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Sexy Leggings

If you love comfort and style, then sexy leggings are the perfect apparel for you. These are a perfect staple piece for any chic woman’s wardrobe. These fashion staple isn’t going away and they are so high quality that even if they did, no one would bat an eye at you still wearing them. While people will wear the normal boring leggings, RebelsMarket offers amazing pairs of the best leggings made from stretchy material, making them the most comfy and you the most stylish person at a party. Our sexy leggings are versatile and can be worn for parties, office or for casual outings. So sit back and enjoy shoping through our sexy women leggings collection available in all colors from white to black or animal print.

Laced Black Faux Leather Lace Embroidered Leggings

Laced Black Faux Leather..

by Pandora's Closet $23.16 USD $28.95 USD
Black Leggings Metallic Zippers

Black Leggings Metallic..

by White Boutique $12.76 USD $15.95 USD
Cross Straps Mesh Pantyhose Wrap Leggings
Faux Leather Lace Up Black Gothic Leggings Sexy Pants Reg/Plus Size

Faux Leather Lace Up Black..

by White Boutique $21.56 USD $26.95 USD
Vividly Printed Black/White Gothic Skull Graphic Stretchy Leggings
Regular/Plus Size Skull Floral Printed Leggings

Regular/Plus Size Skull..

by White Boutique $15.92 USD $19.90 USD
Black/White Striped Leggings

Black/White Striped Leggings

by White Boutique $12.00 USD $15.00 USD
Black/White Stripes Stars Stretchy Printed Leggings

Black/White Stripes Stars..

by White Boutique $13.56 USD $16.95 USD
Haunted House Halloween Fall Autumn Digitally Printed Stretch Leggings

Haunted House Halloween..

by Pandora's Closet $19.96 USD $24.95 USD
Muscles Printed Mid Waist Leggings

Muscles Printed Mid Waist..

by White Boutique $15.96 USD $19.95 USD
Alice Wonderland Digitally Printed Stretch Leggings
Black/White Cross Sign Printed Leggings

Black/White Cross Sign..

by White Boutique $15.96 USD $19.95 USD
Stretchy Colorful Tattoo Print Leggings

Stretchy Colorful Tattoo..

by Pandora's Closet $15.12 USD $18.90 USD
Corpse Bride Tim Burton Stretchy Leggings

Corpse Bride Tim Burton..

by Pandora's Closet $19.96 USD $24.95 USD
Women's Black/White Punk/Goth Leggings, Goth Bottoms, Goth Pants

Women's Black/White..

by White Boutique $19.16 USD $23.95 USD
Black Cut Off Solid Cotton Leggings

Black Cut Off Solid Cotton..

by White Boutique $27.96 USD $34.95 USD
Skeleton Bones Printed Leggings

Skeleton Bones Printed..

by White Boutique $17.60 USD $22.00 USD
Womens Leather Looking Ripped Back Black Gothic Leggings Sexy Wet Pants

Womens Leather Looking..

by White Boutique $23.96 USD $29.95 USD
Regular/Plus Size Black Faux Leather High Waist Fetish Wet Look Leggings

Regular/Plus Size Black..

by Pandora's Closet $18.36 USD $22.95 USD
Skull/Heart Printed Black Satin Gothic Leggings

Skull/Heart Printed Black..

by White Boutique $11.92 USD $14.90 USD
Destroyed Ripped Black/Purple/Blue/Gray Gothic Punk Stretchy Leggings

Destroyed Ripped..

by Pandora's Closet $19.19 USD $23.99 USD
Regular Size Black Knitted Solid Leggings

Regular Size Black Knitted..

by White Boutique $13.56 USD $16.95 USD
Galaxy Printed Leggings

Galaxy Printed Leggings

by White Boutique $17.60 USD $22.00 USD
Midnight Owl Printed Leggings
Casual Style Ankle Length Black Solid Leggings

Casual Style Ankle Length..

by White Boutique $19.96 USD $24.95 USD
Mechanical Digital Printed Leggings

Mechanical Digital Printed..

by White Boutique $17.60 USD $22.00 USD
Regular/Plus Sizes Women's Lace Knee Black Gothic Leggings

Regular/Plus Sizes Women's..

by White Boutique $19.96 USD $24.95 USD
Mechanical Suspenders Printed Cut Leggings

Mechanical Suspenders..

by White Boutique $19.00 USD $23.75 USD
Blood Splatter White/Red Leggings

Blood Splatter White/Red..

by White Boutique $12.00 USD $15.00 USD
Regular/Plus Size Mermaid Leggings

Regular/Plus Size Mermaid..

