Fresh Ideas For Floral Fashion

Fresh Ideas For Floral Fashion

Floral fashion is a timeless look that can be worn year-round. Whether you’re looking for a bright and bold statement piece or something more subtle and laid-back, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore some fresh ideas for floral fashion that you’re sure to love. From unique accessories to stylish clothing, these ideas will help you create a look that is both fashionable and timeless. Read on to learn more!

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Floral fashion doesn’t have to be cheesy! With select patterns and symbols (and an open mind!), you may find that flaunting flower vibes really is your thing.   



So let’s do this – let’s explore some of the awesome subculture-driven styles that make our rebel world go ‘round. Styling tips for rockabilly girls, boho beauties, 90s fashion lovers, and goth girls included!


Girly ‘N Goth

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Black lace is a beautifully delicate type of material that vintage-loving goths embrace. Not only does a black lace dress give off vibes of dark romanticism; the floral designs that are popularly sewn in the material can help bring forth a goth girl’s femininity even more! Not to mention, black lace also has a sexy edge that will enhance nearly any outfit. A few fresh ideas for incorporating floral fashion into your goth spring wardrobe: pair a lace blouse with a red rose gothic choker, wear flower headbands with a gothic Lolita dress, and/or flaunt a floral corset top with faux lace-up leather leggings. As for wearing black lace with pastel goth fashion, you totally CAN. In fact, light shades of lavender and pink look lovely in contrast with black lace! This is especially true with floral fishnet tights.


Boho Vibes

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Although one may assume that boho women live and breathe floral fashion, not every hippie chick dresses the same. There are those who choose to epitomize the concept of “flower child” with loud floral patterns, while there are others who are selective with how they incorporate floral symbols and prints into their outfits. In addition to distressed clothing and fringe detailmaxi dresses and maxi skirts are staples in a boho beauty’s closet. They offer ease of movement and styling versatility, and can be worn with floral jewelry as well as floral kimonos. It’s all based on your love for your hippie fashion and the statement you want to make! If you’re all about boho living, but trying to break free from just tanks and jeans, then you may enjoy exploring your many floral fashion options. Sometimes, it’s all about a change in color, texture, and/ or accessory. 



90s Flashback

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The 90s was largely dominated by Winona Ryder pixie cuts, Drew Barrymore movies, and grunge fashion. This includes floral fashion, such as cute dresses, distressed denim jackets, tattoo chokers, combat boots, and plaid shirts. So, since 90s dresses are back in style, how do you go about wearing items inspired from that era in 2016? Simply by having fun and playing dress-up! Try working in floral clothing in a fresh, modern approach that works in naturally with your personal style. This starts with going through your closet to evaluate what you already have, and then figuring out what’s on your must-buy list. The last thing you want is to wear cookie-cutter floral fashion and look “typical.” So get creative! Think floral combat boots with a white tee and jeans or a cute floral dress with a plaid shirt and wide-brimmed hat.



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Just as spikes and studs are signature elements of punk rock fashion, skulls and roses signify rockabilly. So when it comes to incorporating floral fashion into a rockabilly girl’s wardrobe, this shouldn’t be a tough stretch at all as they typically embrace their girly sides in a very put-together package. From perfectly coiffed hair to carefully applied makeup, rockabilly girls – in particular, pinup darlings – breathe the vibe of ladylike fashion when wearing rockabilly dresses. And actually -- from sugar skull leggings to rose and skull dresses --  the rockabilly girl can get away with wearing floral fashion during any time of the year. It’s all how about how she carries herself when making her presence known.


Do you think you’ll sport floral fashion this spring? Let us know in a comment below!


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