Styles And Gifts For The July Baby!

Styles And Gifts For The July Baby!

Great style and gift ideas for people born in JulyImage Credit: www.pinterest.com

Whether you want to explore a certain trend or add more depth to your rebellious style; summertime is always a fun time to try out new looks! (It is skin-baring season after all.) Are you looking for a bright color to wear? Wish you could express more of your personality with both soft and edgy fashion? Here’s an idea: turn to elements of your zodiac sign for help, such as your birthstone and birth flower. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to help put that awesome outfit together! That said, keep reading for gift ideas and styling tips for the highly imaginative Cancer (June 21 – July 22) and passionate Leo (July 23 – Aug 22).


Famous July Babies

Famous people born in July.


All of the women featured above have made quite the name for themselves in entertainment. From superstar Jennifer Lopez to actress Lisa Rinna, these famous July babies are a pack of leading ladies. This includes Courtney Love. The queen of distressed fashion is known for several, signature styles throughout the last 25 years; baby doll dresses, cleavage-baring slip and lace dresses, ruffled blouses, LBDs, ruffled blouses,  and pendant necklaces are just a few of Love’s signature fashion statements that have made their way on stage as well as on the red carpet. If you, too, are ready to show ‘em what you got without reservation, think about the statement you want to make with fashion. Whether you’re a sexy corset and jean shorts kind of girl or prefer flowy maxi dresses and floppy hats for the summer, be you.  




Rubies are a great gift option for July birthdays!Image Credit: www.streetandcityphotos.blogspot.com


When was the last time you rocked a rad shade of ruby? The most commonly associated birth stone with the Cancer sign, this color adds vibrancy to nearly any look. Both gothic girls and punk rock chicks can benefit from this pop of color, as it carries a combined sense of edgy romanticism. However you choose to incorporate the color or the actual stone into your outfit – be it a pair of ruby red earrings looks to a pair of ruby red shorts – is totally your call!


Peridot is for Leos! Go for the stone or the color for July birthdays!Image Credit: www.annstreetstudio.com


Go green for lovely energy! Peridot, the birth stone that represents the Leo astrological sign, is a great color to work into your summer outfit. This olive-green tint works well with tons of different styles. You could go full-on tonal with edgy military style clothing that’s in this green family or wear the actual peridot stone or color with, say, an all-white fancy-schmancy outfit! One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion is its versatility. So if you’re all about graphic tank tops and black leggings…that’s awesome too! Maybe it’s time to finally wear the peridot earrings your grandma gifted you years ago for a nice touch of sophistication.


Birth Flowers

Floral fashion is perfect in July!Image Credit: www.brit.co


Summer is such an ideal time to play with floral fashion!  The sun is shining and you find yourself spending more time outdoors, so it’s only natural to look toward nature and your natural surroundings for style inspiration. That said, the acanthus flower is a great starting point if you’re interested in working floral prints into your wardrobe – it’s the widely known birth flower representing the Cancer sign! The white petals and purple-ish leaves could make for an amazing DIY boho flower crown, while the combined colors of white and purple could make for a cool outfit. Be it a cute going out dress or a playful pastel outfit, let your Cancer sign shine this summer! 


Sunflowers are for Leos! They also give a fresh look to floral fashion.Image Credit: Pinterest


Ohhh joy…the sunflower! From fun dresses to darling accessories, sunflower fashion is almost just as attention-getting as the Leo’s personality. Providing feelings of happiness and warmth, the Leo birth flower can be worn in a comical, over-the-top style or in subtle touches. What if you absolutely love the color scheme of a sunflower, but detest actually wearing a printed floral dresses or flashy jewelry… then put your stylist hat on and work bright yellow and brown into your outfit however you see fit!


Were these fashion tips helpful? If you love dressing according to your birth month, feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!


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