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F*ck Boring.


Find cool and unique rings from handpicked from indie brands and stores from around the world. We feature different styles from gothic, steampunk to unique statement rings. Most of our cute rings are unisex but we do have sets specific for women or men.  

Our customers like to stand out, thus we make sure our collections feature from simple looks like sterling silver rings to extreme designs like skull and sterling silver. Don't be shy take sometime to accessorize your look with something unique; rings that standout and spell your sense of style or elegance. 

Gas Mask Ring
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Seraphinite

Steampunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $20.00 USD $25.00 USD
Avarice Ring
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Bermuda Blue Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $20.00 USD $25.00 USD
Steampunk Ring Antique Watch Movement Fuchsia Crystal

Steampunk Ring Antique..

by Catherinette Rings $24.00 USD $30.00 USD
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Black Onyx

Steampunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $15.20 USD $19.00 USD
Steampunk Ring Antique Vintage Watch Movement

Steampunk Ring Antique..

by Catherinette Rings $36.00 USD $45.00 USD
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Black Onyx Copper

Steampunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $15.20 USD $19.00 USD
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Vitrail Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $20.00 USD $25.00 USD
Cybersteam Jewelry Ring Black Onyx
Red Rose Ring
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Red
Steampunk Jewelry Ring Red
Steampunk Ring Antique Watch Movement Fire Opal Crystal

Steampunk Ring Antique..

by Catherinette Rings $24.00 USD $30.00 USD
Spike Ring
Sons Anarchy Solid Stainless Silver Ring

Sons Anarchy Solid..

by Cutie $15.00 USD
Cyberpunk Jewelry Ring Volcano Crystal

Cyberpunk Jewelry Ring..

by Catherinette Rings $20.00 USD $25.00 USD

About Cool & Unique Rings

Accessorize with cool and unique rings for men and women by determining what is right for your fingers. If you have short fingers, then opt for a style with a straight line design which will lengthen your fingers. On the other hand, long fingers should be adorned with rings in transverse line shape. Playfully contrast your rings with your outfits, and be cautious not to overload your fingers. You can add some twist to your look by rocking skull rings or cute multifinger statement pieces. 

Whether curved from wood, lucite, metal, bone, or stone, you will surely fall in love with our medieval floral designs, or our intricately detailed designs depicting Goth, Punk rock and Steampunk characteristics. RebelsMarket’s unique rings can be worn on different occasions, and some of the most specials ones are specifically for engagement and weddings.

Types of Rings

Flat wedding bands: These are the simplest form of rings available, and basically consist of a strip of metal that is bent around into a loop and joined where the ends meet.

Solitaire: These feature a single large stone as a centrepiece, usually a diamond.

Half-round: They are flat wedding bands that are filed half-round on the outside; also called D-shape rings.

Sleeve: They basically consist of a thin inner ring or sleeve with several other rings stacked onto it to form one solid ring.

Eternity: These feature round or square stones, usually diamonds, of the same cut and size, set in one row all around the ring. The setting of the stones is usually either claws or a channel setting. When the stones stop halfway around the finger rather than going all round, it is called a half-eternity ring.

Cluster: There are rings that are designed to be stacked together, and trinity rings or trilogy rings are three rings designed to be worn at one time. They feature a group of stones clustered together to form a focal point of the ring. The cluster setting usually depicts one large stone, usually oval or round, with several smaller stones surrounding it.

Thumb: it is the largest of finger rings worn on the thumb primarily for fashion, but is also worn as a symbol of will power or internal energy, sexuality, and other beliefs or attitudes.

Puzzle: It often appears to be endless knots, and it is a type of finger ring made up of four, six, eight, or twelve interconnected rings. Contemporary designs include rings of three, five or seven bands. 

Multi-finger: It has two or more conjoined rings, designed to be worn across two, three, or four fingers; popularized by hip-hop culture. 

Finger armor: It typically spans from the base of the finger to just below the nail or middle of the second joint and includes a bending joint. Made of either pewter or sterling, finger armor depicts the appearance of a finger-piece from a medieval gauntlet, but is typically smaller and more delicate.

Cocktail: They go well on any kind of outfit. As these rings look large and as they are beautifully decorated, they should be worn at casual events and cocktail parties.

Eternity: They are a sign of care and love; they stand for everlasting love and are normally given in celebration of special events like child birth or anniversaries.

Stone: They indicate love and romance, everlasting commitment, style and loveliness. This type of ring is the perfect gift idea for engagement and weddings.

Fashion rings: They can be worn everyday irrespective of the occasion; these are those rings that can never miss in your jewelry box.

Bright colored: These will add a splash of color to your outfits, as they come in a wide variety of colors and cuts.

Curved: They have existed from one era to another, and are still loved for their simplicity and comfort when worn.