90s Dresses that Are Back In Style

90s Dresses that Are Back In Style

Are you looking for a way to update your wardrobe while still paying homage to the iconic fashion of the 1990s? Then look no further than these classic 90s dresses that are back in style. From slip dresses to babydoll silhouettes, these 90s trends are sure to have you feeling like a modern-day fashionista. Keep reading to find out all about the must-have 90s dresses that are back in style.

Whether you loved it or hated it, 90’s fashion trends are on the rise in modern day fashion and décor. We’ve all seen it before; we borrow from trends of yesterday and give it a new life that will suit our overall modern society. But, if you’re looking at the comeback kids of the 90’s fashion trends and aren’t a fan of the wide chokers, destroyed high-waisted denim, baby t-shirts, fanny packs, and overalls that are making it big in modern fashion; you can rest assured that they aren’t the only 90’s trends that are returning to the streets this year. No, 90’s dresses are also back with a vengence and slight modern updates. One of the best things about 90’s dresses coming back in style is that they were often times understated and easy to wear on the go.

Romantic dresses inspired by the 90s

1. Slip Dresses

This classic favorite is breaking back into today’s fashion trends. However, like all of the other 90’s trends that have trickled back into trends this season, slip dresses have been given a whole new life to suit today’s modern woman.You can wiggle on into your new slip dress, pair it with a nude heel and can even throw on an oversized jacket over top for a more bohemian look.

Slip dresses are now easier to wear, even if you aren’t stick-thin. If you have curves that wouldn’t allow you to pull one off in the 90’s due to their shape-confirming fabrics and too-tight aesthetic, you’re in for a treat. Today’s slip dresses are now made out of more forgiving fabrics that are much softer and far less clingy than their predecessors.  You can even find some that have pleats that will help to flatter a fuller figure.

Sexy Slip Dresses
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2. Floral Prints

Another 90’s dress trend that is gaining popularity is florals. For a more grunge based look paired with long-sleeved jackets, to the more understated baby doll dress or daisy cut dress with floral prints. 

Floral Dresses
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3. Plaid Dresses

If you’re not a fan of flowers, you can even get your hands on a vibrant plaid dress. Once they were confined to holidays only, they’re now breaking out and becoming a fashion staple, especially with the bohemian chic look on the rise in popularity.

Update your plaid from the Clueless styles of the 90s.

4. Sundresses

With the warmer weather coming up quickly, you may even want to look into yet another 90’s dress that is back in style, the sundress. But, did it ever truly go out of fashion? Or, did we simply forget just how comfortable the flowy fabric really can be on a warm summer’s day?

Sundresses for Summer
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5. Bodycon

If you wanted to dress things up a bit with a bolder look for your next dinner date, you can revive the 90’s style Bodycon dress with their sleek form-fitting design that is often times pleated for added texture and form-flattering shapes.

Bodycon Galaxy Dresses
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6. Color Block

Lastly, you have the bold world of color blocking that has taken the modern fashion world by storm. Color blocked 90’s themed dresses are definitely a bolder and more daring look for anyone who has the confidence to look chic and put together throughout the day.

Color Block

Remember with any dress, it is absolutely important to keep your shape in mind when adding it to your closet. Not all shapes will be figure-flattering on all women. Fortunately, there several different types of 90’s style dresses that you can choose from to ensure that you’re not only in-trend but are going to be comfortable in the dress that you choose.

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