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Unique & Cute Earrings

Who wants boring earrings that will lie idle in a jewelry box for months? Go for these amazing unique earrings, and you will want to wear these jewelry pieces every day. Be ready to attract attention whenever you rock these wicked earrings. Let your friends admire your style, as you will find the perfect matching pair here. Opt for a style that allows you to dress unique without any limits, or concerns of what people will say. Adorn your ears with jaw-dropping earrings featuring iconic steampunk pieces such as a water tap, crucifix, pins, gas masks and so much more. Express freedom in your dressing, and stay ahead of trends by highlighting your style now.

Gun Metal Red Rose Stud Earrings
Metal Chain Skull Earrings
Handmade Shark Bite Earrings Blue&Gray
Handmade Shark Bite Earrings Gray
7mm Stainless Steel Flag Of Confederate States America Circle Stud Earrings

Unique & Cute Earrings

An earring is a jewelry piece that is attached to an ear via a piercing on the earlobe, tragus, rook or across the helix. Piercings on the earlobe are known as ear piercings, whereas piercings on the upper part of the external ear are referred to as cartilage piercings, wand are more complex to perform, and may take longer to heal. Earrings can be made from a number of materials that include but not limited to, glass, plastic, metal, beads, precious stones, wood and bone. The size of earrings is ultimately limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold it without tearing. The runways on the fall 2014 had louder statements with the influences of more modern and luxurious jewelry. A single charm earring counter-balanced the masculine lines and straight cuts. Oversized gold hoops had their place, and many designers opted for all-over decor such as glittering crystal bib inserts.

Types of earrings

Drop: These highlight your femininity as they dangle from the ear. They are crafted classically from metal, and feature gemstones, diamonds, or a combination of metals spanning from one inch to shoulder length. 

Studs: These float on the front of the earlobe, and held behind the ear with a screw or a slip on back. Being classically stylish, stud earrings are versatile and can be paired with any outfit in your closet, and look good on every face type.

Hoop: They feature a circular or a semi-circular design that resembles a ring. Hoops are mainly constructed of metal tubing with a thin wire that penetrates the ear and slips at the back. Hoops attract attention and are best suited for casual outfits. 

Dangling: They are designed to flow from the bottom of the earlobe, featuring various lengths from one centimeter to shoulder length. They may be composed of beads, rounds, squares, curved pieces of metal, or die-cut metal designs. 

Chandelier: These combine the design elements of drop earrings and studs as they widen below the earlobe, and taper back to a small point. These earrings feature a stud on the earlobe and a component that dangles below the earlobe. 

Ear cuffs: They cater to the needs of those with non-pierced ears with earring designs which wrap around the outer cartilage and may feature chains. 

Clip-on, magnetic or stick-on: These offer simple alternatives to non-pierced ears with earrings that stick to the skin of the earlobe and simulate the look of a stud earring.

Huggies: They are designed to actually hug your earlobe. Coming in different shapes and sizes, custom jewelers opt to make huggy earrings because of the versatility of settings that can be used in making them. 

Tear drop: They are true to their name, because they are shaped like a tear drop or a dew drop. They are generally made from silver, solid gold or gemstones, and are designed to dangle below the earlobe. 

Cluster: They are best suited for flashy events, as they are made of decorative elements, gemstones or rhinestones that may extend below the bottom of the earlobe. 

How to Style Earrings For Your Face

The best way to find earrings that match with your outfits is to factor in face shape in your buying decisions. Always consider the shape of an earring instead of just the style of the earring. 

Oval shape - If you have an oval shaped face, you will look good in almost every style of earring. To further create a striking look, opt for oval shaped dangles, or tear drop earrings that will draw attention to your face shape without adding any width or length.

Narrow shape - Such faces are best suited with pearl earrings as they add softness and minimize length, for instance clustered pearl earrings that dangle below the earlobe.

Diamond shaped - They are best suited with earrings with long and elegant curves coming as hoops or dangles. Choose earrings with soft curves to minimize sharpness around cheekbones or jaw line. Otherwise avoid diamond shaped earrings that will make your face appear exaggerated.

Heart shaped - Such a face is best suited with earrings with elongated lines and curves such as tear drop, dangles and chandelier earrings. Elongated curves help to even out the face and draw attention to cheekbones, jawline and eyes. 

Square shaped - Opt for earrings with rounded designs that soften the jawline and cheekbones, such as hoop earrings and elongated dangling pieces. Opt for oversized hoops to add edge and drama to your looks.

Round shape: Teardrop and dangle earrings will elongate your face and minimize the puffy appearance. Opt for thin pieces that have long and angular designs rather than rounded designs. Avoid large dangling circular discs that can make your round face appear wider.

Admittedly, any of these alternative earrings can be teamed up with any outfit of any color to achieve a desirable look. Let your ears do the jig with skeleton loop earrings, trendy flower studs or Steampunk dangles, and evoke mystic and daring characteristics in your looks. Pair these wicked earrings with your casual outfits and walk into cocktails parties elegantly with confidence. From guns, to skeletons and skulls, this fantastic jewelry for men and women is sure to leave heads turning wherever you go. Earrings complete your looks by complementing your body piercings, tattoos and the whole outfit. Different types of earrings have different backings, influences and designs. Choosing the right earring is determined by your outfits, the events you plan to attend, and your taste and preferences. Shop smart at RebelsMarket!