Six Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

Six Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

Have you ever thought of trying burlesque dance? Maybe you have a friend who does it, or maybe you’ve heard about burlesque shows in your town?

No matter what sparked your interest, there are a number of reasons why every woman should try burlesque dance at least once!

What is Burlesque Dance?

What is Burlesque?

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Many believe that burlesque is the same thing as stripping, but there’s so much more to burlesque dancing than just a striptease. Although burlesque is both provocative and sensual, it’s also about putting on a choreographed theatrical performance.

The word burlesque stems from the Italian word “burla,” which means joke – or comedy when it comes to this form of dance. Burlesque dancers intend to incite laughter from the audience. They generally do this by putting on a raunchy or parody-style comedic performance. 

The best way to find out what burlesque is all about is by watching it – or trying it yourself! You can do this by sitting in on a burlesque dance class or attending a burlesque performance. So, why should you be interested in this form of dance? What benefits does it have to offer?

Here are just six solid reasons why every woman should try a burlesque dance class at least once.

1) Burlesque Gives You The Chance to Learn Something New

Why Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once


You might feel too nervous to take a burlesque dance class because you’re not a professional dancer, but that’s perfectly okay! You don’t need to be a professional to take a class; all you need is a willingness to learn. 

After all, taking a burlesque dance class is all about learning something new. Whether you choose to make a career out of burlesque dancing, take it up as a hobby or just try out one class, it’s all about the experience of trying your hand at something you've never done before. 

2) Burlesque Dance is Inclusive!

Body Positivity Through Burlesque

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If you’ve suffered from a lack of confidence or body image issues, burlesque might be a great option for you. Whether you’ve always felt comfortable in a bathing suit or if you were the type of girl who never dared to wear a bikini, burlesque can help you build confidence in yourself and your body!   

One of the best things about burlesque dancing is that it doesn’t put a limit on one’s body type. You’ll find burlesque dancers of all sizes: slender and curvy, tall and short, or large breasts and small breasts. Even men participate in burlesque! Burlesque encourages everyone, regardless of who they are, to love and embrace their bodies.

Deciding to take a burlesque dance class may be the first step to loving your body. By signing up, you are showing that you believe your body is beautiful enough to be appreciated – and not just by the audience who you plan to dance in front of, but by yourself!

3) You'll Feel Sexier in Your Own Skin

Sexual Confidence: Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

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Have you always struggled with showing off your sexual side? If so, burlesque dance may be for you! The self-esteem and confidence you build through burlesque can help you learn to embrace your inner sex goddess, because this type of dance forces you to expose both your emotional and physical side to an audience. What could be sexier than dancing on-stage wearing a stunning corset and lingerie, some of which you might choose to remove? 

When you get in touch with your sexual side through burlesque dance, chances are it will carry over into your personal life. Once you have exposed your sensual side to a crowd full of strangers, you’ll feel confident and fearless enough to let this part of yourself shine through when you’re one-on-one with someone. Whether you want to feel sexy enough to ask out that guy at work, or if you want to feel more confident in lingerie, burlesque can help you achieve such personal goals!

4) Burlesque Helps You Channel Your Creativity

Six Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

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Just like any other form of dance, burlesque dance allows you to get in touch with your creative side. It’s a form of expression that many women have grown to love! In addition to getting creative with your dance moves and choreography, you’ll also get the opportunity to experiment with burlesque fashion and makeup.

If the ‘50s style winged liner and red lips sound appealing to you, then you’ll love it! Add a beautiful studded corset and some strappy heels and you’ll look and feel like a star!

5) You Can Let Your Personality Shine

Six Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

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One of the greatest things about burlesque dance is that it encourages you to embrace your own individual uniqueness. It also allows you to be whoever you want to be when you’re on stage.

You might let the audience see more of your comedic side or you might choose to show them your sexier side. Whether you’re feeling sensual or playful, you can sculpt burlesque dancing to suit your personality!

6) Burlesque Dancing Has Great Health Benefits

Six Reasons Every Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance: Burlesque For Health

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If you’re tired of using the treadmill to get in your cardio workout, then burlesque dance may be an ideal option for you! There are a number of health benefits that come with this form of dance:

  1. It’s good cardio workout. When you participate in burlesque dance, you’ll work up a good sweat. Over time, you’ll build more stamina and better endurance.
  2. You’ll work your calves and legs. Since you’ll be dancing in heels, your leg muscles will get a great workout!
  3. You’ll build muscle tone. You’ll be working with props, such as chairs, which will help you build more muscle (and it's also great for balance!)

Although the health benefits are a great reason to participate in burlesque, it’s all about having fun and loving your body the way it is right now! While many women do participate in burlesque dance to lose weight, that’s not what it’s all about. It's about fun, creativity, and most importantly - inclusivity. 

These are just some of the reasons why every woman should try burlesque dance at least once. The best way to find out if it’s right for you is to sign up for a local class!

Have you tried burlesque dance? Let us know in the comments below!

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