The Goth Zodiac: Wanna Dress For The Dark Side Of Your Sun Sign?

The Goth Zodiac: Wanna Dress For The Dark Side Of Your Sun Sign?

Are you looking to express your dark side in the form of fashion? Then the Goth Zodiac is perfect for you! In this blog article, we will explore how each of the 12 zodiac signs can embrace the goth aesthetic in their wardrobe. From the bold and daring Aries to the mysterious and romantic Pisces, we'll show you how to create the perfect goth look for your sun sign. So if you're ready to dress for the dark side, let's get started!

What's your Sun Sign?The Goth culture revolves around the concept of finding beauty in things that the majority of people – “the norm” – would find dark. Unfortunately, the world has casted an evil label on Goths, but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Goths are simply rebels that live according to their own compass and are in constant exploration regarding the various depths of the mysterious, romanticism, and the supernatural.

And because fashion is a powerful tool in communicating our personalities, which is clearly evident in the Goth culture, I’m super happy that I came across creative infographic artwork by writer, Megan (“Trellia”), in which she profiles all of the Sun Signs with a Goth-specific focus! So, naturally, these awesome graphics inspired me to create fashion looks that are based on the cartoon characters’ goth fashion

Can you identify with the look of your Sun Sign?



For the highly emotional and deeply spiritual Pisces Goth, combining black with a deep shade of blue contributes to this Sun Sign’s overall moodiness and superstitious spirit. According to Megan, “It is this sensitive nature that also makes Pisceans kind, imaginative, and self-destructive. Styling Tip: The energy of the Pisces Goth can be expressed with a corseted princess tulle dress for her and a long black coat or cloak for him!


Get to know the Pisces Sun Sign!


Goth fashion to show the dark side of your Sun Sign!



Confident, independent, and energetic, the Aries Goth is likely to wear bold, fiery fashion pieces that will magnify his or her eccentricity! According to Megan, “The Aries Goths could find piercings, studs, spikes, tattoos, and chunky jewelry particularly attractive.”  Styling Tip: A faux leather motorcycle jacket for her and achef faux leather coat for him! 


Get to know the Aries Sun Sign!


The Aries Goth should rock leather to show his or her edge!


Taurus Goths are known to be connected to the natural world, and according to Megan, they “love life’s simple pleasures – food, drink and good food.” The natural vibe of the Goth Taurus can be communicated well with earthy tones, such as green and brown. Styling Tip: A long lace dress or ruffled black skirt and bustier for her, and a black tailcoat jacket for him!


Get to know the Taurus Sun Sign!


Styles to show the dark side of the Taurus Goth!



According to Megan, this is the sign with the wicked sense of humor! The Gemini Goth is very in touch with his or her inner child, and their taste in fashion reflects that! Styling Tip: Think Babydoll, Gothic Lolita, and pastel goth fashion for her and long-sleeve striped tees or long-sleeve slashed shirts for him! 


Get to know the Gemini Sun Sign!


Gothic Lolita and Baby dresses for the Gemini Goth!



According to Megan, “Cancerians make natural Goths.” With a keen interest in history and “all things old, ”They have a high appreciation of introspective creative arts. “Ruled by the moon, Cancerian Goths may be drawn to lunar symbols, including the colour silver, roses, wolves and the ocean.” Styling Tip: A vintage-style gothic coat over a button-up, collared shirt and a lace-up corseted gothic Lolita kimono dress for her!


Get to know the Cancer Sun Sign!


Cancer Goths embrace silver and other symbolic styles!





Leos are known to be the center of attention, which makes sense why they are often drawn to gold and other symbols of royalty! But according to Megan, “Even though they may adopt an “uber Goth” appearance for the sake of style, don’t worry about them being aloof; Leos are generally warm and friendly, despite their vanity!” Styling Tip: A black, asymmetric hem dress and a Goth necklace for her and a goth military coat for him!


Get to know the Leo Sun Sign!

Black and gold goth fashion for the Leo!



According to Megan, “You can expect Virgo Goths to prefer spending their time with their books, computers, and cult movies than at Goth clubs.” Although their style may not immediately give off Goth vibes, the Virgo Goth has a casual sci-fi way of expressing him/herself.  Styling Tip: Statement leggings for her, and a two-tone sweatshirt over a sci-fi tee for him!


Get to know the Virgo Sun Sign!


Goth fashion for the sci-fi stylish Virgo!



According to Megan, Libra Goths are known to be friendly and romantic, with a “fine sense of style.” They love to look good, no matter their environment: “ Winged creatures, shades of white, and very relaxed, lightweight clothing is considered their ideal. Styling Tip:  A white dovetail lace dress and patterned hosiery for her, and a chiffon, Emnossing blouse under a gothic coat for him!  


Get to know the Libra Sun Sign!


Libra Goths embrace winged creatures and shades of white!



Very independent and a tad secretive, as well as sensual and intense, Scorpio Goths “may also be strongly attracted to symbols of death, such as skulls, coffins, and graves.” Styling Tip: Goth fetish lingerie and faux leather pants for her, and a netted ribcage shirt for him!


Get to know the Scorpio Sun Sign!


Goth fashion for the sensual and secretive Scorpio!



The freedom-loving and independent Sagittarius Goth naturally enjoy standing out by putting their own twist on style!  Considering their rebellious streak, this Sun Sign may embrace the “punkier side” of Goth,  says Megan. Styling Tip: An anarchy leather dress or a studded blouse for her, and a military button-up blazer or black motorcycle jacket with spikes for him!


Get to know the Sagittarius Sun Sign!


Punky goth fashion for the Sagittarius rebel!



With a down-to-earth personality and attraction to the mystery of the Universe, the Capricorn Goth is also attracted to power, money, and the elegance of Victorian fashion. Styling Tip:  A long, ruffle coat over dark hues for her, and Neo-Victorian costume pants worn with a double vest for him!  


Get to know the Capricorn Sun Sign!


Goth fashion for the down-to-earth Capricorn!



This unconventional Sun Sign is known to be very “intelligent, innovative, and inspired.” And according to Megan, the Aquarius Goth is “fun, kind, and good with people.” Due to their interest in the futuristic side of Goth, the Aquarius Goth is likely to be drawn to cyber fashion. Styling Tip: A two-piece cyber goth punk rave outfit for her and a layer, and a Assassin's Creed style shirt for him!


Get to know the Aquarius Sun Sign!


Goth fashion for the cyber-loving Aquarius!




Can you identify with your Sun Sign's fashion personality? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us! 


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