Cute tights or garters is one thing that noone pays attention to, hosiery in general I would say. We fail to remember that garters bring in the comfort we get from those high heels or ankle hurting shoes, giving us that silky and sexy feel to legs especially when you wear thigh high tights. Depending on the occasion most tights will be suitable just fine; black works well with dark outfits, skull inspired looks work well with short skirts or hot pants;  

There are several ways of styling tights - Bright tighs work very well especially for color blocking, this creates a more fun and edgier look;  If you choose to be conversative picking tights with similar colour to your shoes will wok like a charm.  Colors is also another thing you want to consider when styling tights, neutral colors like gray, black and brown are must have in your closet; they universally work well for most outfits and shoes;  That said you have choice to choose what is appealing to you; at RebelsMarket we have all types of tights from fishnet, sheer, opaque and texture. Have fun shopping at RebelsMarket