by White Boutique $16.80 USD $21.00 USD
Punk Pirate Skull Black/White Striped Stretchy Leggings

Punk Pirate Skull..

by Pandora's Closet $12.79 USD $15.99 USD
Regular/Plus Size Flame Skull Printed Leggings

Regular/Plus Size Flame..

by White Boutique $19.92 USD $24.90 USD
Black Floral Pirate Skull/Heart Tattoo Printed Skinny Punk Leggings

Black Floral Pirate..

by White Boutique $7.96 USD $9.95 USD
Womens Skulls Roses Printed Leggings
Black/White Stretchy Shark Girl Anime Leggings
Punk Rave Womens Gothic Embossed Decorative Pattern Leggings Pant Steampunk
Black Brown Ankle Length Solid Leggings

Black Brown Ankle Length..

by White Boutique $15.88 USD $19.85 USD
Metallic High Waist Faux Leather Black Leggings

Metallic High Waist Faux..

by White Boutique $11.96 USD $14.95 USD
Black Faux Leather Garters/Suspenders Leggings

Black Faux Leather..

by White Boutique $15.16 USD $18.95 USD
Sheer/Solid One Size Black Velour Leggings

Sheer/Solid One Size Black..

by White Boutique $11.96 USD $14.95 USD
Galaxy Printed Knitted Mid Waist Leggings

Galaxy Printed Knitted Mid..

by White Boutique $15.16 USD $18.95 USD

About Sexy Women Leggings

They are form-fitting pants that can be worn either on their own or as a layering garment when paired with other articles of clothing.Sexy leggings are typically made from a blend of spandex, nylon, cotton, or polyester blend, but they can also be made from wool, silk and other materials. They are available in a multitude of colors and decorative designs. They are sometimes worn fully exposed, but are more traditionally worn partially covered by a garment such as a skirt, a loose fitting graphic t-shirt, shorts, or fully covered by an outer garment, such as a full length skirt. Leggings are not just for women with buns of steel. If you wear them well, anyone of any body type can look great in them. However depending on your body shape, there are specific requirements.

Types of women leggings

1. Capri: These reach to the mid-calf. They are less formal than full-length leggings are, but they function in the same way. These are typically worn underneath athletic apparel or are paired well with long shirts.

2. Knee length: These fall just below the knee. They are ideal for various forms of exercise, including dance, gymnastics, and yoga.

3. Ankle length: These cover the wearer’s entire legs, reaching all the way down to the ankles. This style is popular and can be worn as workout apparel, as a form of pants, or under dresses, skirts, and other articles of clothing. Also referred to as jeggings.

4. Stirrup: these feature a strap that wraps around the arch of the wearer’s foot. These straps are designed to prevent the leggings from riding up the wearer’s legs. They are generally worn as pants as opposed to being used as a layering garment.

5. Disco: These are the shiny or ‘wet look’ leggings.  When styling them for the day, be sure to dress them down with an oversized t-shirt and a leather jacket.  Emphasize the rocker vibe with bold jewelry and masculine boots!

6. Colored: These are a perfect alternative to black leggings and they’re a safe choice for those not daring enough to wear leather or printed leggings. 

7. Printed: These are a hot fashion trend.  To stray away from a clowny resemblance, combine them with a solid color or a metallic top that does not compete with the pattern on your legs. Neutral flats and a bowler hat will complete the look.

How to dress your leggings

For tall women: Show off your long legs with a great pair under a tunic, skirt or dress. If you have a favorite dress that's just a little too short to wear by itself, pair it with some cool leggings in a color that ties in with your dress. 

For short women: Pair of the latest jean leggings or “jeggings” with tall riding boots. Not only are jeggings easier to tuck into your boots than regular jeans, but they are unbelievably comfortable thanks to their stretchy fabric. Go for a dark shade that matches your boots.

Hourglass shape: You will look impressive in a belted tunic worn over a pair of leggings. Make sure the tunic is long enough to cover your hips and rear. Monochromatic colors are always flattering, but if you're a gal with a passion for badas skull prints, go for a pattern either on top or bottom — never both.

Pear shape: Ankle-lengths paired with a long tunic layered with a jacket or cardigan. Try a chunky ankle boot with a small heel to give your outfit a little extra sass. 

The sexy leggings selection found on RebelsMarket is unique and inspired by alternative fashion. From Goth fashion to Sci-fi fashion, we have them all. Enjoy looking through our extensive  sexy clothing for women and stay on trend.