Why Is Steampunk Going Mainstream?

Why Is Steampunk Going Mainstream?

The Steampunk culture has been quietly gaining momentum over the last few years, and it is now becoming increasingly visible in mainstream media. This article looks at why Steampunk is becoming so popular and how it has been embraced by the mainstream. From fashion, art, and music to the way it has been popularized by pop culture, this article explores the reasons behind Steampunk's newfound popularity.

There are a lot of reasons why Steampunk is hitting the mainstream market. To understand why however, you must first know what Steampunk culture is. 

Steampunk is a “science fiction/fantasy sub-genre that’s a style mash-up of 19th century industrialized looks and Victorian flourishes.” 

However while clothing is often the staple of Steampunk culture, Steampunk is more than just corsets, clothing, gears, and top hats. Steampunk is music and film, books, comics, and games. It is about exploring new ways to invent oneself through imagination and engineering. Steampunk is not a youth or drug culture, but something more eternal. It speaks to individuals and a generation that does not wish to be handfed what they should be wearing and listening to.

For a while, Steampunk has lurked beneath the pop-culture surface quite under the radar, but lately it has taken turn for the mainstream. As major labels such as Prada and Alexander McQueen have begun using Steampunk influences, it wont be long before steampunk trickles down from the high-end to the department stores.  

And why? It’s simple. 

Reason #1: Steampunk is everywhere! It is in the technology around us. It’s in our past and in our future. It’s in the objects and ideas we encounter on a daily basis and tinkering with them to make them our own. 

Reason #2: It encourages creativity! Today’s modern world is all about showcasing oneself, and Steampunk allows one that freedom by playing with stories, breaking the warranty on devices by fashioning them in different ways, and challenging culture as it is now. 

Reason #3: It challenges society! Like beatniks and hippies who wished to change the symbols of gender roles, Steampunk wishes to change the symbols of technology as well as the symbols of the past. This is intriguing and interesting to a lot of people, who have used this style and culture as a muse for music videos, movies, and genres of literature. As Steampunk becomes more and more prevalent in pop culture, it will essentially become more mainstream. 

Reason #4: ITS FUN! It is fun to re-imagine yourself as a Wild West gun slinger gone rogue, or a tech savvy engineer who uses his hidden gadgets and wits to solve crimes. Across the world, conventions are being held that encourage people who share a passion for steampunk culture to attend, meet one another, and exchange steampunk ideas. 

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