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Women's Jackets

Gothic Victorian Steampunk Dip Back Coat Buckles

Gothic Victorian..

by Niccy's Blac... USD $ 199.99
Black Lace Feathers One Shoulder Gothic Victorian Shrug

Black Lace Feathers..

by Iris Noir Bo... USD $ 49.99
Ruffle Lace Taffeta Shrug Black Lk03036

Ruffle Lace Taffeta..

by Lady K's Ltd USD $ 33.85
Burlesque/Steampunk Duchess Coat


by Lady K's Ltd USD $ 169.23
Goddess Coat This Floor Length Fully Lined Ladies Steam

Goddess Coat This..

by Hilary's Vanity USD $ 168.00
Necessary Evil Alcis Coat Corset Back

Necessary Evil Alcis..

by Kates Clothing USD $ 91.65
Shitsville Clothing Black Plaid Zipper Punk Jacket Made In Italy

Shitsville Clothing..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 129.04
Victorian Lace Jacket

Victorian Lace Jacket

by La Cripta Ba... USD $ 91.30
Studded Denim Acid Wash Jacket

Studded Denim Acid..

by Revivals Shop USD $ 160.00
Victorian Leather Jacket. 100% Luxurious Goat Leather.

Victorian Leather..

by Ashamaya USD $ 790.00
Black Militia Trilobite Bolero Jacket

Black Militia..

by Loose Lemur ... USD $ 130.00
Necessary Evil Ceres Military Woolen Coat

Necessary Evil Ceres..

by Kates Clothing USD $ 180.31
Latex Rubber Feather Burlesque Shrug/Bolero/Belt/Boa

Latex Rubber Feather..

by Kinky Kex USD $ 169.23
Latex Rubber Extreme Studded Collar/Neck Corset

Latex Rubber Extreme..

by Kinky Kex USD $ 100.00
Spiked/Studded Cropped Leather Motorcycle Jacket


by Revivals Shop USD $ 450.00
Cyber Goth Industrial Steampunk Pointy Shoulder Jacket

Cyber Goth..

by Iris Noir Bo... USD $ 89.99
Shitsville Clothing Black Bolero Shrug Studded Made In Italy

Shitsville Clothing..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 102.19
Black Brocade Ruffled Bolero Jacket

Black Brocade..

by Loose Lemur ... USD $ 130.00
Heavy Metal Mad Hatter Hooded Jacket Dress

Heavy Metal Mad..

by Insidious Cl... USD $ 438.00
Gothic Victorian Jacket Frills Ribbons

Gothic Victorian..

by Niccy's Blac... USD $ 149.99
Shitsville Military Cropped Jacket Made In Italy

Shitsville Military..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 128.78
Black Pinstriped Jacket Brassy Toplined Made Italy

Black Pinstriped..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 113.24
Desiyer Coat

Desiyer Coat

by Opium USD $ 55.49
Alice Coat Black Rose Poizen Industries

Alice Coat Black..

by Little Booteek USD $ 131.78
Sexy Skulls Jacket

Sexy Skulls Jacket

by Couture Fashion USD $ 100.00
Soft Military Look Jackets. Black, Army Green, & Blue. Ae 112096

Soft Military Look..

by Winter Is Co... USD $ 33.99
Sea Maidens Bolero

Sea Maidens Bolero

by Dreamweaver ... USD $ 95.89
Lady Black Faux Leather Jacket. Spiked Collars Shoulder Ae 830205

Lady Black Faux..

by Winter Is Co... USD $ 134.99
Houdini Style Straight Jacket W/ Leather Trim & Straps

Houdini Style..

by Monkey Dungeon USD $ 249.00
Necessary Evil Black Belisama Bow Jacket

Necessary Evil Black..

by Kates Clothing USD $ 59.98
Lady's Red Faux Leather Jacket. Spiked Collars Shoulder Ae 830205

Lady's Red Faux..

by Winter Is Co... USD $ 134.99
Ruffle Lace Taffeta Shrug Purple Lk03036

Ruffle Lace Taffeta..

by Lady K's Ltd USD $ 33.85
American Pride Denim Jacket Vest// Spiked

American Pride Denim..

by The Lollipop... USD $ 100.00
Olive Green Half Jacket Women.

Olive Green Half..

by Lost Boys Rags USD $ 68.00
Shitsville Black Biker Studded Jacket Made In Italy

Shitsville Black..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 121.10
Pharoah Apacolypse

Pharoah Apacolypse

by Daves Art USD $ 50.00
Ruffle Lace Taffeta Shrug Red Lk03036

Ruffle Lace Taffeta..

by Lady K's Ltd USD $ 33.85
Lady Brown Faux Leather Jacket. Spiked Collars Shoulder

Lady Brown Faux..

by Winter Is Co... USD $ 134.99
Brown Brocade Ruffled Bolero Jacket

Brown Brocade..

by Loose Lemur ... USD $ 130.00
Pinstripe Tails Coat

Pinstripe Tails Coat

by The Witch & ... USD $ 49.16
The Queen's Cropped Jacket Studded Sleeves

The Queen's Cropped..

by Insidious Cl... USD $ 240.00
Red Capelet

Red Capelet

by Trapped In T... USD $ 65.00
The Guardian Straight Jacket

The Guardian..

