Toughen Up: How To Style A Dress With Boots!

Toughen Up: How To Style A Dress With Boots!

Are you ready to take your outfit game to the next level? If so, then it’s time to learn how to style a dress with boots! Whether you’re looking for a casual, edgy, or chic look, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to create the perfect ensemble. Read on to find out how to toughen up your look and make a fashion statement with boots and a dress.

Boots and dresses for the rebel girl in any season!

You should always dress according to your own fashion compass, no matter what season we’re in! Dresses with boots in the Springtime? Definitely. It’s time to forget about the “rules” and learn how to be fearlessly approach the art of styling. Yes, boots are made for walking in any season! So when it comes to wearing statement dresses with boots, no, you do NOT have to throw yours to the back of the closet simply because a warmer season is upon us. In order to get mileage out of the item that epitomizes winter fashion as we transition into Spring, just un-layer a few pieces (think scarves, jackets, hats, and tights) and get creative! Need some fashion inspiration for your unique personality? Here are some ideas: 

The Retro Romantic

Boots with retro dresses for a balance in style!

There is beauty in the juxtaposition of flirty, retro dresses and biker boots.  It’s about being tough with a soft side! The Retro Romantic, who is along the lines of a vintage-loving pinup darling, LIVES to wear A-line dresses, perfectly coiffed hair, and the perfect shoe. But because stuffing her feet in platform shoes or tall wedges day in and day out could get old for her (and a bit uncomfortable), biker booties -- or another type of rocker boots -- are a great option in offsetting her lovely style ias well. Whether worn with a motorcycle jacket and knit beanie on a cold day or paired with a retro dress alone when the sun is out, a flirty dress and biker boots will go the distance!

The Boho Babe

Style your boho dresses with lace-up booties!

The Boho Babe is special in her own right! Her free-spirited energy and the way she views the world is evident in her fashion choices. So it’s unlikely that this type of personality even sees a division between seasons and styles. A lover of earth tones, ethnic prints, and floral dresses to layer and un-layer, the type of boot that is a natural fit for the Boho Babe is a pair of lace-up ankle boots! Carrying a Neo-Victorian vibe, ankle boots are great for special day dates and evenings out, but may not be practical on an everyday basis. Because the Boho Babe is already aware of this, she is likely to already have a back-up pair of cowboy boots in her closet. Vests, shawls, and wide-brimmed hats are just some of her essential layering pieces that can easily be removed when it’s time to bask in the warm sunshine.

The Sexy Rebel

Stiletto steampunk boots for the sexy rebel!

In terms of The Sexy Rebel, working in boots to your personal look is not only an option – it’s a MUST. Because this type of edgy personality is not typical any sense of the word, she may draw inspiration from Goth fashion, punk rock styles, and the industrial world. That said, a pair of mid-calf stiletto Steampunk boots will vamp up nearly any look that The Sexy Rebel takes on.  This includes Lace dresses and leather mini dresses! Whether The Sexy Rebel layers her dresses with opaque hosiery or patterned thigh-high tights and outerwear like a distressed denim jacket or a faux fur jacket, she knows that the un-layering of season fashion only means one thing: she can show more skin! The Sexy Rebel knows her power and is proud to wear styles that shows her personality.

The Rocker Chick

Knee length punk rock boots for the rocker chick!

Whether experiencing a dreadfully cold winter or a scorching summer, the Rocker Chick is always prepared to show off her hardcore style. And with springtime being that medium ground between the super cold and the super hot, it’s easy for the Rocker Chick to put together looks with transitional items that she may want to keep on or that she may want to take off! Just as edgy leather gloves and a statement leather jacket can take jeans, boots, and a t-shirt to awesome heights – à la Joan Jett – these winter items add even more edge to a bodycon punk rock dress or skater dress that is paired with knee length punk rock boots. This hardcore boot gives life to the Rocker Chick’s bad girl streak, while providing her with a comfortable shoe that looks awesome with a dress alone or when worn with more layers on a chilly day. And no matter what – a pair of dark shades seal the deal perfectly. 

The Grunge Girl

Alternative boots for the Grunge Girl!

Inspired by the early 90s alternative rock scene, be it the Seattle-based sounds of Nirvana and Pearl Jam to classic films like “Singles” and “Reality Bites,” the Grunge Girl is about making a relaxed rebellious statement among all of the stiffs of today. And a pair of combat boots is THE footwear statement of her scene. Often worn with shredded tights and denim shorts or with a short floral dress for nice contrast, this boot also looks great when worn with a simple black dress or sweater dress for classic grunge style. A denim jacket, plaid scarf, and knit beanie are the perfect transitional fashion items for the Grunge Girl as they all work around the key ingredient of this look: the boots.

Do you proudly wear boots with dresses? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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