable outfit. For a more athleisure look, throw on a pair of joggers, some fresh sneakers, and a tee or pullover hoodie. You can even add your own personal touch to your jacket by affixing trendy enamel pins or press-on patches.

Utility Jacket

A man wears an olive drab utility jacket and a black sweater with dark jeans for a winter ensemble
Source: The Idle Man

Utility jackets are not only super convenient; they’re also incredibly stylish. These jackets often boast a number of pockets and sometimes zippers to hold all of your must-have items like your cell phone and wallet. While military green is the most popular color, they’re also available in deep navy blue, khaki, or grey colors.

Pair a utility jacket with a denim button-down shirt and a pair of chinos for a classic, well-put-together look. Don’t forget to accessorize with a quality leather belt. For an edgier look, pair a navy utility jacket with a dark flannel, black skinny jeans, and black boots, topping the look off with a grey skully.

A collage of two pictures of a bearded man wearing a denim jacket styles with patches, and a black knitted hat as part of a winter outfit
Source: Lookbook

No matter the type of jacket you choose, remember to always properly accessorize your outfit with hats, scarves, piercings, shades, watches, and more. But don’t go overboard. After all, you want to wear the jacket, not have the jacket—and all of your accessories—wear you. Also, keep in mind that your hairstyle can greatly affect the overall vibe of your look, instantly making you appear more or less trendy. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with all aspects of your look until you achieve a style that is undeniably your own.

What’s your favorite jacket to wear? What style trends are you loving this season?

Let us know what outfits you love to rock on the regular in the comments section below!

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