by Monkey Dungeon USD $ 255.00
Gothic Satin & Lace Jacket

Gothic Satin & Lace..

by The Witch & ... USD $ 24.23
Masq Red Shiny Heavy Metal Cropped Jacket

Masq Red Shiny Heavy..

by Anda Masq USD $ 140.00
Sext Skull & Bones Jacket

Sext Skull & Bones..

by Couture Fashion USD $ 100.00
Gothic Lolita Steampunk Bones Bell Sleeve Shrug

Gothic Lolita..

by Iris Noir Bo... USD $ 59.99
Gothic Jacket Hood, Studs Cat's Ears

Gothic Jacket Hood,..

by Niccy's Blac... USD $ 99.99
Gothic Victorian Lolita Jacket Coat Ribbons Plus Cape

Gothic Victorian..

by Niccy's Blac... USD $ 159.99
Rainbow Monster Fluffy Hoody Winter Coat Jacket Long

Rainbow Monster..

by Insanityclot... USD $ 74.61
Pu Leather Double Breasted Long Coat

Pu Leather Double..

by Icoolapparel USD $ 84.90
Necessary Evil Lalita Draped Jacket

Necessary Evil..

by Kates Clothing USD $ 124.98
Cute Retro Women Cloak Coat Outwear Tops Jacket

Cute Retro Women..

by Smart Boutique USD $ 49.99
Masq Black Blue Shiny Cropped Jacket

Masq Black Blue..

by Anda Masq USD $ 125.00
Rainbow Furry Monster Fluffy Hoody Winter Coat Jacket

Rainbow Furry..

by Insanityclot... USD $ 74.61
Shitsville Clothing Spades Studs Jacket Made In Italy

Shitsville Clothing..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 119.46
Red Real Leather Jacket Small Medium Zip Rocker

Red Real Leather..

by The Midnight... USD $ 299.00
Bolero Jacket Made Spiderweb Pattern Sheer Lace

Bolero Jacket Made..

by La Cripta Ba... USD $ 26.62
Sparkle Bronze Ecoleather Biker Jacket Made Italy

Sparkle Bronze..

by Shitsville C... USD $ 124.19
Pvc P Leather Jacket Spiked Biker Punk Rock Chic

Pvc P Leather Jacket..

by The Lollipop... USD $ 55.00
Punk Cross Pattern Batwing Sleeved Coat

Punk Cross Pattern..

by Smart Boutique USD $ 48.99
Matrix Pvc Long Jacket

Matrix Pvc Long Jacket

by La Cripta Ba... USD $ 134.62
Ridding Hood Gothic Coat

Ridding Hood Gothic..

by Ds Shop USD $ 170.00
Starlight Fantasy Shimmery Elf Robe Jacket

Starlight Fantasy..

by Clan Luna USD $ 42.86
Devious Ladies Leather Trench Coat

Devious Ladies..

by Hilary's Vanity USD $ 482.59
Necessary Evil Luna Faux Fur Trimmed Coat

Necessary Evil Luna..

by Kates Clothing USD $ 132.24
D Light

D Light

by Hilary's Vanity USD $ 116.16
Wicca Azurite Hex Kimono Curse Jacket

Wicca Azurite Hex..

by Clan Luna USD $ 71.43
Ammelie Gothic Coat

Ammelie Gothic Coat

by Ds Shop USD $ 75.00
Beatles Jean Jacket

Beatles Jean Jacket

by Crafty Minx USD $ 50.00
Sexecutioner Hooded Capelet Inverted Cross

Sexecutioner Hooded..

by Insidious Cl... USD $ 108.00
Bolero Jacket Lace Border

Bolero Jacket Lace..

by La Cripta Ba... USD $ 26.62

Recent Women's Jackets Product Reviews

(23 Customer Reviews)

Just what I was looking for.

I have been looking for a coat like this for years. Just got it today but it feels luxurious and looks really great. It looks exactly like its picture. Positively surprised. Only problem is that I am a little bit to big but next spring this coat will fit perfect.

April 15, 2014
Bergen, Søreidgrend, Norway


I loved this arm sleeve its a bit delicate but it's also amazing. The neck piece is a little bit small but can easily be mended with a pin or jewl to hide the gap. The quality is amazing and I am completly in love with it :)

March 23, 2014
United States


Very cheap item! The shipping was very slow but everything was good! it fits very tiny and short but I like it! Girls: if you are an european M you will fit just in this XL! ;)

March 11, 2014

too small

I love this, it is adorable but the sizing is misleading. 2x is like a size 12. Wayyyy too small.I need to return this unfortunately.

February 19, 2014
United States

Vampire Victorian Coat

USD $ 100.00

Great Coat

The coat was fantastic, came reasonably fast and the maker even followed up with an email to check on my satisfaction. All and all a very positive experience...

January 21, 2014
United States


Love it! Others love it too! Was a fast deliever and i couldn't be more happy! Thank you so much! <3

December 11, 2013
Black dragon assassin trench coat_jackets_5


A really good quality coat, super warm and comfortable. Also the ability to take the hood off is sweet!

September 10, 2013

This is truly a lovely jacket, although it runs a bit smaller than how it is described. I had to return a medium for a size large. However, the delivery was even quicker than how long they said it would be and I am quite pleased with my purchase.

March 27, 2013
United States

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