Women's Gothic Hosiery & Garters

Why is it that people love garters? People love garters because they make the wearer feel confident. A garter belt will raise your self-esteem and help you to believe in yourself more! It is not just an accessory! You can bet this piece of lingerie will help you stand out from the rest at your next big event or night out with some skin showing (in more ways than one). Garters and hosiery go hand in hand. 

Gothic hosiery leggings are the perfect hybrid of fashion and comfort. They're designed to be sexy, but they can also be elegant and comfortable at the same time. Hosiery stockings give people an extra boost in their confidence when they need it most. They come with designs that show off what's important to you- whether your personality is subtle and sophisticated or bold. Our gothic hosiery comes in designs such as fishnets and patterns that you will love.

If this is your first experience shopping for a gothic garter belt or stocking, you possibly could have a lot of questions. For starters, how does one wear the garter and achieve the look they want? How do you make sure your garter complements your other gothic attires or alternatives styles? 

The first step to wearing a garter belt correctly is understanding what goes where. The most important item in this category would have to be the garters themselves so make sure you purchase some that fit well and look good! Next, put on your stockings- these will keep any newly attached underwear from falling down or moving around when you are actively moving around. 

Every garter is unique and different and will complement different clothes differently. A black gothic leg garter for instance can be worn with a schoolgirl skirt and paired with a tee or top and finished off with platform combat boots. A fishnet garter stocking made of mesh or lace can be worn under a coat or a short dress if one is going for a date or intends to dress up for their lover. Alternatively, you can still kill the look with just a bra and the garter. For an even sexier look, pull out your high heels! Make your outfit as fun as possible and have fun creating memorable experiences with our black gothic garters. 

Wearing sexy hosiery is a great way to spice up any outfit. You can wear them with skirts, dresses or pants depending on your mood and the occasion! When it comes to hosiery, there’s a pool of options available in our collection. If you like patterns, you’re on the right shopping platform. Shop for hole tight, leopard, cobweb, ripped, and sheer opaque hosiery stockings from our collection. You can wear these impressively designed stockings with mid-rise shorts, skirts, and even your favorite little black dress

Whether you're going out or just around town, hosiery can make a casual outfit pop. Garters also can add sauce to any outfit. Shop from our affordable collection of goth hosiery and garters at Rebelsmarket and add some fun accessories to attires.  Get a 10% OFF when you shop with us for the first time.