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Women's Jackets

You can't go wrong with a fashionable winter coat for women. Whether it is just for a simple night to the movies or to keep you warm on your way to the store, you need to look good. For women who enjoy those touches of sophistication with an edge in their clothing, these quality winter coats are stunning. The designs manage to pair more high-class tailoring with the alternative fashions. They demonstrate that suit options are in no short supply. From short sleeved coats to full length; the choices for style are endless. 


Cool Women Punk Skull Hooded Windbreaker Coat Jacket Trench Parka Overcoat
Spades Grey Black Female Jacket Pink Fluo Studs Punk Rock Girly Handmade
Black Pinstriped Jacket Brassy Toplined Steampunk Circus Handmade In Italy
Mida Jacket
D Light

D Light

by Hilary's Vanity $116.16 USD


by Hilary's Vanity $132.00 USD
Derrick Jacket
Black Biker Studded Vest Stars Jacket Zippers Punk Rock Tattoo Top Handmade
Sparkle Bronze Vest Eco Leather Biker Studded Jacket Punk Rock Handmade
Black Eco Leather Biker Jacket Punk Rock Studs Spikes Metal Patch Handmade

About Womens Winter Coats for sale

Winter coats and jackets are so useful in protecting you against harsh weather, and are great clothing items to make fashion statements out there. Spring jackets quickly replace the heavy coats and jackets when the weather warms up. At RebelsMarket, there are various styles of spring and winter jackets and coats to flaunt. Choose from a wide rendition of styles, cuts and prints of women’s jacket that are upbeat and timeless.

Types of Winter Coats for Women

Leather: When you think leather, you think tough, punk, rock.. If you want to give a voice to your inner rocker chic, then here is the look you should be rocking. This is a defining look for someone who walks the edgy line. Pair with a lace top, loose ankle-length pants, capped-toe heels, an embellished clutch, and matching accessories and you will seal your style.

Biker/ Motorcycle: If you thought a leather jacket was all about channeling your inner tomboy, you were wrong! Wear an ultra-feminine dress featuring ruffles, frills, or lace in a gorgeously girly color and team it up with a biker jacket for unbeatable looks. You will definitely need the right attitude to carry off a look like this.The most common variations of biker or motorcycle jackets are zippered and multi-pocketed ones, with padding on the shoulders and elbows, chest and back. Lots of pocket space with good protection from the weather is the basic utility for any jacket. The classic motorcycle leather jacket comes with a full sleeve, zip out, quilted lining and is subtle in its looks. The buttons and zippers are hidden to give a very neat and clean appearance without all the fuss and frills! Always consider the thickness of the jacket as the best practice in shopping for coats.

Bomber: Think hip hop and you can always recall rappers wearing cool jackets and baggy low waist jeans with sporty trucker caps. Hip hop fashion has seen many evolutions from past eras to date. Try out the modern hip hop look for women featuring some loud make up, a touch of lip-gloss and sleek sensuality instead of the stereotyped tomboy style of dressing. 

Retro: Take your pick from the retro style of winter coats available at RebelsMarket to take your style a notch higher. Sample a jacket made from retro brown leather with front and back braids, elastic sides, and studded belts as an instant hit with the gals yearning for adventure. Whatever the design of jackets available in the market, choose one that best displays your character and attitudes.

Blazers: You probably have a number of blazers stocked in your wardrobe already, but RebelsMarket will give you more than enough reasons as to why you need to perk up your collection. 

- Double-breasted blazers look great for women who are slim and tall, while the single-breasted blazer is more classic and a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

- One-button blazers are a casual style that should button up at the narrowest part of your waist to fit well. 

- Two button blazers are more appropriate as formal wear, and have a smoother fall that doesn’t need to be buttoned up at the narrowest part of your torso. 

- Three button blazers feature buttons that start higher, and are thus appropriate formal wear for women who are tall. 

- Multi-button blazers are extremely versatile, and depending on factors such as cut and length, they yield different looks on different women.

Shopping for Jackets and Coats

Colors: Rock bright colored coats and jackets in spring, as it is all about celebrating light, happy colors. Gloomy colors like black, murky brown, and gray, are very much vibrant in winter. Bold colors like red, green, yellow, blue, and orange, which are favorite colors as summer jackets can also work for spring. 

Go a step further to rock pastel shades like beige, yellow, to stand out in spring. It is important to consider the color of the blazer you choose to rock, as it reflects the spirit of the season.

Styles: A spring jacket, unlike a heavy winter jacket should be light in weight and not too long, as you might end up throwing it over your shoulders, or carrying it in your car. Knee-length or cropped jackets are convenient to carry and protect you against unexpected chill in air. Save longer coats in heavier fabrics for winter. 

How to Style Jackets and Blazers

If you intend to make a fashion statement, pay attention to how you wear your winter coats. Coordinating the color of your clothes is not necessary if you will not remove your blazer at any point. Spring coats look great on V-neck blouses, sleeveless tops, or polo shirts. Get a dressier look by wearing your blazer over a formal dress or pants.

Dress elegantly for casual events by throwing a jacket over a silk or chiffon blouse and a knee length skirt. Execute a different look by pairing your capris or denims with matching blazers or leather jackets. 

If you want a sporty look, pair your jacket with sweat pants. Shop for the best fitting jacket or blazer by taking into consideration colors, fabrics and styles into account.

Browse through RebelsMarket wide variations of leather coats for women that will boost your style during spring and winter. A jacket with a detachable hood will come in handy during an unexpected drizzle in spring. Dress appropriately for different seasons by shopping at RebelsMarket.