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How to Wear Short Skirts Without Tights

How to Wear Short Skirts Without Tights

Short skirts can be a tricky item of clothing to wear during the cooler months. They can be uncomfortable and often require the right type of tights and accessories to complete the look. But, there are ways to wear short skirts without tights and still look stylish and modern. In this article, we explore how to wear short skirts without tights and offer some tips and tricks to help you pull off the look. Read on to find out more!

Skirts are a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes, but, as the hem line gets shorter, the more concerned we get about showing too much skin. This is when most women will pull out those trusty tights from the back of their drawer. But, there are ways to wear short skirts without wearing tights or without feeling like you’re showing too much skin.

Feeling exposed in your short skirts?

1.) Layering.

Layering is an ingenious way to elevate your look and to keep you looking modest. If you’re not quite ready to wear short skirts alone, try wearing a sheer or lacey dress over the top of your short skirt and top. This not only helps you to wear your skirt without showing too much skin, but also helps to create interest for the eye.

This works exceptionally well if you have a dress that you wouldn’t otherwise wear without something underneath it. Not only are you allowing yourself to show a little bit of leg with a peek-a-boo panel, you’re creating a more modest line with the hem of your shorter skirt beneath.

Pair this look with some strappy sandals and sunglasses and you’ve a great look to hit the beach or a casual dinner.

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2.) Long Jackets.

This is particularly helpful during the cooler months. Pairing a short skirt with a long jacket, pea coat, or a light weight trench will help to keep you modest from behind while still allowing you to show off your legs. However, you will want to make sure that you’re not going to over-heat in this look before reaching for your overcoat.

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3.) Asymmetry.

Wear your skirt with a top that has an asymmetrical hem. This will help to create the illusion that your skirt’s hem line is lower than it actually is.

Different hem-lengths will help to draw the eye to a mid-line between your top and bottom, giving a little more interest than the long expanse of leg just beneath it.

Short skirts can leave you feeling exposed.

4.) Bodysuits.

Pairing a short skirt with a body suit will help to create longer lines. Wearing a body suit will also help to make you feel less anxious about flashing your underwear.

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5.) Flats.

While high heels are great, they will accentuate the shortness of your skirt. Flats will help to tone down the aggressiveness of your short hem line, especially if you pair your skirt with a tank top or t-shirt.

When you’re reaching for flats, try to keep the overall look of your skirt in mind. If you’re wearing a nicer skirt you’ll want to lean toward a strappy sandal or a closed-toe flat that has some slight embellishment. If you’re wearing a jean skirt or something more casual, pairing it with sneakers and ankle-socks can bring a more down to earth feel to the look.



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6.) Shorts.

Of course the biggest qualm with wearing short skirts without tights is the possibility of flashing everyone in the room. Even if you’re wearing modest underwear, there’s still a slight element of worry. To combat this, many women have taken up wearing bike shorts.

When you wear shorts under a short skirt, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re at least an inch or two shorter than the hem line of your skirt to make sure your shorts aren’t going to peek out at an inconvenient time. You should also think about how the shape of the shorts may look through the skirt. Try to pair shorts that are close to the same color as your skirt.

Short Shorts "

7.) Leggings.

The cousin of pants and tights, leggings are a great way to steer clear of having to reach for your tights. They can come in many different flirty styles that lend them well to all types of short skirts. This works exceptionally well with Capri leggings to give you an additional layer of interest to your outfit.

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Are you a fan of mini skirts? Leave your tips for wearing them with confidence in the comments below!

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