Pastel Grunge And Goth Are Perfect For Summer

Pastel Grunge And Goth Are Perfect For Summer

Summer is a great time to express yourself and your style. Pastel grunge and goth styles offer a unique way to show off your personality and stand out from the crowd. Whether you opt for a classic goth look or a more modern take on grunge, you can find an outfit that is perfect for any summer occasion. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of pastel grunge and goth fashion and show you how to create the perfect look for summer.

Since there's only so much floral print fashion that a girl can take, summer is a great season to go against the grain and flaunt your pastel grunge style. And, PSA, just because you're a goth girl at heart doesn't mean you have to wear all black all the time (even though we love it). Adding pastels to gothic fashion breathes new life into your summer wardrobe. Follow our tips to get the best edgy style that will keep you comfortable all summer long!


Crop It Up

Cropped goth tops are perfect for summer.

Ninja Cosmico


Get some fresh air and rock a crop top. Loose fitting, cropped silhouettes are perfect for summer since they won't cling to your skin and make you sweat (because who likes that?). For some extra coverage, wear a crop top with a high- waisted skirt or shorts. When you hit the beach, you can even rock your crop top as a cover up for a skull bikini or other goth swimsuit. Style and versatility? Oh yes. 


Keep It Short

Distressed denim shorts are a great grunge look for summer.

Le- Happy


Show some leg in a pair of distressed denim shorts on a casual day around town. You can make cute jean shorts your own by adding a belt, body chains, or iron on patches. Think studs, spikes, custom decals, logos, slogans, and embroidery. What better way to express your own interests than by incorporating them into your style?

Tip: Make sure to pack a lightweight cardigan or an oversize hoodie if you plan on going out for the day so you're completely prepared for cool, breezy nights


Go Graphic

Band t-shirts are a Must Have for summer grunge fashion.



If you can't tell by now, we really can't get enough of graphic tees and tanks. Seriously, there is always room in your closet for more (trust us). Stock up on band tees and tanks with your favorite slogans and designs for an easy, no- fuss outfit any day of the summer. You can easily pair a cheap printed t-shirt with jeans, soft shorts, skater skirts, and denim shorts for any casual occasion. Tie a flannel button- down shirt around your waist for style and function (to wear for later) and accessorize with mirrored sunglasses, belts, chain necklaces, and leather bracelets. And just like that, you have "with the band" style for any summer concert you go to (just finish the look with some printed VIP passes...but don't tell anyone we told you that). 


Let It Flow

Sheer maxi dresses are a dark and cool style for summer Goth fashion.



Perfect for a more formal event or just on those days that you want to dress up, a sheer maxi dress is a great go-to. The lightweight sheer layer allows air to pass through the dress, which helps to keep your body temperature down on those humid, sticky days. You can dress your outfit down by wearing simple sandals and minimal accessories, or dress it up with a hat, a chunky waist belt, and eye- catching jewelry.

Tip: For a truly unique goth look, try wearing a corset over your dress!


Play With Makeup

Bold makeup can add an alternative flair to your summer style.

Brookelle McKenzie


Ah, the medium with no limit to creativity... makeup! Makeup is an awesome way to pull together any outfit you choose and completely change up the vibe you give off. For a cool goth grunge look at work, choose a dark lipstick color and a smudgy, smoked out eye look. Summer is a great time to experiment with some outside- the- box colors, so don't be afraid to incorporate some sunset colors with warm hues of red, orange, yellow, and pink to your eye makeup. For a night out with your girls, you can wear false lashes to amp up the intensity of your look, or just keep it easy with mascara.


What's your favorite go- to grunge or goth look for summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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