Gothic Necklaces

A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much- Tracy Reece. And we agree! Jewelry has the power to change your whole look, but a gothic necklace will make you stand out in any crowd. The selection we have at RebelsMarket carries many impressive chains for men and women to complete your outfits. 

Our gothic necklaces are made from high-quality materials like silver, stainless steel, and platinum. More importantly, they feature unique details perfect for creating subtle styles and all-out appearances. Our more unusual pieces show off how well gothic imagery combines with various other designs. Pair the piece with a stunning pair of gothic rings, or browse our jewelry collection for a striking fashion statement.

Like any other fashion style, jewelry and gothic bracelets are must-haves for a complete fashion statement. Gothic necklaces and chokers portray power and individuality, representing the cultural values of the style. Features such as skulls, crossbones, witchcraft, and satanic symbols, dragons, and snakes emphasize this theme. 

The necklaces may also come in other designs such as roses, wings, or crosses to reflect inner beauty, light, darkness, and freedom. Some of the most popular are gothic cross necklaces and gothic choker necklaces, which come at affordable prices to meet your budget. But that isn't all that we have to offer. 

The necklaces on sale at RebelsMarket come in unique designs such as tentacles, skulls and crossbones, ravens, and serpents. There will be something for everyone in the large selection on RebelsMarket to match with your women's gothic clothing and the unique staple of men's gothic clothing

Even better, the necklaces can be a perfect gift for a loved one. So if you are looking to surprise your better half, shop for a gothic couple or a heart necklace and let her have something to remind her of you every day. If you are looking for something to surprise him with, we have men's gothic chain jewelry he would like. 

The necklaces come in many other shapes, styles, and colors that lend themselves well to goth's different subcultures. You can find beautiful pieces and pretty pastel necklaces that will flatter even the most feminine of pastel clothing look, all the way down to the dark and gritty industrial goth look with clockwork or militant vibe designs. 

From small gems to large elaborate and rare pieces of art, you will not find any two necklaces that are the same. Some are worn with chains that touch the navel, others such as chokers worn tight around the neck. 

Are you headed for prom? Rock your goth prom dress with a red gothic necklace with precious stones for an ultimate rebel look. And it doesn't stop there, the necklaces will add a beautiful finish to your goth dresses and gothic tops for ladies to give you an effortless red carpet look. So whether you are headed for a casual meet up with friends or a formal occasion, we have a statement accessory to fit the function and event. 

Men are not left behind! We have men's gothic necklaces that can be worn with t-shirts, shirts, and tanks for a dapper look. Select from our collection gothic silver chains and necklaces with skulls, serpents, and gorgons' eyes.

When most people think about accessorizing with gothic pieces, they often imagine inverted crosses or pentagrams, giving very little room in what the general public sees as stereotypical goth, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Goth necklaces embody all that is fun, flirtatious, rebellious, or romantic about the culture and fashion trends. From beautiful lace chokers to drop-jewel designs, skulls, gears, and everything in between, gothic necklaces are known for creating drama or bending the rules for what is and isn't acceptable day to day clothing.

Gothic necklaces are by far one of the most versatile pieces of accessories out there. They aren't always as in-your-face as some might assume. Many of them are understated in style and can be paired with even your most conservative outfits for an everyday show of your typical out of the office look.

You can find iconic characters such as Lego men, the Jolly Roger, Alice in Wonderland, and even Maleficent encrusted on the necklaces to pay homage to some of the favorites that have helped draw you into the culture. Of course, some of the most popular still being inspired by none other than Edgar Allan Poe, the raven, with beautiful feathery designs and mysterious scripts scrawled out on a glistening pendant.

As you head towards a gothic lifestyle, keep in mind the genre's long history. With roots as far back as the 1800s and a 40-year consecutive fashion trend, it's not going anywhere. You have the freedom to make the style your own. Break free from the traditional gothic scene if need be and create your subculture. Browse RebelsMarket to find a fitting piece to meet your fashion taste.

RebelsMarket has gathered the best, most beautiful, and deadly dark necklaces from all around the world. There are hundreds of different pieces waiting to be the next best accessory in your everyday goth fashion or punk rock wardrobe. Shop for cheap gothic necklaces at RebelsMarket and experience a wide array of jewelry. Get 10% OFF when you shop with us for the first time. Worldwide shipping available!


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