Fun Date Ideas For Fall: Where to Go & What to Wear

Fun Date Ideas For Fall: Where to Go & What to Wear

Fall is here and it's time to get out and enjoy all the wonderful activities the season has to offer. Whether you're looking for a romantic night out or an exciting adventure, there are plenty of fun date ideas for you and your special someone to enjoy. From outdoor activities like apple picking and hay rides to cozy nights spent indoors cuddling up by the fire, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about some of the best fall date ideas, as well as tips on what to wear and where to go.

Spending time with one of your favorite people in the world is like nothing else: you share stories, creat memorable moments, laugh together and, most of all, feel that intimate connection that is rare and special. With the changing of seasons to chillier weather, now is the best time for the darkly inclined to take advantage of the longer nights and cooler temperatures with a stroll in the cemetery with the moon high above, a visit to a museum or a fancy cocktail

If you've got a long-time partner it's easy to take advantage of the time you spend with them but we've got some ideas to change it up for a day out of the house. Going on a first date? Many of these ideas are ways to make that initial introduction easier and help the date become one where you can get to know your potential partner better.

And if you're wondering what to wear, we've got some suggestions for you so that you'll look darkly glamorous and cute for your date!

Cemetery Picnic


Not sure if your date is spooky enough? Throw them into the deep end to see if they can handle a romantic date in your local cemetery. If so, don't let them out of your sight! Fall is the perfect time to visit the cemetery because the leaves are changing to beautiful colors while the air is chilly and perfect for a stroll.

Find a corner of the cemetery and set up a romantic picinic with some red wine, finger foods and a blanket so you can cuddle up with your date and bask in the comfort and beauty of the graves. Black jeans and an oversized sweater would be perfect for this date - make sure you pair it with cute combat boots, too!

Apple or Pumpkin Picking


Halloween is over but who says you can't enjoy an afternoon at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch? You'll pay a small fee to have a bag to fill up with apples or to grab a few oversized pumpkins to bake with later, if all goes well on the date!

This activity is perfect for a laid back afternoon - stroll the grounds while holding hands and take photos together in the farm. A knitted duster jacket, jeans and cowboy boots will certainly be a cute option for the date. 



Hidden in most cities are speakeasys, the secret bar where grand cocktails are shaken up and the decor is warm and fuzzy. If you find one, you and your date instantly have a talking point: the sharing of a clandestine location that not many others know about.

The drinks will probably be on the high end, as they are made with the best ingredients, but will be worth it as you sit among the taxidermy and the fireplaces that create a romantic ambience. Ideas for an outfit would be a bodycon dress with a peacoat and pointy booties.

Animal Sanctuary


What better way to give back (especially around the Thanksgiving season) than to visit a local animal sanctuary? See turkeys, cows, pigs and all the cute little creatures with your date and feel good about it too! Vegan, vegetarian or meat eaters alike will appreciate the kindess of such animal rehabilitation centers. Dress rugged for this date with ripped jeans, boots and a band tee.


Felice Fawn

Ready to learn something while having fun on a date? Museums are always the best way to do this. There are traditional museums such as art ones, history ones or you can get a little crazy and go to an off-beat museum to share a unique experience with your significant other.

Not sure what's around you? Atlas Obscura has a great list of some fascinating and oddball museums around the whole world! You'll probably be doing a lot of walking on this date so wear comfy shoes, but a bandage skirt and fishnet with a sheer top would be the ultimate cute outfit for this date.

Midnight Movies


Many local (and usually privately owned) movie theaters will have midnight films that are perfect for a date! Find a cult movie that you've not seen before, a scary one so you can cuddle up with your date or a movie from your childhood for ultimate nostalgia (always a great talking point, too).

A movie is always a perfect, traditional date, so why not make it even better with a cheesy 1980s flick? We suggest cute and comfy leggings, a cute hoodie and studded flats for this date look.

Which date would you try first? Comment below!


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