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How To Wear Corsets Over Dresses

How To Wear Corsets Over Dresses

Corsets are a timeless fashion staple that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re looking to add some extra structure to a dress or create an edgier look, corsets are the perfect accessory. But how do you wear a corset over a dress? In this article, we’ll show you the best way to pull off this stylish look. From choosing the right corset for the dress to tips for creating the perfect silhouette, we’ll make sure you look your best!

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The lace up corset is an undeniably racy lingerie look that isn’t limited to the bedroom! Having gained popularity in 16th century, as a symbol of wealth and status and evolving as a silhouette shaping fashion item in the 19th century, corsets represent femininity, sexuality, and rebelliousness today, in the 21st century.

Made to be tight, restrictive, and to reshape the body, some view it as an archaic form of clothing that is harmful and sexist. In reality, though, corsets can be empowering and as such have a devoted following of both wearers and admirers. Whatever side of the line you fall on, though, the corset is much more than just a fad.

That said, the corset is still a fashion item that is daring for many and scary for most. This is because most people don’t realize that it can play a supportive role versus the main character. Ever wear a corset over your dress? Keep reading! 

Sexy and Modern

Kim Kardashian wears corsets as an outer layer.Image Credit:

Whether you consciously follow Kim Kardashian and her every move or not, her photos are everywhere…everywhere. So it’s likely that you, too, are noticing how she is back to wearing corsets and corset style tops with her skirts and dresses. Serving a functional purpose (reshapes the body) as well as creating a fashionable statement (adds more character to a bodycon dress), the corset is a great piece to turn to for extra drama. 

Gothic Chic

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Black on black is always a cool choice when it comes to exploring a look you’ve never tried before. This is true when it comes to pairing a gothic dress and a dramatic corset together for a dark and lovely outfit! And if your style is more Morticia Addams versus Gothic Lolita, then a sleek dress with a black leather corset may be more your thing.

A Touch of Burlesque

Corsets are no stranger to Burlesque fashion.

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When one thinks of burlesque fashion, the daring corsets are likely to be one of the first images that come to mind. Due to it’s significant role in the art of striptease performances -- think beauties Dita Von Teese and the late Gypsy Rose Lee – a corset worn over a sexy burlesque dress may not necessarily stay on the body for long. However, it’ll leave a major imprint on the mind! 

Free-Spirited Style

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Boho babes enjoy a free-spirited way of living. From embracing the natural cycles of life to embracing hippie fashion, a boho babe typically desires a sense of ease in all that she does. So while some may scoff at the idea of wearing a fitting corset over a maxi dress, there are those would consider it as long as the artistic quality and general comfort level is on point. For boho beauties, it’s all about effortless style. 

Minimalist Accent

Corsets are an unexpected touch to a minimalist wardrobe. But it works!

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Minimalism is not based on over-the-top statements and flashy prints. Nope – the minimalist appreciates the architectural structure of clothing, neutral tones, and interesting textures. (Think fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn.) And although it feels a bit unlikely that corsets are easily styled with the staples in a minimalist’s closet, it can work on her own terms. From layering alone on dresses to adding extra style to a three-piece outfit, corsets and minimalism doesn’t always mix. But it can! 

Neo-Victorian Vibe

The beauty of Victorian fashion is undeniable.Image Credit: 

Steampunk developed out of a passion for the combination of Victoria Era aesthetics and science fiction imagination, remaining a subculture that has maintained its own identity in the modern world. For ladies of the Steampunk movement, Victorian style corsets are a given. Finding the perfect Steampunk corset accentuates their curves as well as their confidence. Whites and browns, being reminiscent of the Renaissance Period, are commonly combined colors that make for a great corset-and-dress combo! 

Love for Vintage 

Fans of Vintage and Retro fashion will love the look of a layered corset.Image Credit:

Considering the long history behind corsets, it’s only natural for a vintage lover to embrace this classic fashion item! From pencil skirts to A-line dresses, vintage fashion is all about wearing the old with new energy. And when it comes to rocking a classic corset over a retro dress, turn to the looks of rockabilly girls and pinup darlings for style inspiration! 

Do you absolutely love corsets over dresses? Share your thoughts about this edgy style by leaving a comment below!

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